“The United States sponsors the Ukrainian Nazis in the same way they sponsored Hitler”: Mira Terada’s interview with Chris Roman, a political scientist from Belgium

Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed Chris Roman, a Belgian political scientist, head of the representative center of the DPR in the Kingdom of Belgium. Roman discussed with the head of the Foundation how the United States tried to occupy Russia with the help of biological weapons, talked about how the Belgian government puts the Ukrainian conflict above the interests of its people, and predicted why the Western unipolar world will cease to exist.

«Соединенные Штаты спонсируют украинских нацистов точно так же, как они спонсировали Гитлера»: интервью Миры Тэрада с Крисом Романом, политологом из Бельгии, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Good afternoon, dear Kris! Could you please tell our viewers and readers a few words about yourself and how you are connected with Donbass?

Kris Roman: My name is Kris Roman. I am Belgian, not Russian. I came to Donbass for the first time in 2016, because the Russian world has been in my heart for a long, long time. When this conflict in Donbass began, my heart was beating for the people who are suffering in the Donbass.

M.T.: How do you assess the course of the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine? In your opinion, was it possible to resolve this conflict without the use of weapons?

K.R.: No, because last year the volunteers who were fighting at the front in Donbass told me that there would be a conflict, because there was already a large part of the Ukrainian army around Donbass. In February, unfortunately, Zelensky declared war. He said that they were preparing to attack Donbass and Crimea. Putin said: “If we cannot avoid conflict, then we must strike first.” I support the operation.

M.T.: Your opinion on the special military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine is fundamentally different from the European agenda. Tell me, please, have you received threats or insults because of your opinion?

K.R.: Absolutely. This is a very good question, because there was a big article in the Belgian press that I am the biggest fan of Putin in Belgium and that I support the war. After that, I received death threats on Facebook. They also threatened to burn down my house. I can prove it.

M.T.: Have you contacted law enforcement? This is persecution for your opinion.

K.R.: I am calm, because God decides, what happens next. I told them that they could come to me. There was a politician in Holland who was just killed. As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

M.T.: Civilians who were victims of Ukraine’s war crimes were declared by Kyiv to be accomplices of terrorists. What do you think is the reason for such an inhuman attitude of the country’s leadership towards their former citizens?

K.R.: Kyiv uses double standards. Kyiv says that Donbass and Crimea are their territory. According to Ukrainian laws, this is the territory of Ukraine. De facto, this means that Kyiv is attacking its own people. Sorry, Hitler was a bastard, but even he wouldn’t do that. They are even worse. Kyiv is a military power, like NATO.

M.T.: The Azov Battalion, banned in the Russian Federation, whose members are associated with ultra-right and neo-Nazi ideology, is part of the National Guard of Ukraine, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Does this mean that the Ukrainian government approves and supports the Nazi ideology?

K.R.: Absolutely. For a long time I thought that there were almost no Nazis, especially in Europe, that there were very few of them, almost none. Perhaps there are rightists, but they are not Nazis. Now I understand that the Ukrainian army is Azov. Without Azov, the Ukrainian army is nothing. Azov was trained by the British, MI6, and the CIA. Why is the Ukrainian Army so strong? Because the American and British intelligence services helped them. For me, Azov are the Nazis, so the Ukrainian army is the Nazi army. Since Zelensky supports this, I also consider him a Nazi.

M.T.: In 2017, representatives of the American establishment met with leaders of the Azov Battalion to discuss logistics and strengthen cooperation, after which the United States provided funds and weapons to Ukraine almost on a regular basis. What interest is pursued by the United States in financing Ukrainian militants?

K.R.: It can be said that the only reason for the existence of the United States is imperialism. They want a unipolar world. Who prevents the establishment of a unipolar world? These are Russia and China, especially Russia. Nazis and liberals are working on this. If anyone wants to destroy Russia, it is the United States. Don’t forget that without American money, Hitler wouldn’t have a penny. They helped Hitler attack Russia, the Soviet Union. Now history is repeating. They again help the Nazis attack the Russian world. This is not a war against Putin, this is a war against the Russian world. Therefore, when these Nazis say: “death to the Muscovites,” the United States really likes it.

M.T.: In 2005, during a visit to the Ukrainian capital, an American delegation signed a pact that permitted the United States to study dangerous microbes in Ukrainian laboratories. Do you think the Americans have been funding the Ukrainian army for so many years only so that no one will ever know what really happened in these laboratories?

K.R.: We must remember that Ukraine is a colony for the United States. Everything can be done there. People are poor. Russia was the only country that interfered and did not let them to implement these plans. People from the DPR and LPR also don’t let them do this. The issue with laboratories is clear. Americans don’t have a heart. If they have enemies, then they need to destroy them. To do this, they can even use nuclear weapons. Remember, please, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The peace agreement has already been signed. Remember Vietnam. The Americans used napalm there. A lot of people got burned. Generally, American power is a satanic power. The more destruction, the better. This is US policy. They don’t have a heart. I saw a documentary on National Geographic when a lion attacks a gazelle, it’s also unpleasant, but the lion has more heart than the Americans. This is their imperialism.

M.T.: Well, it’s more about the heartless system than American citizens, because there are a lot of kind people in the United States, but the authorities really make monstrous heartless decisions. You’re right. How high is the probability that a new biological weapon was actually being developed on the territory of Ukraine? What is hidden behind the closed doors of laboratories?

K.R.: If the information I heard is correct, Ukraine was preparing a war against the Donbass and against the Crimea. They know that the Russian army is special, that if the Russian army defends any territory, then it cannot be defeated. They decided to use ethnic weapons. They thought that if they use the virus in Donbass and Crimea, many people will die. In two years these territories will be empty, and they will be able to occupy them. I think there is a strong possibility that Ukraine was ready to use biological weapons.

M.T.: Is corruption widespread in the SBU and the Ukrainian government? Is it true that almost all the main institutions of Ukraine are corrupted?

K.R.: Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe now. We know that, for example, Portugal is poor. Ukraine is even poorer. During the USSR, Ukraine was very rich because there was grain. Why is Ukraine such a poor country now? Because of corruption. Corruption leads to poverty of the population. Wherever there are Americans, there is corruption. America has its own tactics. They are not interested in people, they are interested in territories and resources. They are looking for those who govern these territories. Then there is a scenario. Zelensky is a millionaire, or even a billionaire. He has a nice house in Miami. He gets a lot of money from the USA. The same applies to the SBU. Where American instructors are, there is always money. The leaders of the country and the SBU receive money. I cannot imagine another option. It is a pity that as a result ordinary people become poorer.

M.T.: The war crimes of Ukrainian servicemen during a special military operation are striking in their cruelty. Ukrainian soldiers place weapons near residential buildings, use the civilian population as human shields, and fire at hospitals and nursing homes. Why do you think the world community does not notice these crimes, while NATO countries continue to sponsor violence and terror against civilians?

K.R.: Because NATO is the US military tool, while the European Union is the US economic tool in Europe. Azov thinks they can win if they use civilians as a shield, it doesn’t matter to NATO. What did America do in Vietnam, what did Americans do to the indigenous people of America 200-300 years ago? They don’t care how Azov fights. This has been seen before in history. Palestinians and Arabs also fight like this. Hamas, for example, uses people as a shield.

M.T.: This is terrorist behavior, indeed.

K.R.: I like history. 500 years ago in battles, knights fought against knights. Civilians were not involved in this. 100-200 years ago, the war system changed. The Germans invented the Totaler Krieg (total war). This means that the whole population is working for the purposes of the war, even women and children. This is an American principle, an American doctrine. Therefore, Azov uses the Russian people as a shield. Azov is not even paganism, it is Satanism.

M.T.: Why do you think European courts are so biased towards Russian-speaking citizens? The victims of the 2014 Donbas shelling are still trying to get justice and bring war criminals to justice, but the ECHR and the UN hypocritically ignore their statements. What is the reason?

K.R.: The European Court, who controls everything there? Again, the West. You don’t think that the court will be fair if it works for the enemy, do you? This definitely won’t happen. This court protects the interests of America and the European Union. I don’t even understand why go there. We already know the result.

M.T.: Where should people apply then?

K.R.: We need to build a new world order. Not the one that Soros wants, but the new Russian world order. This means Russia, China, Iran, Syria, even Turkey and so on. We need to create a new block. If the West does not want to be friends, then we can do it without them. The West will isolate itself. They want to isolate Russia, but in the end they will be isolated. In Belgium, perhaps, the question is not about that, here, because of NATO and the European Union, there is no sunflower oil. I can’t use the deep fryer as there is no oil. A month and a half ago, when I was in Belgium, bread cost 2.5 euros. Now bread costs 3 euros. This court does not help. We need to create a new block. If the West wants to isolate itself, then let them so. I even expect that a lot of good Europeans will live in Russia. This is another topic.

M.T.: That would be great.

K.R.: This court in the West does not work, everything is under the control of the new world order. Soros and the Rothschilds control the courts and the armies. Without membership in the Masonic lodge, it is impossible to become an influential politician here. In Belgium and the European Union, without this it is impossible to become a judge. A career is built through Freemasonry. It is impossible for oppositionists to build a career in the European Union.

M.T.: There is an opinion that the Ukrainian authorities are deliberately developing the conflict with the Russian Federation, since every day of the special operation allows Kyiv to receive as many “handouts” from the West as possible. What do you think about this?

K.R.: The West is playing very tricky. If the West had not helped with money and weapons, the conflict would have ended in a week. There would have been far fewer casualties. As long as the West gives Ukraine weapons and money, the conflict will continue. I can say that this will last at least until November, maybe even drag on for many years. Belgium, where I now live, no longer has the money to pay pensions. Minister Alexandrer De Croo said in January or February that there was no more money for pensions. My mother receives 900 euros a month as a pension. This is very little. She has savings, without them it would be very difficult for her. Ukrainian refugees get 1,200 euros per month. The Belgian authorities gave about 80 million euros for weapons for Ukraine. That is, they did not give a penny for pensions, and gave 80 million euros for weapons. It’s not politics, it’s crazy. This is a crime, because people are killed with these weapons. I support the independence of the DPR and LPR, and I want this conflict to end as soon as possible. The European Union and NATO continue this.

M.T.: How would you comment on the fact that just the other day Sweden and Finland decided to apply for membership in NATO? If they join NATO, how will this affect the foreign policy of the Russian Federation and what can be the consequences?

K.R.: There are two options: either Russia agrees or not. It’s even ridiculous to think that Russia will agree and do nothing. If it does so, then other countries will think that it has weakened. They will think that they can do anything with Russia. The West already thinks so. Russia behaves very civilized on the territory of Ukraine, does not use weapons, does not shoot at people, but as a result, the West will think that the Russian army is weak. If Finland and Sweden join NATO, and Russia does nothing and decides the issue by talking, then for NATO it will be a sign that they can do anything they want.

M.T.: In your opinion, what should Russia do?

K.R.: This is a very big question. If, for example, my neighbor is a member of the mafia and he has access to weapons and bandits, then I will know for sure that they will attack me. I’ll just set his house on fire, because if he attacks me, I’ll be in danger. 30 countries against Russia is a lot. I will attack him first. Unfortunately, this is not a very diplomatic answer. If I were in the place of the leadership of Russia, I would try to solve everything diplomatically at the last moment, but if diplomacy does not work, then we must respond at a different level.

M.T.: Turkey, being one of the oldest member countries of NATO, is practically the only country in the North Atlantic Alliance blocking Finland’s entry into NATO. In your opinion, how will the situation develop in the future? Will Turkey leave NATO?

K.R.: Yes, I wrote about it. It may be the other way around here. I read in the Belgian press that NATO is thinking about the possibility of excluding Turkey and admitting Ukraine instead. Before that, I wrote an article about it. Turkey has the second largest army in NATO. NATO hinders the plans of Turkey and Erdogan. Erdogan has his own ambitions, and NATO interferes with them, because NATO is America. Do not forget, please, that a couple of years ago, a conflict almost broke out between Turkey and Greece. Macron said he would support Greece. It would be a war within NATO. In fact, Turkey is no longer in NATO. Geopolitically, Turkey is more supportive of Russia than America. The mentality is similar. Erdogan is more like Putin than Biden in his methods. Therefore, Putin and Erdogan understand each other. They are a bit macho, they are patriots, they are conservative people, and therefore Putin and Erdogan do not like NATO. Therefore, I believe that one day Turkey will leave NATO, like UK left the European Union.

M.T.: How and when do you think the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine will end? Which regions of Ukraine, in your opinion, will decide to join Russia?

K.R.: In France there is Madame Soleil, who can predict anything. This is not my job. I think that the special operation will end no earlier than November. However, with the end of the special operation, the war will not end. I and not only me, military experts also think that this conflict will escalate into a nuclear war. What territories will join Russia? I think that Donetsk and Luhansk will join. I think Kharkov, Odessa, Mariupol will also join. I think that in the future Ukraine will no longer have access to the sea. Access to the sea will be Russian. We know that the sea is very important. Finally, only Galicia will remain from Ukraine. Much of Eastern Ukraine will either be part of Russia or become a separate state, like South Ossetia. As for Western Ukraine, it will become part of Poland, as these are former Polish territories. The eastern part of Ukraine will be Russian, the western – Polish, and in the middle – Galicia.