Adil Charrot

Adil Charrot

crashed into a police car

In April 2020, Adil Charrot, 19, was killed in a collision with a police car. The young man allegedly refused to provide the officers with an identity card, so the police began to chase them.

The investigation found that on that day, Charrot and his friend were riding scooters. A police officer in the city of Anderlecht, Belgium, initiated a traffic stop to check their documents. However, after they refused to provide police with identification and tried to escape, the officer got into a patrol car and started chasing them. During the chase, Charrot lost control and collided with a police car. The man died from his injuries. Despite the fact that the police claim that Charrot himself collided with the car, the family’s lawyer believes that the pursuit of young people on scooters by two police squads is unjustified because of the refusal to pass the document check.

On November 26, 2020, the case was closed due to insufficient evidence. In April 2021, Charrot’s relatives said they wanted to reopen the case, as they had gained access to video footage of the incident and discovered new details. The Charrot family believes that the court did not understand the case properly. In addition, the court did not question Charrot’s friend and witness to the accident.