Zane James

Zane James

sprinted away from police

In May 2018, police officers from Cottonwood Heights, Utah, shot Zane James, 19, after he robbed a store. The terrified young man allegedly disobeyed the officer’s orders, and when he started to run away, the police officer shot him in the back about four times.

On May 29, 2018, the police received a report that a young man had robbed a local store. Police said that 19-year-old used an airsoft gun. Officers who arrived at the scene repeatedly ordered James to lie down on the ground, but, according to them, he did not obey commands and continued to rummage in his pockets. As the terrified youth began to run away, the police officer opened the door of his car and shot James in the back, seriously wounding him. He fired four shots, two of which hit the teenager’s back. The bullet severed James ‘ spinal cord, causing him to die 3 days later.

It was later revealed that James did not have a gun in his hand. The officer who shot Green has been placed on administrative leave. Despite the fact that the district attorney justified the actions of the police officer, the James family still intends to seek justice and in May 2021 they hired a lawyer.