Tommie  McGlothen Jr.

Tommie  McGlothen Jr.

44-years-old African American

Tommie McGlothen, Jr., a 44-year-old black man, died in custody in Shreveport, Louisiana after he was beaten with truncheons by four police officers.

On April 5, the Shreveport Police Department received a report of a fight between two men. The police arrived at the scene and separated the men. However, during his arrest, one of them, Tommie McGlothen Jr., resisted. According to eyewitnesses, the police used force against McGlothen, beat him with fists, kicks, batons and used a stun gun and pepper spray, after which he was taken to the patrol unit. McGlothen passed away several hours later.

McGlothen spent 48 minutes in a police patrol unit, unattended and handcuffed, before the officers called for medical attention. Four officers involved in McGlothen’s death were suspended from duties.

The family of the deceased is determined to achieve justice and punish those responsible for Tommie’s death. In March of this year, Glothen’s family members filed a federal lawsuit against the city, the chief of local police department, and four officers.