Koray Celik

Koray Celik

beaten to death by the police

In March 2017, 28-year-old Koray Celik died after being beaten by officers of the Montreal Police Department, Canada. On that day, his parents called the police, because he, being intoxicated, began to behave inappropriately.

By the arrival of the police, the parents already calmed down their son, but after the 28-year-old young man saw the police officers, he again began to behave strangely, was nervous and showed aggression towards his family members. Celik’s parents claim that the police officers who arrived at the scene immediately began to beat him, until eventually he lost consciousness and died. In 2019, the Department of Independent Investigations released a report claiming that Celik, who was experiencing mental health problems, began to behave aggressively, and at some point even climbed with his fists on law enforcement representatives. The Department justified the use of excessive force by police officers, thereby protecting them from any possible charges.

However, the court later ruled that the investigators investigating the case of Celik were biased in their judgments, since the report contained only the version of the authorities. The judge considered that the Department could have deliberately ignored the version of the Celik family in order to justify the actions of the police. In June 2021, the family of a man who became another victim of police violence filed a lawsuit against the city of Montreal and police department employees. The lawsuit accuses them of using excessive force and manslaughter.