Patrick Warren

Patrick Warren

asked for help

In January 2021, Patrick Lynn Warren, 52, who suffers from mental health problems, call the police as his condition began to deteriorate. However, officers of the Belton, Texas, police department arrived at the scene and shot an unarmed man, as he allegedly refused to follow their orders.

The officers who arrived at the scene tried to calm the man down. Warren raised his hands in the air and took a few steps forward. The police officer ordered him to show his hands and lie down on the ground. In the video taken by the officer’s body camera, Warren’s family members can be heard asking officers not to shoot him. However, after Warren did not follow the orders of the police, one of them tased him. However, it seemed to him that this was not enough, and after a few minutes he discharged his weapon at him. Warren died on the spot, in front of his family.

In January 2021, the man’s family demanded the arrest of the police officer who killed the man, however, despite the fact that the proceedings in this case are in full swing, in April 2021, the Belton Police Department re-hired the officer, who had been on administrative leave since January. In May 2021, the US Department of Justice launched an investigation of this case.

On May 19, 2021, the Bell County Grand Jury ruled that there will be no state charges a Texas police officer who shot and killed a man experiencing a mental health crisis.