Adam Stanmore

Adam Stanmore

resident of Oxford

In June 2019, the body of Adam Stanmore, a 37-year-old resident of Oxford, UK, was found in the woods. A few days earlier, the man asked authorities for help, but they sent him to the hospital, where he was discharged the next day.

In April 2019, Stanmore, who was experiencing mental health problems, sought help as his condition began to deteriorate. The man’s mother claims that her son was suicidal, but charities did not provide him with proper assistance and sent him home. A few days later, Stanmore knocked on his neighbor’s door and asked for a knife. The neighbor called the police, but the officers who arrived at the scene hit him with a stun gun, arrested and took to the police station. The police decided to take the man to the hospital, where he was discharged the next day. After that, Stanmore disappeared. A few months later, in June 2019, his body was found in the woods.

Stanmore’s family sued the Oxford Police Department, accusing the officers of negligence that led to Adam’s death. They expect that the investigation will establish the circumstances of his arrest, whether he was provided with psychological assistance to the necessary extent, whether excessive force was used against him during the arrest, the conditions of his detention in the police station, and also establish whether the police and doctors took into account his tendency to suicide.