“There is no shortage of democracy in the European Union, but its complete absence”: interview of the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice with Tony Bosnakoudis, a Greek journalist and blogger

Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed Tony Bosnakoudis, a public figure, journalist and politician from Greece, who is engaged in exposing the corruption of European politicians. The head of the Russian FBI found out from Bosnakoudis who occupied Greece and deprived it of democracy, who is responsible for restricting freedom of speech in the West, and why the case of Julian Assange is a political revenge of the United States and Britain.

«В Европейском союзе не дефицит демократии, а ее полное отсутствие»: интервью главы Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с Тони Боснакудисом, греческим журналистом и блогером, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Good afternoon, dear Tony! Thank you for taking the time to interview the Foundation to Battle Injustice. Please tell our viewers and readers about yourself and your blog on the Internet.

Tony Bosnakoudis: Thank you for the invitation. My name is Tony Bosnakoudis, the press and communications officer for the agricultural political party in Greece (AKKEL It’s a full-fledged party like all the others but it started with the aim of creating the conditions in order to achieve the sustainability of the agricultural section of the economy, in order to create the basis for a sustainability in the food industry. Because we believe you cannot do anything if you cannot sustain your people. We had this block party in order to disseminate our policies and also press releases announcements, articles about everyday developments in the society, both increase in the European Union and abroad.

And this was partly because we may have time later to speak because we faced a blockade, as many people have done in recent years, from the major companies of Facebook, Google and other large companies because we are considered to be in the anti-regime party.

We are not supporting globalism. We are supporting the nation states and the national societies, and this is not seen very positively by the oligarchic governing regime, which currently has the upper hand in global politics.

M.T.: Most of the publications on your website are devoted to politics, you expose the corruption of European politicians and point out numerous crimes committed at all levels of government. What changes do you think need to be made in the political life of Europe and Greece in particular?

T.B.: Well, the most fundamental one is to restore democracy and the functions of democracy. Now it may sound strange to somebody because some people like to say that we have a democratic society, democratic governance. We don’t have have increased security in occupied country as we were in the 1940. This is from the Nazi forces, the Nazi regime is today’s a multi occupation for various interests and the same is with the European Union.

Now in the European Union they politely call it this democratic deficit. It’s not a democratic deficit, it’s is democratic nonexistence.

Because with various ways that we could give a special meeting for that to discuss about what it sticks a lot of time to speak about it and the democratic functioning in the European Union and increase especially it’s much worse in Greece. It has just vanished currently, and you can see it very openly today in the national press, especially about the journalist. I am a journalist in the press Union in Greece, and they know firsthand what’s happening in the political issue. The first thing to do is to restore democracy. And we now have a multi oligarchic system in the best case that are a number of interest groups and pressure groups or even organized crime groups who have control over politics and the society. And we do not have the representative democracy that we like to think that we have. So the first thing that you said to changes is to restore democracy, especially through education, to the people telling them what happened and what should have been happening in order to rectify this, to correct this and another one. I can speak about Greece is to restore the integrity of the voting system. And we saw the problems they had in the United States in the recent elections. But we have this problem for many years. And we especially because they the votes are created processed and published through a private company.

Singular logic, which is not a practical rule by the people it is supposed to be controlled by the Ministry of the Interior, but nobody believes that.

So the idea that means important thing that should be done is to restore the accuracy and the reliability of voting systems so that whatever the people who vote is what the result it will be like and some people said in the past, I think someone in the Soviet Union said that it does not matter what people vote but what is who count the votes. And the Americans had the piece recently, they have the experience, but usually the Americans were doing this stuff to us. So it was strange to see that happening in their own country as well.

M.T.: A significant part of your publications also talks about the influence of the United States on the foreign policy of other countries. In your opinion, why have Americans continued to meddle in other countries affairs for several decades?

T.B.: What are the basic the most fundamental reason for that is that the Americans, the United States changed radically and very badly. And the Americans know that after the Second World War and they were contaminated by Nazism they may find. Some people may find it strange, but that is widely known in the United States, at least in the administrative field. That is there after the Second World War, there was an influx of Nazi war criminals and Nazi collaborators inside the structure of the government structure of the United States. And in fact, it is even a declassified CIA report from the history department of the CIA. It is 664 pages. I read it. I go to it, is twice. And it did actually many cases where the Americans adopted war criminals from the Nazis. And as they incorporate them inside the government or the intelligence structures of the United States, and after a few decades around the time the unification of Germany, it was happening. There was this report in which one of the bibliographical references cities was in previous books by Americans, which said that a reactionary and problematic attitudes and characteristics of the United States in the international community, as the people see it approached, was because of this contamination of the Nazi elements which penetrated the American society. So in one sense, the Americans, the United States actually franchised Nazism in the American way. They Americanized analysis in a way that the Americans themselves know that. And many people who were supporting Donald Trump and fight against their regime in the United States were having that in mind. Not all of them, but a significant part of it was because of that So in a sense of the

Americans working now that they have been promoting and continuing what the German Nazis stopped, would they say that franchising over Nazism, not that they have done in the United States? It’s a huge issue.

I mean, you can see 654 pages was just the CIA report about what happened with the United States. You see what happened in Europe and in the other places is that the same things happened to many other countries in Greece especially. And they are now using their networks of collaborators and working in this were not prosecuted in order to establish their base in each country, at least in Greece.

M.T.: Freedom of speech in the West has not been going through the best of times in the last few years: information objectionable to the political leadership is almost immediately removed from the network, major American social networks delete accounts whose agenda differs from Washington’s. Tell us how do you think freedom of speech has changed in the West in recent years?

T.B.: Now, from my experience in the media, in the press, or basically can you become part of the responsibility lies in the journalists themselves. Because they allowed journalism to be changed, altered. You can name it whatever you want, even to a corporate structure, corporate journalism or media which does not control is the government or the other authorities as they should have done a bigger share. Sharing this responsibility is what we call here. Is the lifestyle a kind of a promoted way, how to walk, how to live, how to speak, how to communicate with other people, how to socialize with people, which was not a natural way that we have been doing that in decades. But the main part, as a basis of this lifestyle and the corruption, the operations corruption. Corruption took many shapes. And part of this was created on the basis of what they called the Nazi collaborators in the revival of that in this is a very essential issue to work, because you do not understand or accept that is a revival of masses. Many countries in the West is responsible for the corruption created, and the corruption creates a lot of other unwanted situations. We don’t have the time to speak right now, and it would not be understood and but another issue that contributed to this to the current situation is what we have seen in Greece. The Greek experiment may not be very well known to you, but what happened in Greece and some other European countries in the previous decade, about 12 years ago, against corruption two years ago with the memoranda and all this kind of stuff against the Greek society, the Greek economy actually created a database called a social database of how you can be put in jail or in prison. And then it was believed to have been created all over the world, especially with the policies and the campaigns against Russia because of the Crimea issue and potentially because of the policies in the the fight against COVID. But it’s a combination of issues from that. But I will insist on that the main issue that was very sincere and it could not if it was not existing, this situation could not be created, is the cooperation of many journalists and especially boards of directors and press unions, which allowed that to happen. That is mean in a sense that violated completely press ethics. We will publish in a few days a complete breakdown of what happened. All the violations of Greek law ethics law and the International Federation of Journalists and in the issues of around corporate, internal, political, a pluralism.

M.T.: Have you encountered artificial restrictions on freedom of speech? Have you received threats because of the materials that are published on your website?

T.B.: Yes, I we have all, especially the president of AKKEL Vakis Tsiombanidis. This is a question of the victim of the policy of the companies in the social networks. You know, Facebook, Google, YouTube, all of them. And because they were completely arbitrarily decided almost every week or every month. I thought that some of the publications we do, are annoying some people and they reduce the readership and the range of the people that can see them and they also block the way they are disseminated. And in some cases, when we had our mailing lists, they were sending many of our mail in the spam box and people were not receiving them. And I personally made almost one 1000 phone calls to media and other blogs or websites or whatever in order to secure that, they will be looking at our press releases announcement in these kind of publications in order to achieve some least some elementary popularity in the system. And the other things that we have, and because this is the worst of all, is the so-called fact checking the facts and unfortunately that are journalists working at fact checking. And I personally outraged with this because taking is, I could say, the destruction of journalism. You cannot be a fact checker and be a journalist as well because as we see that taking if something is accurate, is part of the journalistic research, this is must be done only by journalists. You cannot be independent, you cannot outsource the accuracy of the fact. Let me tell you descriptively that when you take fact checking out of the function of the body of journalism, as if you take the liver or the kidneys outside of the body. You give somebody working with a case, having this kidneys or your liver and controlling them in telling you this is the proper way to go. You want to go to another way just. This is what happens. I mean, you cannot have separate functional structure. It is outrageous. And we have even a press unit that had increased the voice of the federation with the largest press union. Are completely condemning these practices, but just because we don’t see any action in practice to come into this thing. We have received a lot of complaints from government officials because we made a revelations, that were accurate about them and their policies. So they criminalize the political left to take on their policies. And the other thing that we have done since we all have also been a victim of phone monitoring. Our President has made 13 months ago to the special committee which guarantees the secrecy of communications about potential monitoring of phone calls and. For 13 days we do not have an answer on that.

M.T.: One of the most famous unspoken symbols of freedom of speech, Julian Assange, has been a victim of state repression for several years. How would you comment on the recent decision of the British government to extradite a journalist to the United States?

T.B.: The last developments of the court verdict is actually a political decision.

I mean, nobody believes that it is there, but it is justice, which determines what can happen to Julian Assange. It’s politics, the politics of the United States and the British government which want to extradite him and use him as a source, as an example, that if you are going against us, you will go to jail.

But one of the things that we have done, is that we examined all the revelations he did in WikiLeaks. And many of them are extremely useful. And we started a procedure. We offered the giving Julian Assange honorary citizenship. Of course it is not easy, especially with the pressure from the Americans. But what happened now, I think the people in Russia should know that is that we have seen after the visit of our president in May when she attended the celebrations for the victory against the Nazis. We have seen that. We have a lot of joint ideas. And you know, that could be now anything could change of Julian with British and perhaps American citizens captured by Russian forces in Ukraine in order to make the exchange. And the British could go back to Britain and Julian Assange could be sent to Greece in order to participate personally in this procedure of honorary citizenship. And in fact, I know that very many letters were sent to British members of parliament about that. And we expect to see some opposition in taking position of the British government. Even the Russian government for that, because it is worth noting that some of the problems like the Julian Assange attack need to be solved. If we see it is Alexander the Great Sort, the Gordian knot. This was a note that could not be solved by anyone. So he did not solve it. He said cut it. So this must be nice as to be saying it could be a sort of knife in order to cut this problem about the captivity of Julian Assange and give it giving someone a solution that could not be given by politicians.

M.T.: Yes, we did send the offer to exchange British and American prisoners that were captured in exchange of Julian Assange. And hopefully next week we will have an answer from the Lugansk People’s Republic and we’ll see what the British government would say for that. Do you follow the progress of Russia’s special military operation on the territory of Ukraine? How do the events from the front cover the European media?

T.B.: Well, the main media increase present this in the light of the major British and American news outlets presented. They actually make it is a British and American. I must mention here that one important very important, a testimony factor in how people see in the report in the west is the issues about Ukraine and after the incorporation of Crimea in Russia is the propaganda which was done by two NGOs, one American and the Open Society Initiative for Europe. The only thing from George Soros and the other the British one, a very shadowy group called Integrity Initiative for which we have translated the documents and we have added that in the UN. Now, I can’t block party a website, but somebody can have translations as well. There is a media here and a following these lines that were determined by Americans and British in the beginning of 2015. So whatever we see here in the issue of Ukraine is determined by what was described as possible options and lines of to follow by the Integrity Initiative and the Open Society for Europe. And even books that were written recently in Greek and what exactly following these lines. I could take pages and pages of these books and a note here from what I read the initiative for instance, and documents and they were presenting. So in order to do that, we know what happens in Greece regarding the presentation of what’s happening in Ukraine. You need to know that in the European media to a very large extent is that they are following the guidelines that were created in the beginning of 2015 by the Integrity Initiative and the Open Society Institute for Europe. They are not doing journalistically. That’s why I was talking before about the big responsibility that journalists have in all this kind of a corruption situation which troubles our society today.

M.T.: How do you think the Nazi ideology got its spread in Ukraine? Why was Nazism revived in Ukraine, and not in Germany?

T.B.: Nazism was revived in Germany as well. And we have some reservations about. But it was it was not eliminated it in Germany, but it was promoted very much by the Americans in order to have some ways, in order to fight what they called communism of that period. The United States was actually franchised Nazism, and in other countries as well. To the extent that what we now see is the biggest supporters and allies of the United States in the globalization seem is are all the groups and the interest in countries to a large extent a were part of the axis, the allies in the in the second World War. So that and I said that it was revived in there in Germany, as well as the entire structure of the intelligence agencies as the military agencies in Germany after the Second World War was created and former Nazi officials so it never stopped. But what we have seen in Greece is a revival of the Nazi mentality is what we call the war a compensation or reparations, because then when we’ve got a huge amount of money should be paid for the structures they did to the Greek territory during the war and not to mention the lies they took and this is a huge issue. I get only say a few words, but they now persistently refuse to pay a what if Hitler started paying the reparations to Greece? But after the world after the war there is a democratic you can call it a new government in Germany did not accept to pay them. So if you do not correct the misdoings of Nazism, you actually embrace them and you promote them. So it’s not the fact that it said when it was cleared from the Nazi past in Germany just a put down under the carpet, the Nazi past and the unification of Germany simply lift lifted the carpet and the entire German Nazi sympathizers and collaborators and users that were freed in order to work all over the world. It’s a huge issue. We cannot explain it to fully today.

M.T.: Do you think it is possible to say that the Ukrainian conflict is proxy war between Russia and the United States?

T.B.: Yes. I mean, that this everybody says that. I mean, even in NATO, nobody argues that it’s perhaps the most clear element, is that you give a who says you sent weapons to the country, you actually work through them, you fight Russia through them. It’s not to disguise.

M.T.: Why, in your opinion, do the leaders of European countries so zealously support Ukraine and almost completely ignore the problems inside their countries?

T.B.: That’s what I will remind the junta people. What Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, the ambassador of the United States in Kiev, said before they were overthrowing the government, the legitimate government in Ukraine. You must remember that it was a phone conversation they had which leaked somehow. And they were talking about how to a what they are going to do after the government is overthrown. And the whatever they mentioned actually happened from that. Klitschko, you know, the body builder, I remember, I think it was Nuland saying that Klitschko should understand that he cannot be part in this situation. Later, they put him to be mayor of Kiev. So the United the European Union does not have anything to do in the Ukraine issue, because whatever they do is what the American establishment is telling them. And that’s what the EU is the most classic expression and proof that they do not recognize anything, any role, independent role to the European Union. Actually, you see, that is not European policy on the on Ukraine. There’s no Greek policy, national policy on Ukraine. So whatever when somebody says that you’re violating the national policy in this issue, there is not national policy. The national policy, whatever the United States regime is giving to the European Union and to independent to its individual countries and it’s the I don’t understand why people don’t see probably the media is not presenting it as they should have been. I mean, we must be continuously telling them what new land that pilots have done and said at this point and see that whatever they said was it created exactly as they said it, that it is not the natural evolution of, you know, situations and events that happen, but it is a directed and imposed situation and events that were preplanned in the United States.

M.T.: Over the past 8 years, residents of Donbass have literally become victims of shelling and bombing by the Ukrainian military every day, but during all this time, not a single European human rights organization or the International Criminal Court has accepted a single statement from residents of the LDPR. Why do you think the protection of human rights ends where politics begins?

T.B.: Well, corruption, as I mentioned, is something which corrupted many international offices. They operate and what their handlers tell them to operate or blackmail them or make them afraid and have to do it, but I think they see it completely differently. The issues in comparison to what we see, they don’t see lines to cross. They just see fields in order to operate in the directions. They are told that this is one expression of corruption again, and we will be mentioning that all the time. Corruption is the huge problem.

M.T.: Can we say that the only chance for America to extend its hegemony is to weaken the European Union by pushing it against Russia. In your opinion, is this what is happening now on the territory of Ukraine?

T.B.: Well, I guess I mean, we said that before. It’s a union does not have any. The Americans do not recognize any role to the European Union in Ukraine for that. And, you know, the Americans were telling that to the European people in the past. I remember very well in the past American officials saying to the European officials, you not because too many do you need to see the European Economic Community that you are too many of the people you have. So they managed to do it through the European Commission, through other ways. And I don’t think there is someone who can say no to this statement of it. Yes. I mean, they use it. It’s there some people call jokingly because before the Brexit that actually Europe is the other Atlantic part of the European of the United States is the other shore of the United States in the other side of the Atlantic. This is it for us.

M.T.: Can we say that the special military operation in Ukraine marked the end of the American unipolar world? After what time, in your opinion, will it be possible to finally get rid of the influence of the United States?

T.B.: The answer is yes. They are not unipolar world anymore. And the Americans did something that was almost impossible or very difficult to do in the past is a united many people in the West and in other non-Western countries against the Europe the United States, because everybody can now see that what the Americans are doing is completely out of any limit or a degree of acceptance. I don’t know why they did it so grotesque in such a grotesque way, but people are leaving away from the Americans, unless those who are in the same gang with a Europe American leadership and all those who are threatened or blackmailed or whatever.There is a possible hegemony. They could be destroying themselves.

M.T.: Tell me, please, what awaits the world and Europe, in particular, after the end of the special military operation of the Russian Federation?

T.B.: What we will see, a semi devastated European Union a divided United States. And I would not be surprised if we have a breakup in the United States somehow but there are some good things here. One good thing is that everybody is now rebuilt. Everybody took position in many issues, even in the course experience. And now with the Ukrainian issue and we know exactly what a type of person or a group everybody is. It is not it is something like a centrifuge. The centrifuge is something that you it is working days. This moving like that around me. And even if something is large size but empty inside it will be revealed. It will not go to the end where the bottom of the tube or the centrifuge. But this was what happened with this situation. Everybody took center position and they reveal their attitudes about what is happening and everybody who’s repeat shock whatever happens in the economic or military way, we now know everybody was mapped that we have a map of everybody who what step and they take. And, you know, this is very useful many I mean, some people may say, okay, there are so much destruction and you say this is used. Yes. I mean, it happens. I mean, you have to see that it is very useful to see whether it’s real indicative, actually, of the identity of each person in each group and its political leaders, even in the countries is no, it is now exposed in the public knowledge.