Robby Bailey

Robby Bailey

beaten in front of his grandson

In April 2021, police officers from Minden, Louisiana, beat a black man, Robby Bailey, in front of his grandson, who has autism, as a result of which they broke the man’s rib.

Police department of the city of Minden, Louisiana, received a message about a person “lying on the roadway.” The man was Robbie Bailey, a 53-year-old African-American man who had suffered an epileptic seizure. He was walking his autistic grandson to school. Officers who arrived at the scene piled on Bailey and then began kicking and beating him. Witnesses say that while Bailey was lying on the ground, he did not try to resist, did not wave his arms or shout. While the police beat the man, his grandson, who suffers from autism, stood a few meters away and watched what was happening. The man was taken to a local hospital, where it turned out that the officers had broken his rib. The police officers involved in the beating were placed on administrative leave.

Bailey’s family claims that the incident affected the boy, traumatized and shocked him. Speaking at a press conference in late April 2021, the Bailey family said they had hired a lawyer and planned to seek justice in court.