Wallace Wilder

Wallace Wilder

killed for no reason

In August 2019, police officers from Birmingham, Alabama, shot and killed 62-year-old black Wallace Wilder. Officers responded to a call from his neighbor, who reported about strange sounds coming from the man’s house.

The man suffered from mental health problems, which the police were aware of. It is unclear exactly what happened that day, but Wilder’s family says that he was at home alone and was not armed, since a few weeks before the incident, Wilder handed over a firearm to his brother for storage. The state police investigating the shooting referred their results to the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, but no charges were filed.

In April 2021, Wilder’s relatives filed a federal lawsuit alleging that officers mistakenly broke into his home and killed him for no reason. The family’s lawyers requested detailed information about the shooting, including any videos from the officers ‘ body cameras, and in late July 2021, the city police Department released a video of the fatal shooting, which shows that shortly after the officers broke into Wilder’s house without warning, shots rang out, fatally wounding him.