“The crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus intended to divert attention from something completely different”: Mira Terada discussed with Ano Turtiainen the influence of the West on political processes in Europe and the world

The head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice interviewed Ano Turtiainen, a member of the Finnish parliament, who shared his opinion on what the influence of the globalist agenda will lead to, why Finland should withdraw from the European Union and why, in his opinion, the Third World War is now underway.

Ано Туртиайнен
Ano Turtiainen

Mira Terada: Good day, dear viewers and readers. Today our guest is a member of the Parliament of Finland Ano Turtiainen. Hello, Ano. Can you tell us a little about your activities? What part of the population do you stand for and what are your political views?

Ano Turtiainen: I rose to politics as a nationalist athlete and entrepreneur. In order to defend our independence, I have initiated a bill to hold a referendum on Finland’s withdrawal from the EU, which is currently before Parliament. I represent conservative and patriotic Finns who are united by anti-EU and respect for our constitution.

М.Т.: You were expelled from the parliamentary faction of the “True Finns” for a joke on your social networks, and later the police began checking by order of the Prosecutor General’s Office. Can you tell us about this case from your position? It seems that everything is not so simple in the Finnish parliament and there is political censorship, and you have suffered for your own political views.

Yes, that’s right. The joke I presented was misunderstood, and there are big things behind that. I tried to run my affairs in the True Finns parliamentary group, but that was no longer appropriate. As you can see, the True Finns is no longer the EU-critical party I joined, because the party is controlled by globalists. There is such political agenda in power, that globalists do not even allow jokes about.

The support of the basic Finns as a nationalist party became a danger to the globalists, and therefore its parliamentary group is closely guarded by the mainstream media. The party wanted to be weakened by breaking it up, so I and my supporters were smoked out of the True Finns, and as a result of that, a new party was born behind me to push for the things I supported, in order to restore power in Finland to the people to whom it belongs.

М.Т.: What is the general situation with freedom of speech in Finland?

А.Т.: The situation with regard to freedom of expression is bad and we can only talk about the issues that the globalist media raises. For example, when I speak in Parliament, my microphone is muted and the chairman points out his views in the middle of my speeches, and my pre-booked speeches are harshly cut out from TV broadcasts. Censorship is fierce. In Youtube, for example, at least two of my parliamentary speeches have been removed and I have received warnings and bans on publishing. I am very concerned about the state of freedom of speech in Finland.

М.Т.: How free are Finnish conservatives right now?

А.Т.: Conservatives have to be on their toes all the time. Especially if you are an entrepreneur, you are easily put under pressure. A good example is the large retailer Kärkkäinen, which, like many others, has become the eye of globalists due to patriotism of their owners. No rational discussion is allowed, and conservatives try to control it with fear. Attempts are being made to encroach on our freedoms without recourse, but we will not submit to them.

М.Т.: It seems that in our time in Finland, and in Europe as a whole, conservatives are now turning into second-class people and experiencing harassment for not sharing popular leftist beliefs. What do you think about it?

А.Т.: The Finnish authorities has been harnessed to pursue a leftist agenda and, of course, such will lead to pressure from the Conservatives. Prosecutors are pressuring the police to chase and intimidate nationalists, who, in the opinion of the police, have not even committed any crimes, just like me by the state prosecutor. But maybe all this has to happen before the power can change again. After all, the whole administration is already the target of general ridicule and laughter among the citizens.

М.Т.: Now there is an influx of refugees on the border of Poland and Belarus, who are trying to cross the border. There has already been news that some of these refugees have arrived in Finland. Can you share your opinion on this crisis at the border?

А.Т.: In my view, this is part of a wider picture, and things are not at all as simple as the West is about the situation.

It seems that this border crisis is intended to divert attention from something completely different, and much more important. Yes, there is clearly a plot behind this.

But at the same time it is difficult to see what, for example, Russia, accused of the situation here, could win here. Nor can it stand the light of day, that those behind the 2015 migration crisis are now opposed to such action. In addition, we have already seen the same human traffickers from Turkey and also from Finland involved in this operation.

М.Т.: What do you think about the problem of a large number of refugees in Europe? What consequences does this lead to and may lead to in the future?

А.Т.: The goal of the globalists is clearly to change the population in order to weaken the power of the European Conservatives. That is, divide and rule. This is leading to an increase in organized crime, conflicts and, at worst, civil wars in Europe. It also achieves the militarization of European authorities, which threatens human rights and freedoms.

М.Т.: Even Russia has not been spared the refugee problem in Europe and there have been talks that the Russian airline Aeroflot may be sanctioned for the fact that some refugees arrived on its flights. It sounds as absurd as banning a cafe because some of the people who eat there may turn out to be criminals. What do you think about it?

А.Т.: Last week, I took a position on this during the session of parliamentary questions. After all, it is clear that Russia will have to respond with the sanctions imposed on it and that is when Finland will suffer the most again. I asked our government to answer to this, but Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto didn’t want to understand my question at all.

М.Т.: The results of a poll by the Finnish Analytical Center (EVA) show that almost half of Finnish citizens have a negative attitude towards Russia and in recent years this attitude has become much more popular than before. Is that real? How did it happen that the Finns suddenly saw us as an enemy?

А.Т.: This is not the case, and the mere fact, that there is such wide support for leaving the EU – proves it. Finnish agriculture has suffered enormously from EU sanctions, and all of this only increases support for the independence and at the same time, good relations with Russia. Such opinion polls are phony, and mere propaganda to the mainstream media.

М.Т.: According to a poll by the same Analytical Center, more and more Finns support joining NATO. It looks like these data are interconnected. Please tell us why this is happening.

А.Т.: This is also a lie of globalists. Although EVA sees Russia as an enemy, Finns do not see it that way. If the Finns were in favor of NATO, there would certainly be a referendum on the matter. NATO would be rejected in the vote, and therefore the vote is not dared to take place, and this fact is also recognized in the Finnish Parliament.

М.Т.: What do you think about the numerous sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union? In such a situation, it is difficult to build friendly relations.

А.Т.: This is one of the major reasons why Finland must FIXIT from the EU. Russia is our neighbor, and will always be. One important reason for the need for need for EU separation is the trade. It is utter nonsense that Finland has joined the sanctions against Russia, and the fact is that Finland has suffered the most.

М.Т.: How independent is Finland in decision-making? This question arises if we recall the situations with the illegal detention and extradition of Russian citizens from Finland to the United States. Examples of this are me, Mikhail Serov, Alexander Sergeev, Maxim Senakh.

А.Т.: Finland has a strong constitution, but it has not been respected for a long time. I have said many times in Parliament, that Finland is controlled from abroad. I have also asked the ministers about this and it’s quite clear that this is happening. Finland should make its laws good for Finland and the Finns, but at the moment, the Finnish Parliament is filing laws that are only suitable for the EU.

М.Т.: Many Russians, probably, almost everyone perceives Finland and its citizens as neighbors and friends. Polls also make us think that this is not mutual. Do you think it is possible for our countries to establish relations now and how can this be done?

А.Т.: Yes, I believe. Right now, Finns must be offered a credible alternative, and that is to return to the Paasikivi-Kekkonen doctrine, which is persived as good. It is also a roadmap for independence and out from the European Union and, at the same time, NATO’s command. The national spirit is now on the rise in Finland, and through this doctrine, our independence and good neighborly relations will also rise back to great value.

М.Т.: You are a resident of Europe and Finland. Can you tell us about the current trends in freedom and human rights? What is changing and what can it lead to?

А.Т.: World War III is now underway. I have also raised this up in Parliament. Under the shadow of the coronavirus agenda, massive human rights violations are taking place in Europe, and people’s freedoms are being grossly limited. People are in great danger because of the genetic mRNA-shots, where they are lured into and even forced into. Combined with all this in the face of expected economic problems, it is clear, that the West will be drawn into huge chaos. It is time for Finland to regain its independence, and the popular movement behind my VKK party will do exactly so.