Lacresha Murray

Lacresha Murray

shot six times

In May 2021, police officers from Copperas Cove, Texas, shot an unarmed black woman Lacresha Murray several times. According to the woman, that day she quarreled with a plainclothes police officer. She claims that she was trying to get to the nearest hospital because she suddenly felt unwell.

According to police and media reports, Murray allegedly cut off the car of a police officer who began following her to the nearest stop sign. After stopping, the woman got out of her car, approached the car of a plainclothes policeman, putting her right hand behind her belt. The officer also got out of his car, and then “took out his service pistol and pointed it at Murray, ordering her to show her hands and stop.” The woman claims that at that moment she was holding her side because she felt bad, and after the representative of the authorities pointed a gun at her, she got scared and went back to her car. A moment later, she heard the sound of gunshots, and she had no choice but to “duck down and hope for the best.” The police officer hit the woman about six times. The victim was later taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

In August 2021, a police officer who shot an unarmed woman was charged with aggravated assault.