Sincere Pierce

Sincere Pierce

killed by mistake

In November 2020, police officers from Orlando, Florida, shot and killed an 18-year-old black man, Sincere Pierce, because they thought he was driving a stolen car. That evening, the young man took a car from his girlfriend in order to go for a ride with his friends.

The police officers who were nearby thought that the teenager had stolen a car, since a similar car was listed as stolen at that time. After the police repeatedly ordered the teenager to stop the car, which was reversing out of the driveway, presumably in the direction of the officers, they opened fire on him. The police officer fired about four times, fatally wounding the teenager, who later died from his injuries. The Florida State Prosecutor conducted his own investigation into the incident, as a result of which he decided not to press any charges against the officer who killed the boy.

However, in April 2021, the Pierce family announced that their lawyer was preparing a federal lawsuit against the prosecutor and a wrongful death lawsuit against a sheriff’s deputy, arguing that the officers did not have to open fire to kill an 18-year-old who allegedly stole a car.