Jamal Sutherland

Jamal Sutherland

died in prison

In January 2021, black Jamal Sutherland died in the Charleston County Jail, South Carolina. He was arrested the night before on assault charges after he allegedly participated in a fight at a psychiatric facility where he was being treated.

Sheriff’s deputies tried to force the man out of the cell and handcuff him to take him to court. However, after Sutherland repeatedly refused to comply with the officers ‘ orders, they sprayed him with pepper spray, then knocked him to the ground and tasered him several times. According to the video from the prison surveillance camera, the police hit the man with a stun gun about six times. Police officers pinned him to the ground, and after the man repeatedly said that he could not breathe, he lost consciousness. The prison’s medical staff spent about an hour trying to save Sutherland’s life with CPR and chest compression, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

In May 2021, Sutherland’s family hired a lawyer, they intend to seek justice, and claim that the man did not participate in the fight that led to his arrest.