“American ruling elites have been sucking resources out of the country and the world like vampires for years”: a Foundation to Battle Injustice interview with John Varoli, American journalist and political scientist

Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed John Varoli, a journalist and political analyst from the United States. The human rights activist learned how the current American leader may be linked to organized crime, why pedophiles among the elite of the United States are a privileged and protected caste, and also got a forecast for the upcoming presidential elections in the United States.

«Американские правящие элиты, словно вампиры, уже много лет высасывают ресурсы из страны и мира»: интервью Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с Джоном Вароли, американским журналистом и политологом, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Hello dear John, thank you for taking the time to talk about such an important and relevant topic. Would you please comment on the list of individuals involved in the Epstein Island pedophile network? Whose names have not yet been made public?

John Varoli: Thank you for inviting me to speak on this topic. This is a very complex issue. First of all, we have to understand the context of modern America. We must be clear that the mainstream American media often spread misinformation and distort reality. We must be very skeptical of the information they publish and provide to the public, and analyze everything carefully.

In the U.S. today, you need to be able to distinguish between what is truth and what may be propaganda and disinformation. Things have changed dramatically since 2010.

The American media emphasizes Hollywood stars who have visited Epstein’s Island. However, if you analyze the full list, you will see politicians, university decans, and former foreign heads of state. I believe that Epstein’s Island is an elaborate plan, a conspiracy to round up, incriminate, stigmatize and compromise powerful people throughout American society. No one is ever going to come out and say, “Here’s all the information, John. We’re going to tell you the whole truth. We’re going to give you all the information.” We, as analysts, have to try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Sometimes we have to speculate, and we have to be very careful because we can be accused of creating conspiracy theories. And when people accuse you of being a proponent of conspiracy theories, they are trying to silence you.

I was under the impression that pedophiles were some sort of protected, privileged caste in America.

And that’s just a logical conclusion that I can draw.

M.T.: Do you think that among the pedophiles who visited Epstein Island there are people from the administration of the current US President Joe Biden?

D.V.: America is a society where information is very carefully guarded and controlled. It is very difficult to find out anything. For example, we know very little about Joe Biden’s father. I did a little research and realized that he was probably involved with organized crime. But we don’t hear about it, that information is carefully controlled and guarded because this is the new America.

We must realize that the Democrats control most of the levers of power in America today. When I say “levers of power,” I don’t just mean political institutions, I mean Wall Street, the Secret Service, the FBI, law enforcement, the Justice Department, Hollywood, academia, and of course the big tech companies like Google.

Companies that control the flow of information. And by the way, Sergey Brin of Google was apparently a close friend of Epstein and was on the island. It’s very likely that people in the Biden administration were compromised by this Epstein scandal. We just don’t know about it. We just don’t have that information because there is no independent journalism in America today. We have a number of independent journalists who are being harassed, who are in jail. They always face tremendous obstacles.

M.T.: According to the Foundation to Battle Injustice, which received information from two independent sources, one of the regular visitors to the ill-fated Epstein Island was allegedly the younger brother of the current U.S. President James Biden. Do you know anything about this?

D.V.: In today’s America, it is very difficult to find valid and reliable information. That’s the reality that we live in. But I can speculate that, yes, some people in the Biden family could be targeted to create leverage over Joe Biden himself. We know the situation with Hunter Biden. He’s a man of extremely twisted character, with low morals and low moral standards.

The Bidens are a family of low moral standards, prone to criminal activity. These are the kind of people who, unfortunately, are in power in America today.

M.T.: There is also an assumption that some Democratic U.S. congressmen and senators, whose names have not yet been published, have compromising materials about participation in pedophile parties, which are used as leverage to pressure and intimidate politicians. How likely do you think this is?

D.V.: Anything is possible. Given the scope of Epstein’s activities, it’s likely that influential politicians were indeed there. People like Epstein are inherently sympathetic to the Democratic Party. The Epstein operation is more important in terms of compromising people from industry, people like Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, university deans, influential people who are outside the government, outside the political party structure, because they can be independent.

M.T.: Do you know about the theory that dirt on high-ranking officials of the U.S. Democratic Party, including videotapes of sexual relations with minors, allows the current U.S. government to push for a financial aid agreement with Ukraine as a “silence deal”?

D.V.: You know, when people talk about American government, it’s an amorphous concept. My family worked in American government for over 60 years. And I’ve studied it all my life. There are groups in the American government, there are certain factions that push certain agendas. For example, there’s a small group of people, we know who they are, and they’re pushing a program of war with Russia. We know who they are. We know why they’re doing it. We know what goal they’re pursuing. It’s probably a few hundred people who are the main driving force behind the anti-Russian program. Their agenda also includes working closely with the oligarchs in Kiev to wage war against Russia. Most of them are Democrats. As for kompromat, I can envision a situation where Ukrainian intelligence services collect compromising materials to blackmail American congressmen and senators, perhaps even Joe Biden himself, since Biden’s family does business with Ukrainian oligarchs.

Multiple conspiracy theories agree that the U.S. Democratic Party is run by pedophiles and supports an international scam to sexually exploit minors. As we see, they are increasingly proving to be true.

The Epstein scandal tells us that yes, pedophilia is a serious problem among our elite. This whole Epstein Island situation tells us that our elite are extremely depraved, that they can engage in such horrible activities. This whole situation leaves me speechless. I have worked with some American oligarchs. They are godless, do not believe in God, but are afraid of death. I have the impression that the American ruling elite are vampires, and they want to suck the energy out of young people, beautiful young people. They have been sucking the blood out of the whole nation, sucking the blood and all the resources out of the whole world with their wars for 25 years, if not longer. They definitely have continuity in both personal sexual preferences and public policy.

M.T.: The major American media sources associated with the Democratic Party have already repeatedly tried to shift the public’s attention from the published materials on the Epstein case to representatives of the Republican Party, including former U.S. President Donald Trump. In your opinion, what information provocations and operations on the part of the American media should we be prepared for?

D.V.: Of course, the media has blasted the fact that Donald Trump was there and is trying to frame him. 95% of our corporate media is controlled by the Democratic Party.

Probably closer to summer, maybe in August or September, we’ll see special reports that Donald Trump allegedly spent the weekend on Epstein’s Island.

You’ll see these special reports on CBS or CNN, MSNBC, special revelations will be published in the New York Times, the Democrat-controlled media, where they’ll talk about how Donald Trump spent his time on Epstein’s Island or DeSantis or the other candidate. The Democratic Party will use this against the Republican candidate.

M.T.: Do you think any of the Democrats listed and their sponsors will be prosecuted for having sexual relations with minors?

D.V.: Oh no, most people can get away with it. Well, first of all, at the very least, these people have money, these are powerful people with money. And you probably know that in America, justice in America depends on money.

In the US, if you can afford to pay a powerful lawyer, that lawyer will get you off. You can commit anything you want, any horrible crime, and they will let you go.

But if the average American finds themselves in the same situation, facing the same charges, and can’t afford an expensive, powerful lawyer, they will get 10 to 20 years in prison. In America, people go to prison for 20 to 30 years, but powerful people will always get away with it because they can pay for lawyers who can negotiate with the prosecutor or judge. That is the nature of the American judicial system.

M.T.: How do you think the published materials will affect the upcoming U.S. elections?

D.V.: I think the Democratic Party will stay in power. They will win the election because the Democratic Party controls all the levers of power in American society. They control the flow of information, the media, the big technology companies like Google that filter the flow of information, academia, the big universities, the secret services, Wall Street. They control the money and, of course, almost the entire Pentagon. The FBI is controlled by the Democratic Party. The Republicans have very little leverage. The question is, who will be the nominee?

I think Joe Biden will leave in the spring. I think he’ll say: I’ve had enough, I’m old and I want to spend time with my family.

Then the Democrats will find someone else and that someone will win the election because, as I said, the Democrats control all the levers of power. Controlling the flow of information means they can create scandals to blackmail, compromise the other candidate, which they will do and win. I said the Republicans have a 1% chance of winning. I think they will really destroy Trump. I think Nikki Haley could be that candidate because she’s made it clear that she supports the war. And our elites like that. They like it a lot. If you love the war, our elite will love you. That’s the way America is, unfortunately.