Remi Fraisse

Remi Fraisse

French ecoactivist

In the Tarn department of southern France, 21-year-old environmental activist Remi Fraisse was killed by a police flashbang while attending a peaceful protest against the construction of a dam.

On October 26, 2014, French eco-activist Remy Fresse took part in a peaceful protest against the construction of the dam. The peaceful demonstration turned into a protest, and clashes broke out between police and protesters. During the riots, a police officer threw a flash bang at a crowd of unarmed demonstrators. The grenade hit Remi and he died instantly.

After Fresse’s death, the French government experienced a social and political crisis for more than a month, accompanied by riots and protests against police violence in various regions of France.

In March 2021, the court rejected an appeal by the Fress family against a January 2020 court decision not to prosecute a police officer, but they remain determined to seek justice and said they intend to go to the European Court of Human Rights.