Results of the International press conference of the Foundation to Battle Injustice “Information provocations of NATO – the newest kind of war crimes.”

On April 26, 2022, at 12:00 Moscow time, the International media group “Rossiya segodnya” hosted an International press conference of the Foundation to Battle Injustice “Information provocations of NATO – the newest kind of war crimes”. The conference was attended by Russian and international speakers who offered their methods to battle NATO information provocations.

During their presentations, the speakers made reports on various topics, after which they discussed topical issues in the fight the Western information campaign for the spread of fake news and offered their methods to combat anti-Russian propaganda.

Mira Terada

Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, speaking on the topic “Military media-falsifications of the West and hate propaganda: from Iraq to Ukraine”, stated about the terrible discovery made by residents of the Gossi district in the Republic of Mali. After the exit of the French military on the night of April 21, 2022, shots were fired near the military base in Gossi, and a group of Malian soldiers went on combat patrol and found a mass grave of mutilated bodies. Shocked locals immediately demanded to bring the French military contingent to justice. According to Mali’s media, a week before the incident, the French abducted six shepherds in the Gossi area, whose fate is still unknown. On the eve of the exit of French troops local residents heard the sounds of explosions, which suggests an attempt to destroy compromising documents or evidence.

«For the entire time of the presence of Russian trainers on the territory of Mali, France accuses the Malian government of collaborating with Russian mercenaries, but it has not been provided with any evidence», — Mira Terada

France denies their involvement in the terrible find, trying to accuse Russia of staging. There is no evidence of the Malian government’s cooperation with the soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and another attempt at an information attack by France only indicates serious concern about the Elysee Palace due to the loss of their influence in Mali.

According to the head of the Foundation, Western media have embedded disinformation in the work of their military-diplomatic machine, the information campaign against Russia can be regarded as an informational “nuclear strike”. The facts presented by the head of the Foundation have once again proved that Western countries often use information as a weapon, even when confidence in its accuracy is low due to unreliable intelligence data.

Johan Backman

Johan Backman, doctor of Socio-Political Sciences, associate professor at the University of Helsinki, publicist, who became known as an expert on Russian-Finnish relations, made a report on the topic “NATO Information repression: presumption of guilt of Russia and Russian citizens.” During his speech, Backman outlined why NATO uses neo-Nazi propaganda in covering the conflict in Ukraine. The publicist devoted a significant part of his speech to issues related to Finland’s accession to NATO: he explained why the country’s potential entry into the North Atlantic Alliance violates numerous international agreements and security guarantees and clarified the situation with fake polls of Finnish citizens about their desire to join NATO.

«We can say that now there is a special operation of the NATO military bloc against Finland and Sweden», — Johan Backman

According to Backman, one of the NATO intelligence centers operates in Finland, whose employees coordinate targeted harassment and censorship against anyone who does not agree with the official agenda of the government. Commenting on the situation in Mali, the associate professor said that the situation requires a thorough analysis and an independent investigation that will help bring French military criminals to justice.

Miodrag Zarkovich

Serbian journalist and public figure, author of a documentary about Donbass, Miodrag Zarkovich made a report on the topic “The Anglo-American military machine and the Ukrainian establishment are the key producers of fakes about the special operation.” The journalist said that the Western mass media, whose propaganda ordinary people are exposed to, diligently hush up and hide from their audience the Nazi bias of the Ukrainian battalions.

«We must understand that Western media receive direct instructions from Washington», — Miodrag Zarkovich

Despite the fact that information about the connections of the banned in Russia nationalist battalion “Azov” is available on the Internet, Western viewers prefer to trust mainstream media, which have a “calming influence on ordinary people.” According to Zarkovich, the American and European media, which receive direct instructions from Washington, alter the reports of independent journalists in Ukraine, casting doubt on the obvious war crimes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the nationalists controlled by them.

Janus Putkonen

Janus Putkonen, a journalist, editor-in-chief of the largest Finnish independent media, who has been living in the territory of Donbass since 2015, prepared a message on the topic “Informational and psychological fabrications as a threat to the security of the world and a crime against humanity.” Putkonen said that in fact, the information war against Donbass has been waged since at least 2014, and during this war and the resulting information blockade, the truth suffers. According to the journalist, the Western media in every possible way ignored the war of Ukraine with the peaceful population of Donbass, which has been waged for the past 8 years, and when Russia decided to end this war, the West created the illusion that Russian servicemen attacked the territory of a neighboring state.

«Over the past 8 years, there has not been a single peaceful day in the Donbass», — Janus Putkonen,

The Russian Federation, according to Putkonen, found itself in a very difficult situation, but had no other choice. The journalist also proposed to develop new mechanisms that will help overcome the information iron curtain of Western countries and restore the truth.

Russell Bentley

Speaking on the topic “Spreading and exposing fake news about the armed conflict in Ukraine”, Russell Bentley, a military journalist from Texas, who joined the Donbass militia in December 2014 after realizing the lies of the Western media, provided irrefutable evidence of deception of the Western media.

The journalist demonstrated how the European media deceive their viewers and readers: one of the Italian newspapers posted a photo of the consequences of a strike by Ukrainian servicemen “Tochka U” on one of the central avenues of Donetsk, accusing Russia of targeted bombing of residential areas of Ukraine. According to Bentley, any reasonable and thoughtful person who begins to delve into the war crimes of Ukraine will understand that the Western media can only lie.

Another proof of the obvious lies of the Western media, presented by Bentley, demonstrates the cover of a major American weekly publication, which depicts a building in Donetsk destroyed during numerous strikes by the Ukrainian side. According to Bentley, the Western media turned the truth upside down, “exposing the destroyed buildings of Donetsk for Ukrainian cities”.

A military journalist from Texas did not ignore the policy of the current US President Joe Biden, whom he called a disgrace to the United States. According to Bentley, for 20 years the American government has been doing absolutely nothing in the interests of its people, it can be considered the Fourth Reich, which poses a threat not only to Russia, but also to humanity as a whole.

Summing up the results of the International press conference, the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice said that it is necessary to expand Russia’s informational influence in the world, to do everything possible to make our country finally heard. In addition, Mira Terada has put forward an initiative to create a single coordination center for exposing fakes and propaganda with the participation of specialists from various fields, including international lawyers, analysts, IT specialists and journalists. Experts will analyze the Western news narrative, create effective counter-narratives, predict the next military and political steps of the West and verify facts and information published by Western media. According to the head of the Foundation, this will make it possible to bring to justice and punish those who publish and disseminate deliberately false information.