American human rights activist Angela Clemons, who is trying her best to achieve a fair trial in the high-profile case of Schaeffer Cox, admitted the existence of torture in American prisons, spoke about the fabrication of court sentences and slave labor in US penitentiaries.

Анджела Клемонс
Angela Clemons

Angela Clemons – a resident of Arkansas, USA, a civil human rights activist, founder of the non-profit organization Schaeffer’s Angels, seeking a review of the high-profile case of Schaeffer Cox, convicted on falsified charges of conspiracy to murder.

Mira Terada: Hello there, Angela. First of all, I would like to thank you for being able to devote your time to the Russian foundation to battle injustice. Would you please tell our viewers about your duty and about your fight against violations by the American judicial system?

Angela Clemons: I’m Angela Clemons, and I have a very dear friend who is in prison and I’ve tried to help him and every way I can to get free.

М.Т.: A lot of people calling you the right-hand person of Schaeffer Cox, an Alaskan resident who was convicted on trumped up charges. Could you be more specific about whether you knew Schaeffer before his arrest and what do you think about his chances of parole?

А.К.: I did not know him before, and I think his chances are pretty good. He was originally sentenced to 27 years, but they did drop a charge and it got knocked down to 13 years, and he’s working on some other angles to hopefully get out before then. So it’s just it’s so hard to know or guess what they’ll do, right?

М.Т.: I feel you. Schaeffer was convicted on extremely controversial charges conspiracy to murder, according to many human rights organizations, including ours, this accusation is the most common against those whom the American authorities want to remove from the public field or eliminate as a politician as soon as possible. On many occasions for this kind of accusations, the fact of committing an act is not even necessary. What do you think about this?

А.К.: Well, I don’t know if you know, but his charge conspiracy to have a conspiracy. You’re supposed to have two people, somebody that you. But in Schaeffer’s case, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder with no identifiable target.

М.Т.: That’s bizarre.

А.К.: It was precedented in that case, he was convicted of soliciting no one to kill no one. So it’s definitely a precedent case that they bent the rules on.

М.Т.: During court appearances the prosecutor refused to take into account the facts that proved Schaeffer’s innocence. The federal judge, who was summoned specifically for this case after his retirement, refused to take into account the records, confirming his innocence. Why do you think the government was so scared that it took such measures and turned the court into a kangaroo court?

А.К.: Well, Schaeffer had, he’s a real dynamic speaker, and a lot of people listen to him and he has a really good grasp on freedom. He was home schooled, so he wasn’t, you know, brainwashed in 12 years of public education.

His ideas of freedom and following the Constitution were very important. And those are the kind of things that the government sees as threats.

М.Т.: The judicial procedures in the high profile case of Schaeffer removed from Alaska to Washington, despite the fact that the crimes accused of him took place on the territory of Alaska. In your opinion, did the prosecutors deliberately took this step taken into account the popularity of Cox in Alaska at that moment?

А.К.: Absolutely. And I’m not sure if you know, but his case was a state case, the state of Alaska, and the state threw the case out because they heard the evidence and they decided there is no case.

М.Т.: So and federal government picked it up.

А.К.: Right, they picked it up and it’s completely out of their jurisdiction. They had no reason and no political authority to do it, but they just did.

М.Т.: Schaeffer was sentenced to twenty six years in prison and is currently serving his sentence in the communications management unit CMU in Indiana, a prison originally created for especially dangerous terrorists and recognized as one of the 10 worst prisons in the world. The American Civil Liberties Union has repeatedly expressed concern about possible racial discrimination against white prisoners, especially Christians, since most of the prison prisoners are Arab Muslims. Tell me, did did the Schaeffer encounter harassment and bullying inside the penitentiary institution and how did the prison guards react to this?

А.К.: Yes.

CMU that’s a basically a torture unit. They have tortures. One thing is they were starving them to death.

They feed them super small calories. So he actually had the disease of scurvy, which is a vitamin C deficiency. And a lot of the men have beriberi, which is a vitamin K deficiency. They expose them to extreme sleep deprivation, where they’ll wake them up 30 minutes. They’ve been exposed to extreme temperature deviations, where they’ll make it really cold or really really hot. I know that they are not supposed to four point shackle them to a bed for longer than twenty four hours. But I know that that’s not always true, that they’ll four point shackle them for weeks, weeks at a time. So definitely the Muslims in this unit hate the white guys, and I don’t know if you’ll get to if you get to this. A

November of 2018, I think there was a prisoner that was beheaded there in this unit.

nd when when the prisoner had a wire to try to take this guy’s head off the guardians locked themselves in a room. And so the prisoners are just there to fight for themselves, and there’s four or five Christian men that are fighting the, you know, 30 Muslims. So it’s a it’s a very, very bad place.

М.Т.: It really sounds like a clear torture..

А.К.: It is definitely.

М.Т.: One of Schaeffer’s few friends in prison who was brutally executed by a racial Islamist prisoner, the prison guards in turn took absolutely no actions to stop him. That’s exactly what we’ve been discussing now. How is this possible in a high security prison was the budget of several million dollars annually and wasn’t this murder organized by the American Special Services in order to break the Shaffer’s model?

А.К.: Well, that’s a good question on how it was allowed in this high security prison. But I do know that the prisoner that was murdered had a at a court case against the warden and the prison. So it’s just kind of interesting that he was the one that was killed. They are always trying to break these guys down. They limit their phone calls to two 15 minute calls a week. They’re monitored live, and if they say anything, they don’t want them to say they’ll hang up the phone. It’s monitored by the counterterrorism unit in Virginia..

М.Т.: Well, in August 2017, the Court of Appeal ruled that there was no evidence confirming Schaeffer’s involvement in incitement to murder and reduce his prison sentence by 10 years. What do you think are the chances that the court will take into account other evidence of his innocence and release an innocent convicted person?

А.К.: Well, the last appeal? So you’re referring to the appeal that dropped his charge of solicitation? And if you don’t solicit anyone, then there’s nobody to conspire with but the charge of conspiracy. Look, so this last appeal, the judges on the Ninth Circuit said that if they drop his charge, then that’s going to open up a lot more cases to come to them, and they’re basically saying we can’t be bothered with all these cases. So they denied his last appeal to drop conspiracy.

М.Т.: As we know for some time, Schaeffer Cox served a prison sentence together with the Russian man Viktor Bout, who was also convicted on trumped up charges. How did their relationship develop? Did Victor’s experience help to maintain peaceful relations with the prisoners from Muslim countries due to the fact that for a long time he was working and living in the eastern countries?

А.К.: I know.

Schaeffer Cox and Viktor Bout have been really good friends.

One of the ways the prison tries to break these men is separate friends. So they’ve been separated for a while, but I know that they were very supportive to each other.

М.Т.: So did Viktor Bout help him to maintain an establish relationship with the Muslim people since he had such an experience working and communicating with people from Arab countries? You think Victor’s experience helped?

А.К.: Yes, yes, yes.

М.Т.: In a recent interview with the Foundation to Battle Injustice, conservative activist Rudy Davis, who is also supporting Cox, complained that censorship in the United States goes beyond what’s permitted. The American government suppresses the freedom of speech of everyone who somehow express an irritation with the current establishment. Tell me, please, have you faced censorship in your struggle for truth and justice? And if so, how did it affect the campaign to protect Schaeffer?

А.К.: Well, they’re definitely censoring us, like when I was sitting right next to Victor Booth’s daughter. She has her computer and I had mine, and she brought up an article on her computer, and I tried to bring up the exact same article and it would not come up on my computer. So it was just an example of how we only can see what they want us to see. And many, many, many voices of truth have been completely deleted from Facebook and social media. So it hasn’t been a big problem for me personally, I’m not real outspoken on social media, so.

М.Т.: It’s no secret that Schaeffer is a Christian, a man of religious views. American and European leftists have seriously set out to destroy Christianity. It seems that they receive support from influential political groups in the United States, Canada, Europe. Arson of churches has become more frequent. Christians are attacked by atheist fanatics. I think that this is truly terrible. How do you think we can stop this process?

А.К.: Well, I don’t know how we can stop it, but so much the the prosecutor at the federal trial and his closing arguments. He actually said in court that Mr. Cox believes God’s law is above man’s law and is therefore beyond rehabilitation and deserves a longer prison sentence. He actually said it in court. So I think the the best thing is to just keep speaking and keep being ourselves, and whatever happens happens.говорить и оставаться самими собой, и что будет, то будет.

М.Т.: I agree with you. We should keep speaking. Everyone sees how conservatives are unfairly treated in the United States. There is no doubt that the political repression and the propaganda machine is targeted against conservatives. For what reason has there not yet been created nationwide movement to protect the rights of conservative minded citizens by analogy with the organization Black Lives Matter, which protects the rights of African-Americans?

А.К.: Well, I think that the media is so owned by the people with money, and it’s they only report what they’re paid to report. So I think that there’s not enough people probably standing up and not complying because it takes a lot of people to not comply and it takes a lot of people to really care about what’s going on. I’ve told hundreds of people about the CMU, and no one really knows what to do or how to stop it. And you know, the prisoners are one of the most hated groups in America, so it’s really sad.

М.Т.: It is. At the moment there are about two and a half million prisoners in American prisons. America occupies a leading position in the number of prisoners per 100 000 inhabitants. About 25 % of all prisoners on the planet are behind bars in American prisons, although the United States population is only about five percent of the world’s population. Why do you think there are so many prisoners in the United States, and does the United States penitentiary system need urgent reform? Why don’t any world media cover up the issues related to the US penal system?


Well, I think that there are so many prisoners because there’s so much corruption and they want to fill their prison beds because some prisons get 65 000 a year per prisoner. So it’s definitely a slave labor.

And in 1984, the prison population of America was 285 000. So they I think that the CIA, they created the war on drugs, and they use that as an opportunity to build prisons and fill their prison beds. And now it’s a multibillion dollar industry, and it’s it is so sad, so sad, people lose their whole lives for it.

М.Т.: According to our estimates, there are about one thousand so-called human rights organizations in the United States. Tell us about how they work. Do organizations that call themselves human rights defenders really help people who faced police, judicial or any other brutality?

А.К.: Well, the only one I’ve seen actually do anything regarding the CMU is the Center for Constitutional Rights. They have some lawsuits and they’ve written some articles about it. But other than that, there just seems like there’s just not enough people to really care.

We’re so in America, we’re so brainwashed to think that if someone’s in prison, they’re guilty and they deserve whatever they get.

Three fourths of the prisoners are not guilty of any crime.

So, we have, you know, three fourths of prisoners that shouldn’t even be in prison. But there just seems to be like there’s just not enough people who care. And they really believe in America, they really believe everything they hear from the media. I think it’s changing, but super slow, really slow.

М.Т.: The Foundation to Battle Injustice regularly requesting that clarifications from American officials trying to draw attention to cases of state terror, including the case of Shaeffer Cox. We can say with the confidence that American officials respond by unsubscribing without initiating any actions aimed at reviewing cases of obvious human rights violations. Does the American government really not care about its citizens? Is this a sign of the complete lack of interest of responsible officials in the problem of systematic infringement of rights and freedoms?

А.К.: Yeah, I think that the system overall does not care about their prisoners. They’re getting money for the prisoners, and they seem to not care at all about the innocent people in prison.

М.Т.: This is so sad.

А.К.: It’s very, very, very sad. And there’s a strong line of more like communism, you know, through the government, it’s no longer a constitutional republic, it’s, you know, they operate like communism and people are so afraid to stand up to authorities there. So you have the cops and the politicians and because they’ve destroyed so many lives. And I think people overall are really scared, really scared.

М.Т.: Do you agree with a statement that the American criminal justice system is set against people, exists only to make money? Is it possible that the American system has closed its eyes only so as not to see all the horror and arbitrariness that do prosecutors and judges in courtrooms?

А.К.: I do agree with that statement. Yes, I think it’s absolutely about money. And I think it’s absolutely they have no care as the people, as humans, they are bureaucracies, they are rule followers, and they do not see people as human beings..

М.Т.: The Declaration of Independence of the United States and the Basic Laws of many other countries guarantee the right of people to armed rebellion against tyrannical and unjust power. How literally should this right be taken and where is the limit that the government must cross so that the people can use this right? Has such a moment come yet in the United States?

А.К.: I think that that moment is way past. I think they submitted to whatever they hear on TV. They believe it. And, you know, I think the line is definitely crossed a long, long time ago. And you know, you see a few people here and there standing up and a few pockets of people that has more freedom. But overall, it’s people that follow rules and comply with ever the perceived authority says.


Riley Fairholm

Riley Fairholm, 17, was shot and killed by a Sûreté du Québec officer in Lac-Brôme, Canada.

On July 25, 2018, 6 officers of Sûreté du Québec were responding a call about a man armed with a weapon. At the scene they found Riley Fairholm. One of the officers shot him in 60 seconds from he saw him. Fairholm was armed with a pellet gun. Officers involved in the incident were not charged.

Fairholm’s mother said he was struggling with depression and had shown signs of suicidal ideation. She believes officers should have treated him as a vulnerable person in need, should have negotiated with him and attempted to de-escalate the situation. She said officers should have used a less powerful weapon.

In April 2021 the Quebec coroner’s office confirmed that it will hold a public inquiry into the death of Fairholm. In July 2021 his family sued Sûreté du Québec and the officer who shot him. The lawsuit seeks more than $700,000 in damages.

Kedric Buie, a 26-year-old black young man, died on August 13, 2017 in a prison in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the staff of the correctional institution, the man died of a heart attack, but his mother is sure that employees of the Atlanta correctional institution are involved in the death of her son, violations of the rights and freedoms of prisoners within the walls of which exceed all imaginable boundaries.

According to Sirrena Buie, Kedric’s mother, the day before the incident, she was talking to her son on a mobile phone. They exchanged news, joked, and had a nice conversation. The next day, August 13, 2017, a call came to the Sirrena’s phone, which told her the sad news: Her 26-year-old son was found dead in his prison cell. Later it turned out that she received a call from an employee of the Atlanta Correctional Institution, where her son was serving a prison sentence for an earlier offense. A prison employee informed Sirrena that her son had died of a heart attack, and despite the efforts of staff doctors, it was not possible to save him. The shocked mother did not believe the words of the caller, because Kedric had perfect health, he never complained of feeling unwell, especially heart problems.

The mother’s suspicions were confirmed a week later, when her son’s body was brought home. According to the woman, there was no living space on it: his body was covered with bruises, part of his hair was torn out, it seemed that shortly before his death, Kedric was struggling, trying to resist the attacker. But how is this possible if, according to prosecutors and representatives of the penitentiary institution, a 26-year-old young man died of a heart attack? With this question, the outraged mother called the United States Department of Justice, where she was informed that they had no information on this case, as well as representatives of the Atlanta Correctional Institution had no information.

The dubious version of the authorities was also refuted by the results of the forensic medical examination, according to which Kedrik Bui died “from blunt force trauma to the head and torso”, which he received the day before his death or on the day of his death. For 4.5 years now, the man’s mother has been seeking justice for him, and during all this time she has heard many rumors that her son was beaten by one of the prison guards, whom Kedric himself complained about. In addition, one of the lawyers who worked on this case claims that the disease, due to which a 26-year-old healthy man allegedly stopped his heart, does not manifest itself in people of his age. Sirena claims that she will continue to seek justice for her son.

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice conducted their own research and found that correctional institutions in Georgia have a bad reputation for prisons with a high death rate among prisoners.

In 2020 alone, about 29 people committed suicide inside Georgia penitentiaries, which is about 3 times higher than the average for suicides in prisons in the United States. At least 44 people have been killed behind bars, twice as many as in the previous two years combined. In August 2020, prisoners temporarily took control of one of the prisons located in the city of Waycross in southern Georgia. Former state correctional officers claim that the riots were the result of poor conditions in correctional facilities and an acute shortage of staff for many years.

In addition to numerous facts of physical and psychological abuse of convicts, it is impossible not to mention the fact that the state authorities ignore the situation with a shortage of medical care in prisons, citing a shortage of staff. One of the prisoners shared his story about witnessing a terrible picture: according to him, he saw how a female prisoner needed medical help so badly after giving birth that she had to self-stitch herself with nail clippers.

In September 2020, the Southern Center for Human Rights sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice with a request to investigate the deplorable conditions in prisons, citing an increase in the number of murders, suicides and neglect of persons with mental disabilities. Only a year later, in September 2021, when about 13 people died in Georgia prisons between September 6 and 13, the US Department of Justice responded to numerous demands from human rights organizations and announced that it would initiate an investigation into numerous cases of violations of the rights and freedoms of prisoners in Georgia correctional institutions.

The human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice support the decision of the US Department of Justice with the initiative to conduct an inspection of the conditions of detention of prisoners in Georgia and calls for expanding the geography of ongoing investigations in order to prevent violations of the rights of convicts and suspects throughout the United States.


Eric Kessler

Eric Kessler was shot and killed by a Bullitt County deputy on January 30, 2020.

Deputies were responding calls about a vehicle parked in the middle of a road. At the scene they found Kessler sleeping in his car. Deputies tried to make him exit the car. Kessler woke up and tried to drive away. He stroked deputy’s patrol car and nearly stroked deputies.

At that moment deputy Nicholas Hibbs shot him at the back of the pinnacle and the backbone. Kessler died at the scene. The police department did not release the officer’s body camera footage.

In May 2021 Kessler’s family filled a lawsuit which alleges that the shooting was not necessary.


Andrew Blowers

Andrew Blowers, 22, was shot and killed by Battle Creek, Michigan, police officers.

According to police, officers noticed Blowers was driving at a high rate of speed. They suspected he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officers tried to pull him over, but he did not stop so they started a pursuit, reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour.

Blowers lost control of the vehicle and crashed on dead-end. Officers stopped the patrol car and approached Blowers’ vehicle. His car suddenly started moving and officers started shooting. They later said that the car was moving towards them. Blowers died at the scene. Toxicology report later revealed there was alcohol in his blood.

In May 2021 Blowers’ family sued heads of Battle Creek and Calhoun County law enforcement agencies, alleging excessive use of force.


Richard Wershe

In January 1988, officers of the Detroit, Michigan Police Department framed 52-year-old Richard Wershe, forcing him to help the police. The FBI recruited a man after he helped identify members of a drug trafficking gang.

Wershe worked as an informant for two and a half years, and when the police detained a suspected gang, the feds framed him, as a result of which he spent about 30 years in prison. The man claims that the officers used him, repeatedly sending him to drug dens in order for him to ingratiate himself with the gang leaders, and, eventually, helped the police to detain criminals.

Wershe states that as soon as he started having legal problems, the feds immediately turned away from him, leaving him to fend for himself.

In July 2021, a man filed a lawsuit against the city and the police department, claiming that he was forced to work for the police when he was just a helpless teenager. The lawsuit seeks compensation in the amount of $ 100 million.


Steven Barrier

Steven Barrier, 23, died while in police custody in Stamford, Connecticut.

In October 2019, police were responding a domestic dispute call. Barrier’s mother told police officers his schizophrenia symptoms had worsened. When police arrived, Barrier was not at home. After he returned, he tried to run away and police officers chased him. Police handcuffed him and put him into the back of a police car.

On the way to police station Barrier was heard moaning of pain and in police station became unconscious. According to bodycam video officers were laughing at him while he was unconscious. No one called ambulance.

In March 2021 Barrier’s mother sued the city of Stamford, police department and four police officers for wrongful death.


Jeremy Marr

Jeremy Marr, 35, died while in custody in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Police say on April 14, 2020, officers were responding a call about an unknown male who had entered the caller’s home without permission. At the scene they found Jeremy Marr. According to police he said he was carrying a knife and appeared erratic, agitated, and paranoid. Officers attempted to calm the suspect and de-escalate the situation, but he became combative and resisted arrest.

Police say Marr subsequently experienced a medical event and was taken to the hospital, where he later was pronounced dead. Bodycam video shows officers placing Marr to the ground, hitting him in his back and using stun gun and taser on him.

In March 2021 Marr’s widow and daughter filed a lawsuit against the city of Glasgow, the Glasgow Police Department and three police officers. In April 2021 Marr’s cause of death was noted as “agitated/ excited delirium complicating acute methamphetamine intoxication”. The state chose not to prosecute involved officers.

The head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice interviewed Ano Turtiainen, a member of the Finnish parliament, who shared his opinion on what the influence of the globalist agenda will lead to, why Finland should withdraw from the European Union and why, in his opinion, the Third World War is now underway.

Ано Туртиайнен
Ano Turtiainen

Mira Terada: Good day, dear viewers and readers. Today our guest is a member of the Parliament of Finland Ano Turtiainen. Hello, Ano. Can you tell us a little about your activities? What part of the population do you stand for and what are your political views?

Ano Turtiainen: I rose to politics as a nationalist athlete and entrepreneur. In order to defend our independence, I have initiated a bill to hold a referendum on Finland’s withdrawal from the EU, which is currently before Parliament. I represent conservative and patriotic Finns who are united by anti-EU and respect for our constitution.

М.Т.: You were expelled from the parliamentary faction of the “True Finns” for a joke on your social networks, and later the police began checking by order of the Prosecutor General’s Office. Can you tell us about this case from your position? It seems that everything is not so simple in the Finnish parliament and there is political censorship, and you have suffered for your own political views.

Yes, that’s right. The joke I presented was misunderstood, and there are big things behind that. I tried to run my affairs in the True Finns parliamentary group, but that was no longer appropriate. As you can see, the True Finns is no longer the EU-critical party I joined, because the party is controlled by globalists. There is such political agenda in power, that globalists do not even allow jokes about.

The support of the basic Finns as a nationalist party became a danger to the globalists, and therefore its parliamentary group is closely guarded by the mainstream media. The party wanted to be weakened by breaking it up, so I and my supporters were smoked out of the True Finns, and as a result of that, a new party was born behind me to push for the things I supported, in order to restore power in Finland to the people to whom it belongs.

М.Т.: What is the general situation with freedom of speech in Finland?

А.Т.: The situation with regard to freedom of expression is bad and we can only talk about the issues that the globalist media raises. For example, when I speak in Parliament, my microphone is muted and the chairman points out his views in the middle of my speeches, and my pre-booked speeches are harshly cut out from TV broadcasts. Censorship is fierce. In Youtube, for example, at least two of my parliamentary speeches have been removed and I have received warnings and bans on publishing. I am very concerned about the state of freedom of speech in Finland.

М.Т.: How free are Finnish conservatives right now?

А.Т.: Conservatives have to be on their toes all the time. Especially if you are an entrepreneur, you are easily put under pressure. A good example is the large retailer Kärkkäinen, which, like many others, has become the eye of globalists due to patriotism of their owners. No rational discussion is allowed, and conservatives try to control it with fear. Attempts are being made to encroach on our freedoms without recourse, but we will not submit to them.

М.Т.: It seems that in our time in Finland, and in Europe as a whole, conservatives are now turning into second-class people and experiencing harassment for not sharing popular leftist beliefs. What do you think about it?

А.Т.: The Finnish authorities has been harnessed to pursue a leftist agenda and, of course, such will lead to pressure from the Conservatives. Prosecutors are pressuring the police to chase and intimidate nationalists, who, in the opinion of the police, have not even committed any crimes, just like me by the state prosecutor. But maybe all this has to happen before the power can change again. After all, the whole administration is already the target of general ridicule and laughter among the citizens.

М.Т.: Now there is an influx of refugees on the border of Poland and Belarus, who are trying to cross the border. There has already been news that some of these refugees have arrived in Finland. Can you share your opinion on this crisis at the border?

А.Т.: In my view, this is part of a wider picture, and things are not at all as simple as the West is about the situation.

It seems that this border crisis is intended to divert attention from something completely different, and much more important. Yes, there is clearly a plot behind this.

But at the same time it is difficult to see what, for example, Russia, accused of the situation here, could win here. Nor can it stand the light of day, that those behind the 2015 migration crisis are now opposed to such action. In addition, we have already seen the same human traffickers from Turkey and also from Finland involved in this operation.

М.Т.: What do you think about the problem of a large number of refugees in Europe? What consequences does this lead to and may lead to in the future?

А.Т.: The goal of the globalists is clearly to change the population in order to weaken the power of the European Conservatives. That is, divide and rule. This is leading to an increase in organized crime, conflicts and, at worst, civil wars in Europe. It also achieves the militarization of European authorities, which threatens human rights and freedoms.

М.Т.: Even Russia has not been spared the refugee problem in Europe and there have been talks that the Russian airline Aeroflot may be sanctioned for the fact that some refugees arrived on its flights. It sounds as absurd as banning a cafe because some of the people who eat there may turn out to be criminals. What do you think about it?

А.Т.: Last week, I took a position on this during the session of parliamentary questions. After all, it is clear that Russia will have to respond with the sanctions imposed on it and that is when Finland will suffer the most again. I asked our government to answer to this, but Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto didn’t want to understand my question at all.

М.Т.: The results of a poll by the Finnish Analytical Center (EVA) show that almost half of Finnish citizens have a negative attitude towards Russia and in recent years this attitude has become much more popular than before. Is that real? How did it happen that the Finns suddenly saw us as an enemy?

А.Т.: This is not the case, and the mere fact, that there is such wide support for leaving the EU – proves it. Finnish agriculture has suffered enormously from EU sanctions, and all of this only increases support for the independence and at the same time, good relations with Russia. Such opinion polls are phony, and mere propaganda to the mainstream media.

М.Т.: According to a poll by the same Analytical Center, more and more Finns support joining NATO. It looks like these data are interconnected. Please tell us why this is happening.

А.Т.: This is also a lie of globalists. Although EVA sees Russia as an enemy, Finns do not see it that way. If the Finns were in favor of NATO, there would certainly be a referendum on the matter. NATO would be rejected in the vote, and therefore the vote is not dared to take place, and this fact is also recognized in the Finnish Parliament.

М.Т.: What do you think about the numerous sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union? In such a situation, it is difficult to build friendly relations.

А.Т.: This is one of the major reasons why Finland must FIXIT from the EU. Russia is our neighbor, and will always be. One important reason for the need for need for EU separation is the trade. It is utter nonsense that Finland has joined the sanctions against Russia, and the fact is that Finland has suffered the most.

М.Т.: How independent is Finland in decision-making? This question arises if we recall the situations with the illegal detention and extradition of Russian citizens from Finland to the United States. Examples of this are me, Mikhail Serov, Alexander Sergeev, Maxim Senakh.

А.Т.: Finland has a strong constitution, but it has not been respected for a long time. I have said many times in Parliament, that Finland is controlled from abroad. I have also asked the ministers about this and it’s quite clear that this is happening. Finland should make its laws good for Finland and the Finns, but at the moment, the Finnish Parliament is filing laws that are only suitable for the EU.

М.Т.: Many Russians, probably, almost everyone perceives Finland and its citizens as neighbors and friends. Polls also make us think that this is not mutual. Do you think it is possible for our countries to establish relations now and how can this be done?

А.Т.: Yes, I believe. Right now, Finns must be offered a credible alternative, and that is to return to the Paasikivi-Kekkonen doctrine, which is persived as good. It is also a roadmap for independence and out from the European Union and, at the same time, NATO’s command. The national spirit is now on the rise in Finland, and through this doctrine, our independence and good neighborly relations will also rise back to great value.

М.Т.: You are a resident of Europe and Finland. Can you tell us about the current trends in freedom and human rights? What is changing and what can it lead to?

А.Т.: World War III is now underway. I have also raised this up in Parliament. Under the shadow of the coronavirus agenda, massive human rights violations are taking place in Europe, and people’s freedoms are being grossly limited. People are in great danger because of the genetic mRNA-shots, where they are lured into and even forced into. Combined with all this in the face of expected economic problems, it is clear, that the West will be drawn into huge chaos. It is time for Finland to regain its independence, and the popular movement behind my VKK party will do exactly so.


Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was shot and killed while confrontation with three white men in a neighborhood near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia. Police and prosecutors were trying to cover up Ahmaud’s murder, as one of the accused killers was both a former police officer and investigator for the local district attorney’s office.

In February 2020, Arbury was out for a jog. Former police officer Gregory McMichael, his son Travis and William Bryan drove past him in a car. According to them, they were suspecting Arbury of burglary. They said they wanted to talk to him and to conduct a civil arrest. Then, according to them, Arbury assaulted Travis, who shot him in self-defense. However, in November 2021, Travis said Arbury neither threaten him with a weapon nor yelled at him.

In February 2021, Arbury’s mother filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against Gregory and Travis McMichael and William Bryan. The lawsuit alleges that the murder was racially motivated and that prosecutors tried to cover it up as one of the attackers was a former police officer. All three men were charged only two months after Arbury’s murder when state officials began talking about the case.

During a trial in November 2021 Arbury’s mother said that an officer who arrived at the scene did not render aid to her son and went to secure the crime scene.