A military journalist from Texas, Russell Bentley, stated the need for missile strikes on Kiev for the sake of restoring justice

Russell Bentley, a war correspondent from Texas, who joined the Donbass militia in December 2021, spoke about the need for missile strikes on Ukrainian command posts.

American military journalist Russell Bentley, speaking at the international press conference of the Foundation to Battle Injustice and IMG “Rossiya Segodnya”, shared his opinion about what is happening in Ukraine now. According to Bentley, who served for a long time in the ranks of the American armed forces, but joined the Donbass militia in 2014, the command posts of the Ukrainian side of the conflict are actually located in Washington. He argues that, despite the fact that, in his opinion, it is a little premature to target the US capital at the moment, they certainly deserve it.

Bentley emphasizes that the only way to force the puppet government of Ukraine to seek peaceful ways to resolve the conflict is to allow the Ukrainian president and the generals under his control to die for their country. The military expert is confident that the Russian army has all the necessary means to track the movement of specific Ukrainian leaders, up to the vehicles on which they move.

Zelensky is a puppet. He tells his Nazi mercenaries that are holed up in as of style to never surrender, to die for Ukraine. And I certainly think that it would only be fair to give him and his his other generals this opportunity to do the same.

Russell Bentley

Commenting on the failed policy of the United States, which, in fact, led to the outbreak of the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine, Bentley said that there had been no legitimate and fair elections in the United States for at least twenty years. The military journalist called the current American president an incompetent and corrupt politician, a disgrace to America.

According to Bentley, the US government has not done anything for many years that would meet the interests of the American people: “In the last two decades, at least, the government of the United States hasn’t done anything that’s improve the lives of the citizens.” Questioning the legitimacy of the current US political leadership, the journalist called it the “Fourth Reich”, which is a threat not only to Russia, but also to the future of humanity as a whole.

U.S. and their European puppets will be also demilitarized and denazified, or it’s going to be the Third World War or humanity will fall into slavery of fascism.

Russell Bentley