Category: Facts of repression

White Boy Rick

Richard Wershe

In January 1988, officers of the Detroit, Michigan Police Department framed 52-year-old Richard Wershe, forcing him to help the police. The FBI recruited a man after he helped identify members of a drug trafficking gang. Wershe worked as an informant for two and a half years, and when the police detained a suspected gang, the […]


subjected to racism by a policeman

Brian Chaney

In July 2021, officers of the Keego Harbor, Michigan Police Department used excessive force in the illegal arrest of 48-year-old black Brian Chaney. According to the man, that day he went to training after taking his two sons to the gym. He claims that a police officer drove up to him in a patrol car […]


16-year-old black teenager

Dylan Cannon

In July 2020, officers of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Police Department used excessive force in the arrest of 16-year-old Dylan Cannon. It is reported that the police tried to stop the car in which the teenager was traveling, allegedly because he did not fasten his seat belt and drove through a red traffic light. After […]


17-year-old teenager

Hunter Brittain

In June 2021, a Lonoke, Arkansas police officer shot and killed 17-year-old Hunter Brittain after stopping his car for allegedly violating traffic rules. Brittain parked his car in the parking lot where he was testing the gearbox. He put a large bottle of antifreeze on the brake pedal so that the car would not roll […]


police ignored her complaints

Sabrina Nguyen

In January 2020, 18-year-old Sabrina Nguyen was found dead at a busy intersection near her home in Memphis, Tennessee. It is reported that the girl died at the hands of her former boyfriend, who periodically called her with threats. Nguyen repeatedly complained to the police that they wanted to kill her, but the police ignored […]


shot six times

Lacresha Murray

In May 2021, police officers from Copperas Cove, Texas, shot an unarmed black woman Lacresha Murray several times. According to the woman, that day she quarreled with a plainclothes police officer. She claims that she was trying to get to the nearest hospital because she suddenly felt unwell. According to police and media reports, Murray […]


died 15 minutes after arrest

Zachary Goldson

In October 2013, Zachary Goldson was found dead in his prison cell 15 minutes after being arrested by officers of the Brown, Ohio Police Department. On that day, the man allegedly attacked a law enforcement officer. In the footage from the video taken by the officer’s body camera, police officers can be heard shouting at […]


refused to show her passport

Marquina Gilliam-Hicks

In June 2019, officers of the Williamson, Texas Police Department used excessive force when arresting a black woman, Marquina Gilliam-Hicks. According to the woman, that day she was listening to music with her friend in her car near her house, when one of the neighbors called the police with a noise complaint.When the police arrived […]



Teri Jacobs

In August 2020, a police officer from Portland, Oregon, used excessive force against Teri Jacobs while she was taking part in a protest. The girl was present at the demonstration as a representative of the press, which was confirmed by her press card. Despite this, when at some point the police began to disperse the […]


pinned to the ground

Hector Arreola

In January 2017, police officers from Columbus, Georgia, used excessive force during the arrest of 30-year-old Hector Arreola, as a result of which he died. The man twice turned to the police for help, as he felt unwell. The police officers who arrived at the scene tried to arrest Arreola, during which a struggle began […]