Riley Fairholm

Riley Fairholm

17-year-old canadian

In July 2018, officers of the Lac Brome Police Department, Canada, received a message about a man, later identified as Riley Fairholm, who was walking through the streets and brandishing a gun.

When officers arrived at the scene, they saw a 17-year-old teenager walking down the street and talking to himself. It is reported the boy had mental health problems, which the police department knew about, since his mother repeatedly called them asking for help. The young man had a pistol in his hands, which forced the police officers who arrived at the scene to get their service weapons. They wanted to intervene, but, according to them, Fairholm allegedly began to show aggression, after which police officers opened fire on him, fatally wounding him. Later it turned out that the gun that the teenager allegedly brandished was pneumatic. Only a little more than a minute passed between the arrival of the police and the death of the man.

Fairholm’s family sued the city and the police, but in 2019, the Quebec Police Department and the Bureau of Independent Investigations conducted their own investigation of the incident, as a result of which the district attorney decided not to charge the officers involved in the boy’s death. Despite this, in June 2021, the judge sided with the family and resumed the trial, arguing that the investigation was not transparent enough to complete the case.