Tre'mall Mcgee

Tre'mall Mcgee

Louisiana teenager

In March 2020, police from Jefferson Parish County, Louisiana shot 14-year-old Tremoll McGee in the back after being knocked to the ground by an officer.

Police said the officers were chasing a car that was reportedly stolen. McGee was in the passenger seat. The teenagers did not know that the car was stolen. After the officers stopped the car, the teenagers scattered in different directions. One of the cops caught up with McGee and knocked him to the ground. The officer hit the young man several times, after which he threatened that if he did not say where his partners ran, he would shoot him. Seconds later, the cop pulled the trigger, shooting McGee in the back. The teenager survived, but was taken to hospital in serious condition. The initial police report only mentions the pursuit of the stolen car and the search for the teenagers seen in it. It does not mention shooting or the use of force.

Despite the fact that the boy survived, he still had fragments of a police bullet in his hand. His mother still wants the sheriff’s office to be held accountable for harming her boy. In March 2021, the McGee family filed a lawsuit against the Jefferson County Police Department, accusing the police of using excessive force against an unarmed 14-year-old.