Antone Austin

Antone Austin

music producer

Los Angeles music producer Antone Austin, aka Ton Stackz, is suing the Los Angeles Police Department for illegal detention and racial profiling arrest in 2019.

At the time of the incident, the police were called by a woman who said that her ex-boyfriend was violating a restraining order and trespassing at her home address. The police had no information about what the intruder looked like and, having discovered Antone at the place, they immediately detained him, despite his attempts to explain the situation. Moreover, realizing the situation, the applicant herself tried to prevent Austin’s arrest; however, the police regarded this as an obstacle to justice and threw her to the ground.

After the couple was handcuffed, officers found out that they had detained the wrong person. Despite this, Anton was still arrested. Austin is convinced that he was the victim of racism at the hands of the police and claims that he was actually kidnapped by the police.

Antone and his girlfriend have filed a lawsuit against LAPD and say they had to move to another city because of the incident. The couple’s lawyer suggests that the police grossly violated a number of rules, detained an innocent person without good reason, exceeded their authority when using force against the detainee, and violated his civil rights.