Sean Rigg

Sean Rigg

black musician

In 2008, Sean Rigg, who suffered from mental health problems, died after employees of the medical institution where he was undergoing rehabilitation turned to the police for help.

After the deterioration of mental health, a man who lived in a hostel for people with mental health problems became uncooperative and aggressive. For more than three hours, the staff of the institution made about five calls to the police asking for help. Arriving at the scene, the police initiated a chase after Rigg, as doctors reported that he had stolen a passport, which, as it turned out, belonged to him. The police handcuffed him and put him face down in a police van. On the way to the police station, Rigg lost consciousness, and a few hours later, doctors pronounced the man dead.

In April 2021, Rigg’s sister said that the police were hiding evidence proving the excessive use of force against his brother, which led to his death. She said that recently her lawyers received materials that prove that the police brutality with her brother was due to racism. She also said that she hopes for the reopening of the case, since none of the police officers involved in the arrest were brought to justice.