Debra Arbuckle

Debra Arbuckle

51-year-old woman

In December 2019, police officers from Wichita, Kansas, shot 51-year-old Debra Arbuckle about six times, as a result of which she died. According to the district police department, officers began chasing the woman’s car after they found that the license plate of her car was registered to another car.

The chase, which lasted 19 minutes, began when the woman drove through a red traffic light as soon as she heard a police siren. In the end, Arbuckle was forced to pull over to the side of the road. However, after an officer sitting in the passenger seat of a patrol car parked behind the woman’s car saw her put the car in reverse, he decided that he and his colleague were in imminent danger. The policeman took out his service weapon and shot her about six times, fatally wounding her.

Arbuckle’s relatives filed a lawsuit against the city and the police department, but in May 2021, the court ruled that no criminal charges would be brought against the officer. Her family members intend to appeal this decision and achieve justice.