“The West is trying to turn Moldova into a second Ukraine, setting it up against Russia”: interview of the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice with Nikolai Kostyrkin, a Moldovan journalist

Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed Nikolai Kostyrkin, a journalist and author of a number of information projects from Moldova. The head of the Russian FBI found out from Kostyrkin how the Western media suppress freedom of speech in Moldova, why the European ruling class infringes on the rights of its citizens and how economic sanctions against Russia can harm the residents of the European Union.

«Запад пытается сделать из Молдовы вторую Украину, настраивая ее против России»: интервью главы Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с Николаем Костыркиным, молдавским журналистом, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Hello Nikolai. I am glad to welcome you to the interview with the Foundation to Battle Injustice. Please tell our viewers and readers about yourself and what you do.

Nikolai Kostyrkin: Hello Meera! Very nice to meet you, very nice to talk with you. My name is Nikolay Kostyrkin, 36 years old. I was born and live in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. I am Russian. I have been a journalist for 18 years now. I am the author of a number of projects, some of which are anonymous for obvious reasons for our country. One of these projects, which is not anonymous, is the “Random Reporter”, which deals with the coverage of the country’s social problems. I am also the editor of the Gagauznews media project. This is a network of information resources that cover what is happening in Gagauzia in the south of our country, as well as raise issues that are important for all residents of Moldova, and highlight a number of political and geopolitical problems in Moldova and the region. A little less than 18 years I have been dealing with such a phenomenon as information sabotage.

This is not what Ukraine puts into this concept. In my understanding, information sabotage is important information that is not covered by most of the media, but people should know about it, it needs to be thrown into the public domain in some way so that people can think about what is happening and what they may expect in the future.

I am also engaged in literary activities, writing a series of historical and mythological novels dedicated to the heritage of the ancient Celts. I can also add that recently I started to act on an initiative to which I am directly related, the International Union of Free Journalists. Now, before registration, it operates in the format of the organizing committee. This is truly an international organization being formed. It includes representatives of Moldova, Russia, Latvia, Austria. Colleagues from Germany are expected to join, possibly from the United States, and so on. This organization will protect persecuted journalists, human rights activists, public and political figures, just active citizens persecuted in different countries of the world for their views. Therefore, taking into account the specifics of your organization, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss possible points of contact in terms of cooperation in the future.

M.T.: A few days ago, military mobilization was announced in Russia. European and American politicians reacted negatively to this message and threatened to impose new sanctions against Russia. What was the reaction in Moldova? Did they also perceive mobilization as a threat there?

N.K.: In Moldova there is a certain part of the people who perceive everything that Russia does very positively with some kind of deep feeling. In our country, just like in Russia and Ukraine, the people were fooled. We are all colonies, it’s just that Russia is no longer a colony. We are all colonies of the West. In Moldova, brainwashing went off scale at times worse than in Ukraine until 2014 and continues to go off scale. Accordingly, our people from generation to generation are becoming more and more dumb. No one digs deep into the subject. Inquisitive minds have gotten used to roaring at Telegram in the last few years, at YouTube and so on. The consumer does not do this. He turns on the TV, listens in the background to what our Moldovan Sorov TV channels are saying. Even our public television is also of a pro-Western paradigm. In addition, he listens to something like Euronews and puts it into his subconscious and then begins to operate with it and think on the basis of this.

Despite all this dominance, the West lost this information war. We will understand this in 5-10 years. The West lost the information war despite all the cries for the simple reason that in order to win it, it was necessary to make people smart, but he made people stupid, and the collective unconscious turned on in people, and the collective unconscious of the inhabitants of Moldova turned towards Russia.

As for the fact that everyone has relatives in Russia and Ukraine, and many provided assistance to refugees from Ukraine. Naturally, they heard enough of everything “oh, it flew to us.” It is clear that these are tragic stories, no one argues, but when a person says that a Russian rocket flew to them, did he look at the number? A Russian missile flew at fuel depots, Ukrainian air defense shot it down, and a piece of debris shot down over a residential sector. A fragment of a rocket fell, damaged, killed, unfortunately, but this does not mean that Russian troops are targeting civilians, but the inhabitants of most of Ukraine are so stuffed with this propaganda that if something has arrived, it must be Russia. This disinfotmation for a very long time, 4-5 months, poured into the ears of my fellow citizens. As a result, this also formed a negative moment, but from the point of view of psychology, the collective unconscious wins in this case, slowly the people of Moldova favor Russia despite all the attempts of the current authorities in the person of President Maia Sandu and the PAS (Party of Action and Solidarity) to shift the vector diametrically opposite side.

M.T.: Do you think mobilization was inevitable? Were there other ways to maintain Russia’s position in Ukraine?

N.K.:Not at the moment. If we consider the moment when Putin announced the mobilization as a starting point, there were other options, but they would have led to the defeat of Russia. Remember, Putin was supposed to speak in the evening? The recording was turned on the next day in the morning. Why? Because the Kremlin has a peace party and a war party. The Peace Party wants everything to be the same as before, so that they could get even more money. The war party wants the situation to change in favor of the sovereignty and further development of Russia and the spread of its influence to the surrounding countries. Putin belongs to the war party. They tried to persuade Putin not to announce mobilization. This didn’t work out.

There are no other options for Russia except to completely eliminate the Kyiv regime, because the Kyiv regime is currently one of the most relevant weapons of the West.

The West needs to be deprived of these weapons so that Russia will eventually win. The main thing is that the Kremlin should start thinking for the future, learning from the enemies.

M.T.: What do you think, is it likely that the EU and the US will send their troops to Ukraine in response to mobilization in Russia?

N.K.:No, they won’t, because that would mean the Third World War. Almost all experts agree on this. There will be soldiers. Yesterday I listened to the audio somewhere in Telegram. Tells a recently mobilized from Russia, but with military experience. He is a tanker. According to him, 270 corpses were covered, among them only seven Ukrainians according to their passports. All other Poles, etc. This suggests that foreign soldiers have been there for a long time. I do not rule out that foreign servicemen and specialists simply in Moldovan semi-incognito uniforms, at least they do not cover this to the general public, are also in Moldova, and they perform certain kinds of tasks for Western curators. This is all happening, weapons will be supplied. So it will be until the case is played out, which the State Duma deputy and coordinator of the National Liberation Movement Yevgeny Alekseevich Fedorov is talking about, until the cadence of the abolition of the recognition of the independence of some former Soviet republics begins on the basis of the illegality of the Belovezhskaya agreements and all other documents and decisions, leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russian Federation, as the successor to the Soviet Union, has the right to launch this process.

As soon as Russia announces that Ukraine withdrew from the Soviet Union illegally, therefore Russia has claims to the entire territory of Ukraine, many encroachments from the West will come to naught, because the collective remains legitimate in the eyes of the world community despite its rapacity, because he adheres to the borders following the results of the Second World War, that is, within the framework of the Yalta-potsdam system.

M.T.: Why do you think the announcement of mobilization in Russia caused such a strong reaction in the US and Europe?

N.K.:Because Russia is moving to action. Putin, on the other hand, said a little earlier that Russia had not yet begun to fight. The operation is about to end. It can be called whatever you like. I think that smart people are sitting there in this regard in order to correctly present this to the global public. They will say that the special operation has changed its format, that the tasks of the special operation have expanded based on the will of the inhabitants of the newly annexed territories, on the basis of the will of the inhabitants of adjacent territories. Further along the map are Mykolaiv, Odessa regions, Dnipropetrovsk regions, Kharkiv regions, Russian troops will also go there, precisely on the basis that the need to secure the borders of the newly annexed territories will be proclaimed, because the Kyiv regime is aggressive, and it needs to be appeased. Russian troops will enter the above-mentioned territories. There, at the level of local and public organizations, the same initiative will be put forward as in the DPR and LPR and the Kherson region to hold a referendum on accession. This scenario is perfectly acceptable. Naturally, the West does not want this to happen

M.T.: Recently, there have been reports of an impending provocation by the Ukrainian army in Izyum in the Kharkiv region. How did Moldova react to this news? Does the Moldovan public still believe in Ukrainian fakes?

N.K.:Speaking in general about the Moldovan society, there is no general opinion about fakes. If we talk about the expert community, then normal sane people after Bucha understood what was happening. If we talk about paid Western talking heads, which, alas, are many, because they have been brought up for 30 years and more than one generation, they will yell from every iron that Russia is bad.

M.T.: Since the end of February, Ukraine has carried out several serious provocations, as a result of which several thousand civilians have died. How long do you think the international community will turn a blind eye to the killings of civilians by the Ukrainian military?

N.K.:The global community is a very loose concept. If we talk about the world community, which is outside the collective West, in terms of numbers it is dozens of times more people, then everything depends on how much one or another part of the world community is involved in information in these processes.

Those who are more involved will be judged. Those who are less involved will remain silent. In the UN, I am sure that fewer and fewer people will vote for anti-Russian initiatives, because the economy is already beginning to suffer, and seriously.

We still do not know what will come back to haunt Europe in the future of one or two years, sabotage at Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2.

M.T.: European countries and the United States have been actively supplying weapons to Ukraine for several months. There is a lot of evidence and evidence that it is used by the Ukrainian army to kill civilians. Why do you think Europe and the US turn a blind eye to these crimes and even condone the killing of civilians?

N.K.:Europe and the USA throughout their recent history, in the case of Europe not only the newest, have always turned a blind eye to what does not directly concern them. In the history of Europe, the ruling classes turned a blind eye to what was happening to their own people. He did not consider people to be people. Therefore, this should not surprise us.

M.T.: One of my favorite topics. Recently, data was published that only a small part of the weapons supplied to the Ukrainian army by the US and the EU reaches the front. Most of the supplied weapons end up in the hands of terrorists and extremists. Why do you think the EU and the US allow the leakage of weapons?

N.K.:First, it is, of course, deliberately done. Secondly, let’s remember what happened in Russia, when the federal troops began to defeat the militants in Chechnya, the Nord-Ost, the hybrid war against Russia continues. The West will carry out terrorist acts through the hands of terrorists, including in the newly liberated territories. The main thing is that the Russian special services, as always, prevent such moments in time.

M.T.: What do the European media write about the possible accession of some Ukrainian territories to Russia?

N.K.:To be honest, I do not track publications in the European media. Every day I read megatons of information, and I need dome time analyze it.

M.T.: Another burning topic for me. Recently it became known that Russia and Ukraine could start peace talks in April, but they were sabotaged by the UK. Do you think the British government will stop interfering in the affairs of Russia and Ukraine after the public became aware of the breakdown in negotiations through its fault?

N.K.:Ukraine does nothing on its own. Ukraine, as we knew it from 1991 to 2014, is long gone. There is the Kyiv regime, which does not control most of Ukraine. Thank God, because this is a fascist regime. Such regimes should not exist on the territory of our common historical homeland.

Transnational corporations and globalists in the person of the United States of America speak for Kyiv. any negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv will lead nowhere, they should not be.

The Kyiv regime is martyrs. You can’t negotiate with terrorists. In this case, if something needs to be decided, then it should be negotiations between Moscow and Washington. Great Britain is afraid that Russia will knock out from under its feet Ukraine, which it has in store for the Intermarium project. These are the Baltic states, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, possibly Bulgaria. Britain’s goal is to become an empire again, but it will fail because of Scotland and a second referendum there.

M.T.: American politicians have repeatedly said that they are using the conflict in Ukraine for their own purposes. Why haven’t international organizations stopped the US activities to aggravate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has already killed several thousand people?

N.K.:If I understand correctly who you mean by international organizations, then they and the United States of America have the same sponsors. How will one hand cut another, if we talk about the hands of the same organism?

M.T.: Materials appeared in English-language publications that the United Kingdom sent military instructors and weapons to Ukraine long before the start of the special operation. Are these materials accesible to a wide audience in Moldova?

N.K.:The materials are available if you know what to read and where to dig. Returning to what I said earlier, most residents of my country and other countries, including Russia, watch TV, despite the fact that there are practically no problems with the Internet in Moldova. No resources are closed with us, neither YouTube, nor Instagram, nor Facebook. Everything can be read. The problem of our country is that there are few inquisitive minds.

M.T.: How is the situation in Ukraine covered in Moldova? are there diverse opinions about the conflict, or is it just Ukrainian propaganda?

N.K.:At the suggestion of the current authorities of Moldova, exclusively Ukrainian propaganda remains the main information mainstream of the official media of the Republic of Moldova. This, alas, is a sad fact. Maia Sandu and her party were brought to power by our Western “partners” solely with the aim of turning Moldova, together with Ukraine, into a second anti-Russia.