Anthony  McClain

Anthony  McClain

32-year-old Californian

On the night of August 15, 2020, in Pasadena, California, 32-year-old Anthony McClain was shot in the back by a police officer after he thought Anthony was going to reach for his gun.

McClane’s car was stopped by the police for missing a front license plate. The officer asked McClane to get out of the car, after which Anthony, taking off his boots, began to run away from the officer. During the pursuit of McClane, the officer thought that Anthony was trying to pull out a pistol, but the video recorded by the officer’s body camera shows that the victim did not have any weapon in his hands. The officer shot McClane in the back twice, which resulted in his death several hours later.

McClane’s family lawyer released a bystander footage showing that police exerted pressure on Anthony. The McClain family filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Pasadena, the police department, the police chief, and another officer. A civil suit is pending as the shooting is still being investigated by the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office. There was no official response to the family’s demands.

Following McClane’s death, rallies were held in Pasadena, during which protesters called on authorities to publicly identify and prosecute Pasadena police officers involved in McClane’s shooting. At the end of March 2021 the McClane family spoke at a press conference demanding that justice be restored.