Madelyn Linsenmeir

Madelyn Linsenmeir

died in custody

In October 2018, employees of the correctional institution in Springfield, Illinois, ignored the requests of 30-year-old Madelyn Linsenmeir to provide her with medical assistance, as a result of which the woman died from an infectious heart disease.

She struggled with opioid addiction due to the fact that she started taking prescription drugs. The girl was arrested for introducing herself by another name when a police officer asked her to introduce herself. A video taken by a prison surveillance camera shows her crying and begging the police for medical help, which was denied. Instead, they decided to transfer her to a women’s prison, where she died a few days later. The officers claim that as soon as she felt ill, they called an ambulance, but the lawyers claim that medical care should have been provided much earlier, because by the time of her death, the infection had damaged most of her organs.

The girl’s relatives filed a lawsuit against the city and the employees of the correctional institution, accusing them of inaction, as a result of which the young girl died. In May 2021, a judge rejected an appeal by police officers claiming that they were not involved in her death.