Andrew Brown Jr.

Andrew Brown Jr.

42-years-old African-American

In April 2021, 42-year-old black Andrew Brown Jr. was gunned down by police in Elizabeth City, North Carolina when police arrived at his home to serve a warrant for his arrest.

On April 21, 2021, police arrived at Brown’s home to serve a warrant for his arrest. Eyewitnesses report that Brown ran out of the house, got into his car and tried to drive away, but was shot by the officer’s assistants. The police officer shot Brown at least 6 times. The car drove out of his yard and eventually crashed into a tree. The man died on the spot.

According to relatives, Brown was not armed and could not pose a danger to the police. The officer who killed Brown was sent on administrative leave.

The North Carolina Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the shooting, which caused a public outcry. More than 200 protesters gathered to march through the streets of Elizabeth City. They are urging local authorities to provide footage of the policeman’s body camera shooting.