“When you control the money, you control investigative agencies and you control the news reports, you can get away with with murder or anything else”: interview of the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice with American journalist Pat Shannan

Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed American journalist Pat Shannan, who investigates cases related to corruption and propaganda of the US government. Shannan told the head of the Foundation about how the American government uses law enforcement agencies and the media to eliminate the opposition and avoid punishment for their crimes.

Pat Shannan

Mira Terada: Good afternoon, dear Pat! Please tell our viewers about who you are and what you do.

Pat Shannan: Well, I’m in the northern part of Georgia, Georgia, of the United States. And I have been an investigative reporter, an amateur, maybe for 20 years. I became interested as a young man in the Kennedy assassination and back in 1963. And as you well know, what’s suppressed information and fake news. And we weren’t able to learn very much. We had only the mainstream media to tell us that Oswald did it and all the lies are coming out. And about three years later there was a professor actually at San Diego State University named Richard Popkin, who came out with a book called The Second Oswald. And that intrigued me very much. He didn’t have a lot of answers and he was no more of an investigator than I was at the time. But he had some great questions. And one of them that intrigued me was how can a 17-year-old kid drop out of high school in New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the most distinguishable accents in the United States as it is in New Orleans accent. And here he joined the Marines at 17 and goes to Japan and allegedly goes to language school for six weeks. And three years later, when he immigrates to Russia, he speaks the language so fluently that when he meets his future bride Marina, she thinks she’s a native. There’s something very wrong with that picture. And it later provoked a lot of articles by me and Jim Marrs, people who were on the case and they long before I was professionally. But that that intrigued me quite a bit and it finally inspired my book written in 2013 called The two Oswalds. Harvey and Lee that I got that education so another man who did great research John Armstrong. But anyway, over those years like for 20 years I was just packing my brain with all the information I was about to explode. I had so much that I had to start writing. And in 1983 when a case that you, Mira, may never heard of except perhaps with your association with Rudy Davis and that was the Gordon Kahl case. His son Yuri is still in prison and corresponds with Rudy. And that’s why I mentioned that. But he ended up was attacked. Legalized murder I called it when the U.S. Marshals came after him on assignment. And he ended up he was a Silver Star winner in World War Two and quite a marksman with a rifle. And he ended up killing about three marshals, one and a couple more. And suddenly all the patriots in America were cheering for Gordon Kahl because the marshals had attempted his murder. And you are being where you are and what’s going on in Ukraine right now. You certainly can relate to government legalized murder. So that was what finally got me to writing professionally and becoming a professional journalist, investigative journalist, and then trying to uncover the facts. And that was something else during those years that whenever someone went to a jail, was accused of this happening, other especially political prisoners, we only heard the government side of the story in the papers. And by the time I had done the Oklahoma City investigation, then back in 95 and showing the complicity of the FBI to cover up and as I just when I first said it a thousand times and the written at 100 times, said that when you control the money, you control investigative agencies and you control the news reports, you can get away with anything you can get away with murder or anything else. That’s what the government is doing. Yes.

M.T.: You mentioned a book. Is that a book that promoter name Steve Harrison?

P.S.: Oh yeah. Yeah. I mentioned that to you in a email because he has quite a great business going. He does promotions on books. He had some quite big names that he’s ended up helping quite a bit. And so he emails me all the time. He wants me to do this, that and the other. And, you know, I signed up with him for promotion but he can never answer a question when I say to him: “Hey, I, I, you know, I write things that the government doesn’t like. I expose the government liars. How, how can you help me? How can you help me get published? What I’m sure is censored by the mainstream.” He never answers. He can’t answer because he knows that he can’t help me. He would like to have my business, but I’m pretty sure that he’s figured out by now that I’m going to continue to be censored and suppressed by the mainstream for as long as I live because I expose what they want to keep in.

M.T.: Your website exposes the lies, corruption and propaganda of the American government. Tell us, please, did the secret services or other representatives of the US security agencies try to silence you?

P.S.: Well, the biggest one they tried to silence me was 30 years ago, back in 1991 I was indicted along with a lawyer from Atlanta, Georgia. We the two of us were indicted for conspiracy.

Conspiracy is the great broad brush that the government takes with when you haven’t committed any crimes that were you were thinking about it.

I was familiar enough with the corrupt judicial system not to take a lawyer. And I spoke for myself and it was a full blown 10-day trial. And jury came back and said, not guilty. And I did have a special counsel. His name was Jesus Christ, and he sat next to me during the whole ten-day trial. Amen. Yes, it was it was quite interesting. I think quite an experience. I would want to do it again, but if I did, I certainly would take him in there with me.

M.T.: How dangerous do you think it is to tell the truth in the 21st century? What, in your opinion, awaits the main fighter for the truth – Julian Assange?

P.S.: Well, that’s what I of course, I had never heard of Assange back in 91. But as his story developed the last five or six years, I realized that’s what they were trying to make God didn’t let him get away with. That’s a that’s a procedure that they take. And you know, they’re going to make examples out of people like Julian Assange, the right and all the others I’m old enough now. They can’t frighten me anymore.

M.T.: Please tell our viewers and readers about the strange patterns that you found in the high-profile incidents of the 20th and 21st century?

P.S.: The strange pattern that I notice. I’ve got mentioned a few minutes earlier, and that is we never get to hear the defendant’s side of the story when it comes to the news reports. And that’s a pattern that I that I’ve noticed very early. And the outrageous signs but on bail that often make up people to give them jail and often no bail for crimes of there should be bail on. And the what’s really popped up more recently I think a few of us realized it years ago but it’s becoming very public now. It’s the corruption within the Department of Justice and it’s a real criminals that are operating behind the FBI and CIA that are that are getting away with this. And it’s corrupted the whole nation.

M.T.: How widespread is the practice of politically motivated killings in the states? It’s no secret that the “alphabet” agencies stage accidents or an unfortunate combination of circumstances, trying to hide the fact of murder for political reasons, but what are their real scale?

P.S.: Well, I think it’s more widespread than the public has ever realized, and they’re realizing it more. There was a doctor, you know, that exposed just in the last month. The COVID and the injections that people were getting. And suddenly he wakes up dead. They just took him out. And he’s certainly not the first and won’t be the last. I’m sure this is I think probably as some of us have written, probably the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world is what they’ve done to vax the people, not only the United States, but around the world into taking the jab and committing suicide, literally. So, yes, it’s widespread.

M.T.: How big do you think is the influence of the American establishment on the agenda broadcast by the Western media? Can we say that they are under the full control of the American government?

P.S.: Very much so. Once again, I’ve discovered it in Oklahoma City in 95 and not only the corruption in the Department of Justice, but there is media protection as well. And it’s one of the most obvious was the morning April 19, 1995, 9:03 a.m. I believe it was the official time and until early afternoon 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. they were talking about the car bomb. They thought it was a car bomb initially and then it kept going because the damage was so severe that they kept increasing the size of this bomb and began with a 500 pound ammonium nitrate and then it increased in size and got up to 3000-4000 pounds, finally decided well it wasn’t in the car after all, it was in a Ryder truck. And here by 1:00 in the afternoon the whole story, it had evolved through the media. But one of the most shocking things to me about that case and it didn’t happen until sometime later was the FBI came to patriots. I almost called him rebel, but that wouldn’t be the right term. But the Patriot representative from the western side of Oklahoma City, we became friends. And I began to notice some of the things that he’s changed his story over the months and years. And once he got I seen him on a video a couple of years later and he’s talking about this question, sting operation, and that’s what the government’s cover story was. That’s how Tim McVeigh got away with it because they it was a sting operation, but the government goofed it. I called Charles, I made a call to another friend of ours familiar with the case. Some time later, they were riding together from Oklahoma City down to Dallas for a speaking engagement. And then our friend said: “Charles, what a heck you were talking about in your video last month? You know it was a sting operation. The bombs were inside the building.” And the shocking thing was he paused about 10 seconds and he said:

“The FBI told me if I didn’t back off, I’d start seeing my kids pictures on the milk cartons.”

That’s terrible. He loves his kids more than his own life. And I think this is happening in DC today. They get a guy who can’t be bought. So there is a political party going on at the hotel on Friday night, and they slipped a mickey and his drink and they call his wife and said: “Hey, George isn’t going to make it home tonight. He had a little bit too much to drink. We got in a room here at the hotel.” And she says: “Oh, good. thank you very much.” And when George wakes up next morning, he’s in bed with a 12-year-old boy and cameras are working. And that’s what they do. And of course, on Monday, they’re visiting his office and they show the video and they say: “Well, yes, we know how you’re going to vote on Thursday.”

M.T.: American propaganda has not bypassed the conflict on the territory of Ukraine. Fake news produced by Kiev are actively supported and distributed by almost all Western media. Why, in your opinion, do American and European journalists blindly trust everything that Kiev gives them?

P.S.: Well, once again, it goes back to the control of media, and when you control the money, you control the investigative agencies and news reports. You can get away with anything. We have seen Putin just demonized in the last few months and the lies that are coming out are being exposed now. And I like that one investigative reporter was on its own. He flew into Poland and rented a car and drove into the Ukraine. And he goes to Kiev. There’s nothing going on. There’s no Russian tanks in the streets that people are a little frightened, but because of what was going on. And now we see videos. I don’t know if you saw it over there, but of course, it’s not on our media, but we see them on the Internet. The woman with the red suitcase. I don’t know if you happen to see that video just in the last two or three days. She was she was leaving ahead of the Russian soldier and they watched the Ukrainian soldiers shoot her down the street and blame it on the Russians, of course. And so this is the sort of fake news that is going on. So I this man went into Kiev and began to video around. There was no tanks or nothing going on there. And he brought the video back and forth, posted it. But it’s obvious that the New World Order wants to demonize Putin.

And also becoming pretty obvious what Putin is really up to is destroying these bioweapons.

M.T.: There is an opinion that the United States deliberately supports conflicts around the world in a hot state, trying to profit from the sale of weapons and military equipment. How true do you think this statement is?

P.S.: Well, once again, that support those conflicts around the world is just a larger example of what’s going on with the fake crimes, the false flags. Here in the States, we have a lot of shootings that have been going on just in the last month or two. So these sorts of things, of course, are aimed towards establishing gun control, taking away the Second Amendment. And then on the larger scale, to answer the question, that’s the sort of thing that goes on. Those false, false flags worldwide. Ukraine, I think, is the greatest example of blowing things out of proportion. There are so many examples in history, but at this, I think the ones, the bigger ones.

M.T.: In addition to propaganda, censorship has also increased. Any information that does not coincide with Washington’s position will be immediately deleted from Western social networks, and the account that published it will be blocked. Please tell us about your experience of encountering American censorship?

P.S.: Well, encountering, as I mentioned earlier, has been rampant. Countering is just always a problem because of finding a publication that would tell the truth. I hooked up with the Spotlight that later became American Free Press. It’s going and they are still in publication is still. I guess the most obvious publications are one of the few places at all that you find that sort of it ends in publication. So that actually goes out actually in the mailboxes. But once again, the, the prior to Oklahoma City, another big atrocity was the Waco massacre, where government made attacs on a church. They literally murdered some 80 people, women and children included. And what the world never learned what private investigative journalists did was that they also there to take part of the U.S. Army Delta Force. They were part in fact. The firing actually broke out April 19. The only people who escaped were nine people that came out the front windows, because of the TV cameras were on the front. But the people that died shot down coming out the windows at back of the building. And this was proven by the FBI’s own helicopter that had FLIR tapes from the sky. People being killed in that building coming out that no cameras are in back and so they could get away. And if they escaped the front and that’s what saved their lives. It just happened to come out. This is legalized murder. I’m not the first one to say it. I didn’t discover it. I just read it later from other people who did it that brought it out years ago. Once again, if you control the news reports and the investigative agencies, you can get away with everything.

M.T.: What do you think about the American biochemical laboratories located on the territory of Ukraine? What was actually being developed there and why is the American political leadership trying so hard to hide them?

P.S.: Well, because obviously the New World Order is going to use them for something against the people, and we’re not sure exactly what those bioweapons are. Are they going to be able to control people mentally and emotionally because they took the jab? Maybe. I don’t understand enough about that high tech stuff to comment on intelligently, but we certainly know something is going on. And, you know, others are saying that it won’t be necessary because everybody who took the jab is going to die anyway in a couple of years. It’s just as hard to tell, but we know that they’re up to something and Americans and I’m sure the world public as well and your country don’t understand who their enemy really is.

M.T.: How do you assess the cognitive abilities of the current US President Joe Biden? Can an adequate person, whose country has killed several million civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, call the president of another country a tyrant and a war criminal?


Well, Joe Biden has been a phony from the start, just as Obama was. You know, it was proven over and over and over that Obama was not a lawfully elected president because he wasn’t born in the United States.

And the so-called birth certificate that he produced was obvious phony. I take pride in I was one of the first ones to catch that back in back in 08 when the birth certificate was first published. I grew up in Mississippi, and of being a Southern boy, I would might not have noticed this faster than the Northern reporters. But on the birth certificate, it’s it said nationality and nationality of father. No, sorry. It’s that race of father. And the blanket that was filled in was up land by some African American born since 1980 because the answer was that his was his race was African. What the hell the white people in South Africa feel about that? There’s no such thing, there’s no such race as African. The race is Negro, but the black person probably who filled this thing out wasn’t educated enough to know that because he had never learned that his race was Negro, he was always African American. You follow me. So that was the first of the phony birth certificate. And then there were some others that you came up with that the people that really dissect it, they hadn’t figured it out with the computer experts who showed that the inside, I think eight copies of this thing was actually done to make it right. And there were some typos that weren’t quite the same in that as I should have been. But anyway, I just I found that interesting. And I was one of the first ones to write about that in the American Free Press back in 08.

M.T.: How do you think the conflict in Ukraine will end and when?

P.S.: I think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. They have to, especially when they’re still getting away with it. What would the world public you know, they’re having some celebrities. I don’t know how these Hollywood actors like this or being smart that they can be, you know, suddenly be politicians, comment on world events. But those are the ones that they capture their brains. And we got a bunch of dumbbells that are coming out saying they want to make war on Russia and somebody needs to assassinate Putin. And another guy offered in a letter to the editor offered $5,000 to start a fund to assassinate whatever professional assassin want to come through and collect send us a fund. Got big enough then you know they could and he could assassinate Putin and collect 100,000 or a million or whatever it was in the fund. This is absurd. He’s only regurgitating what he read in the paper and heard on his TV news.