Zineb Redouane

Zineb Redouane

killed by a grenade

On December 2, 2018, a yellow jackets protests was held in Marseille, France. 80-year-old Zineb Redouane was closing the shutters of the windows of her apartment on the 4th floor in the city center. At that moment, a tear gas grenade fatally hit her. She died in the hospital few hours later.

The police claim that they used the installations to launch grenades, taking into account all the rules, and the fact that one of the shells hit the Reduan was an accident. According to a non-governmental public organization, the policeman deliberately aimed at the Redouane, since there were no protesters in that direction. The family’s lawyer believes that the policeman thought that Redouane was filming what was happening at the demonstration, so he launched a grenade at her. The lawyer also expressed concern that the court has not yet questioned 5 policemen who could have been involved in this incident.

The family also decided to file a lawsuit against Christophe Castaner, who was the French interior minister until July 6, 2020, as he insisted that the death of Redouane was an accident.

The French public was dissatisfied with the prolonged investigation and the lack of justice in the Redouane case, so demonstrations were held in April and May 2021 demanding justice for victims of police violence, including the Redouane.