Raymundo Rubio

Raymundo Rubio

42-year-old Californian

A Visalia, California, police officer set a dog on mentally ill Raimundo Rubio. The man obediently carried out all the orders of the officer, but this did not save him from police violence.

In January 2020, the Visalia Police Department received three calls from different witnesses. The callers reported a Latin American man matching Rubio’s description who “looked into cars, behaved suspiciously and looked like he was intoxicated.” Video footage from the policeman’s body camera shows the officer talking to Rubio for about two minutes, after which he grabs his arm and throws him to the ground. The video shows how the man follows all the orders of the officer, but the policeman still orders the dog to attack Rubio. The dog gnawed at the man’s body for 90 seconds while the officer handcuffed Rubio, who was screaming in pain the whole time.

In March 2021, Rubio filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Visalia and the officers involved in his arrest. He claims that his civil rights have been violated. As a result of the incident, Rubio suffered several injuries, including a head injury, head and leg injuries, and deep injuries to his back, torso, left arm and forearm. The lawsuit states that his injuries caused physical, mental and emotional problems for Rubio.