Anthony Tillman

Anthony Tillman

40-year-old disabled

Since October 2020, employees of the correctional institution of St. Louis, Missouri, have been abusing Anthony Tillman, a 40-year-old black disabled person.

In the prison where Tillman served his sentence, there is no functioning shower for people with disabilities. For 162 days, the disabled person was forced to use a bucket and a rag to wash himself. According to him, due to the fact that he did not properly observe hygiene standards, his toenails began to fall out, and his body was covered with ulcers. Tillman says that he cried out of helplessness almost every night. The cruel and inhumane conditions put Tillman at serious risk of infection. The man put aside “countless requests”, but all of them, as he states, were ignored.

In March 2021, a 40-year-old disabled man filed a lawsuit against the city and correctional officers, claiming that they violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.