Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

Georgia resident

Police shot and killed 35-year-old black Matthew Zeydock Williams on the doorstep of his own home.

On April 12, 2021, the Decatur Police Department, Georgia, received a report of a man armed with a knife. Several police officers arrived at the scene and tried to arrest Williams, who was standing at the front door of his house. According to police, the officer tried to pacify Williams with an electric shock, but it was useless. He allegedly threw himself at them with a knife, as a result of which he was shot by an officer. However, Williams’ neighbor claims to have seen the man run away from the police and dived through the window into his bedroom before the first shot was fired.

Family members state that Williams was a man who hated violence, supported the police, and never had any serious clashes with law enforcement. Williams’ previous and only clashes with the law were linked to traffic violations, they said.

The Williams family has hired a lawyer and intend to seek justice in court. They urge the county police department to release the police body’s body camera footage.