Kayla Moore

Kayla Moore

transgender woman

In February 2013, Kayla Moore, a 41-year-old transgender woman from Berkeley, California, suffering from mental health problems, died in a police station. That day, Moore’s friend contacted the police, as she was worried about her mental state.

The police officers who arrived at the scene tried to arrest the woman, as she had a panic attack. About six policemen knocked her to the floor face down, leaning on top of her. After a few minutes, Moore stopped breathing. The department’s initial report concluded that drug intoxication, morbid obesity and an enlarged heart contributed to her death.

The woman’s sister filed a lawsuit against the city and the police department, despite the fact that the court repeatedly rejected attempts by her relatives to achieve justice. In March 2021, 8 years after her death, not a single officer was ever charged. The Supervisory Board acquitted all the officials involved, and the judge dismissed the claim of wrongful death, but her family said that it intends to continue to seek justice for her.