«American elites with power and money are under the control of Satan»: the Foundation to Battle Interview with Joseph Gleason, an Orthodox priest who moved from the United States to Russia

Mira Terada, the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed Joseph Gleason, an Orthodox priest who moved from the United States to Russia more than six years ago. The head of the Foundation found out from Gleason how he managed not to succumb to anti-Russian propaganda, who and why instills LGBT culture in American schoolchildren and why Western media and media companies suppress conservative opinions.

«Американские элиты, обладающие властью и деньгами, находятся под контролем сатаны»: интервью главы Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с Джозефом Глисоном, православным священником, который переехал из США в Россию, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Hello, dear Joseph! Thank you for taking the time to interview to the Foundation to Battle Injustice. Please tell our viewers and readers about what you do?

Joseph Gleason: I’m a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate. I’m also a journalist and editor for the Russian Faith website and also the Global Orthodox news website. I have a wife and eight children. Almost six years ago, we left America and we moved here to Russia. We live in Rostov Veliky, in the country area.

M.T.: Please tell us how you moved in Russia? Does American propaganda really expose Russia as an uninhabitable place?

J.G.: Well, absolutely. I mean, the propaganda against Russia in America, it’s not only recent, it’s as long as I’ve been alive. Every movie that has a Russian in, the Russian is the villain. Every TV show that talks about Russia, supposedly Russia is always dark and always cold and everybody there is brutal and heartless. In American TV and American movies you never see Sochi, you know, or you never see all of Russia during the summer when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and the children are playing, you only see it in the dark of winter. For me, breaking out of that propaganda and actually starting to see Russia as a really good and positive place started whenever my family and I became Orthodox Christians, because, of course, in Orthodoxy, you get to know about the Saints and many of the Orthodox Saints are from Russia. And so the more I got introduced to Saint Vladimir, Saint Dmitry Donskoy, Alexander Nevsky, Czar Nicholas II, I really started to see that Christianity has a thousand year history in Russia, and that’s really where I started to see Russia as a good place. You asked why we left America. There are a number of reasons. The morals in America have been going downhill very rapidly. I’m also very unhappy about the American military involvement worldwide. I think it’s usually very unjust but this, as they say, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the final straw, the reason that we left was in 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States in the Obergefell versus Hodges case they dictated from the bench that nationwide in every State of the Union that you’re going to be legally mandated to accept this fiction of homosexual marriage. And, you know, when you consider the faith, and particularly as it pertains to the family, because that is something that is the very foundation of society itself, if you pull the rug out from under that, if you pull the foundation out from under a building, the whole building is going to collapse. And so I would love to see America repent of this position. I would love to see them outlaw homosexual marriage, but if that doesn’t happen, I believe that we’ve literally pulled the foundation out from American society and that the nation will fall and society will fall. And I don’t want to be there when that happens. So I brought my eight children and my wife to Russia because I care about my family’s future. And I think Russia is a better place to be.

M.T.: In one of your interviews, you noted that life in Russia suits you much more than life in the United States, where money and power rule everything. How else is life in Russia different from life in the United States?

J.G.: I like living out in the country. I like having a tractor and goats, and cows, and big garden, and fruit trees, and place for my kids to run and play. And land is just so much more affordable here in Russia. I have about 100 acres of land, and there’s just no way I could afford that if I was in America. So, if you’re wanting to live around the country, Russia is just an incredible place to do it. I love that. Even though there are occasional Orthodox churches in America, they’re very few and far between. They’re very rare. You might have to drive an hour or two between churches to find another one. Whereas here in Russia I can go into Rostov Veliky about 125 miles north of Moscow, and there are five Orthodox monasteries just in the city limits in a town of 30,000 people. I serve in an Orthodox church in a village close to here, the village across. I drive maybe 15 minutes to get to the church, but on the way I pass two or three other churches and a monastery before I even get to my church. So, they’re just literally everywhere. It’s just part of the culture here. It’s everywhere. You even go into a bank, you go into the post office, you go into restaurants, and you find iconic corners, you find photos and paintings of orthodox cathedrals and churches and crosses. I’ve never had anybody in Russia walk up to me and say “what is Orthodoxy? I haven’t heard of it.” Even the atheists know what it is. For America t’s just not as well-known. Those are some of the really positive differences. Some people think, “oh, you left America, you’re going to Russia. You think Russia is perfect. Do you think Russia is a paradise? You think it’s heaven?” And I absolutely do not. Russia has its problems with bureaucracy. In the smaller towns, the roads are often not so good. Not all of the government officials are nice, not even all the neighbors are nice. There’s sinful humans here, just like there are in America. What I tell people that is different about Russia. One of the main things that’s different is this in Russia, you can just live a normal life. That’s it. It’s that simple. You know, in America, you can’t even do that. In America, my sister, she has eight kids also. And she was living in a very small town, maybe 6000 people, one hour and a half north of Dallas, Texas. And she didn’t like the gay pride parades. She didn’t like all of the Black Lives Matter stuff. But she thought, “look, I’m here in a little town in a conservative state and I’m out in the country. I’m far from the city. That stuff may happen in Dallas. But it’s never going to get to me here.” And then she told me about how one day she was at her house in the kitchen getting something ready for the kids and she hears this loud roar outside her door, her front door, just louder than anything she had heard in that area ever. It was just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people screaming and making all this noise. And she thought, what is that? And so she went, she looked out her front door, and it wasn’t the next street over. It was not on the highway. It was in her village going right past her front door. Are all these people yelling with signs and screaming. And it was a big Black Lives Matter parade. And she just closed her door. She walked into her bedroom and she started weeping. Even in a small town, in a conservative state out in the country, she couldn’t escape it. She couldn’t get away from this nonsense. I have to say, in six years in Russia, I have not seen one Black Lives Matter parade, I have not seen any gay pride parades. I haven’t seen any transgender freaks in the libraries reading to the little children. I haven’t seen anybody complaining about the stuff going on in schools. So is Russia a paradise? Absolutely not. It has all kinds of problems, but Russia is still the one country in the world that’s normal, where you can live a normal life. You can be a Christian family. You can raise your children to be normal people. And the government will leave you alone, and society will leave you alone, and you’re not going to be persecuted or made feel to feel weird just because you’re a normal person.

M.T.: I am aware that you also help and advise foreigners who want to move to Russia. Tell us, what step should they start with?

J.G.: Start studying Russian. Tthat will help you a lot. It takes a long time. It’s a beautiful language, but it takes a while to learn it. No matter how big our dreams are, life is life. And to live costs money to get visas to buy plane tickets, you know? And when you first arrive in Russia, on your first day in Russia, you’re not going to have a big job. If you don’t know Russian fluently, you might not have a huge number of job opportunities. So, it’s good to have some sort of a cushion, some sort of a nest eggs for that. You have some money to live when you first arrive here. There are lots of opportunities here, lots of good things that you can do, but it can take time to find those opportunities. And during that time, you still need to pay your rent. It’s not that glamorous, it’s not that exciting. Learn the language, save up some money and just make sure that you’re financially prepared for that big move, fly across the ocean and start a new life in a new land.

M.T.: Please comment on the vector of development of modern American society? Who benefits from imposing a transition from traditional to liberal values?

J.G.: I would argue that nobody actually benefits from it because even the liberals themselves, they’re just destroying their own souls. They’re sending themselves literally to hell. And so that’s not a benefit to them. Even if in their minds that they think that it is, but what perceived benefit is, why do they think that it benefits them? If you go to the top, I believe that a lot of the people that have the greatest power and the greatest amounts of money, I honestly think they worship the devil. I’m not exaggerating. I don’t mean that as a way to coerce them or to badmouth them. I just think that’s a fact. I think they are Satanists, some of them explicitly so, and others just may not use the word Satan, but still he’s the one that’s controlling them thought processes and the direction of their thinking. And what do I mean by Satanists? I mean, they’re pro homosexual, pro transgender. I think a lot of them are secretly pedophiles and they’re trying to change the laws so that it won’t have to be secret anymore. And they’re also very avaricious and greedy. They want all the world’s resources. They want all the money. Just like was written on those famous Georgia Guidestones that were so famously blown up earlier this year, a lot of them have this goal that there will be a total world population of only 500 million people. Well, that means about 6 or 7 billion of us have to die. Now, you know, if mass murder and world genocide doesn’t count as being a Satanist, I don’t know what counts. They want to see most of us dead and then they want the remaining 500 million of us to be their slaves so that they don’t have to work. So, they want all the world’s resources for themselves and then a bit of it for their slaves, so that they don’t have to do any manual labor themselves. They want to kidnap and rape our children. And again, I’m intentionally not exaggerating. I think these are the things that they actually want to happen. And I think that’s what they’re pushing for. I think it’s what they’re already doing behind the scenes. And a lot of these things are not behind the scenes now. Whereas homosexual acts used to be secret and in the closet. Now it’s in your face in a parade. Whereas even saying that you were tempted to pedophilia would make you a social outcast. Now there’s mainstream journals and publications saying, well, it shouldn’t be legal, but we need to be open to the idea that it’s not their fault. This is just how they are. And what they’re doing is they’re just trying to wear us down. They’re trying to change the laws so that every airline can be their own Lolita Express. That’s how I think it benefits them. I think they’re wanting to indulge their lusts and they don’t want there to be anything they have to do to answer for it. They want just like the if you’ve ever read Dostoyevsky’s short story “Bobok”, they want to not be ashamed, not even pretending to be ashamed. They just want to sin loudly, indulgently and publicly and then to be praised for it. That’s their goal.

M.T.: What, in your opinion, is the main reason for the propaganda of the rejection of traditional family values? Do the adherents of the Childfree movement realize that their ideology threatens the future of humanity?

J.G.: Well, I think for the globalists, for the people actually running the show in a lot of the major governments in the West, I think it’s actually they who threaten humanity, and I think they know it. They want to bring world population down to 500 million. They want most of us dead and so I think they’re not only aware of the fact that their policies threaten humanity. I think that’s their explicit goal. That’s what they want to happen. They want to kill most of us and keep the rest of us as slaves. And I don’t think it’s out of ignorance. I think it’s out of Satanism and malice that they’re doing this. They know that if you raise your children with traditional family values, that those are going to grow into adults who are dangerous to them. If you allow millions of people to be born and raised who reject the plans of the globalists, then as adults, those people are going to try to get rid of the globalists. The only way that they’re going to get 500 million slaves that do their bidding is if they start the propaganda from birth.

M.T.: The modern left-wing political agenda, both in Europe and in the United States, directly attacks Christianity: churches are burning, Christians are being attacked by atheist fanatics. Do you think the current left-wing activists are independent in their actions or are they controlled by someone?

J.G.: I definitely think that there are people running this. I think there’s multiple answers to that question. So first of all, if we’re not in a world of make believe like the scientific materialists that imagine that matter is all that exists. If we’re not playing a fantasy game like that, if we recognize the fact that there is a God, there is the devil, there are angels, there are demons, Scripture says that the demons themselves have territory, the demons themselves intentionally work hard to influence world events on a spiritual level. Even those humans in the world who think that they’re running things, even they are puppets. They have given in to their lust, they’ve given into their sin. The demons are actually the ones pulling the strings for these people behind the scenes. God himself and the angels are the ones guiding those who are not following Satan, but within the realm of humanity, I think it’s a mix. I think there are some people who absolutely have huge amounts of money, huge amounts of power, people like George Soros, who are demonstrably using their power and using their money to cause international moral degradation, international wars and conflicts. You have people who are willingly submitting to them and going along with this. And then there’s other people that are being controlled without realizing it, people who do nothing but watch the Western media that do nothing but listen to things like CNN, people who fill their minds with all the propaganda that poses as entertainment, whether it be music or Hollywood movies. They shut their ears and their eyes to alternative media and news sources. They shut their ears and eyes to the Holy Scripture or to the writings of the Saints, to people who are actually sane and who are not listening to the globalists. They end up being controlled but not consciously. They’re basically slaves to the propaganda.

M.T.: What needs to be done to preserve faith for future generations?

J.G.: Well, the first thing that any person can do is to repent themselves because none of us is perfect, none of us has escaped the propaganda at some point in our lives. Virtually all of us have contributed to the problem in some way. So before we start pointing the fingers to other people, we need to start with ourselves and say: “what lies do I still believe? What propaganda am I still succumbing? To what foolish talking heads on TV or on the radio or in music and television am I giving myself over to? Am I choosing to go first to Scripture and the teachings of the church and look at actual good news sources that are not controlled by billion dollar corporations? Are we personally doing what we can do?” Once our hearts are right with God, once we’ve repented of our own sin, once we’re shunning the propaganda ourselves, it’s very important that we do what we can to raise our children to understand these things. Don’t just give your child over to the public school and expect that the public school is going to raise your children in a way that is an agreement with your values. As far as the public schools are concerned, they’re just an arm of the government and they’re just trying to steal your children and to raise them up to be little globalists. So what do you do about this? The best thing you can do is the normal thing that most parents did throughout history, which is homeschooling. Raise your children at home. You teach them, you train them how to do the things that you do. And you can get help. You can get tutors and you can swap classes with other people. If somebody else is good at chemistry and you’re not or somebody else is good at math and you’re not, you can work out things like that for an individual class. But overall, if you want your children to take on your world view as their own, then you need to be their primary teacher. In this modern world, at least in America, the average kid goes to public school for at least 12 years. And they spend the vast majority of every day with liberal principals, teachers, classmates who are so king in all the propaganda, all the false media. And then they spend a short time at home with their parents. And during that time that they’re home with their parents, a lot of that time is spent doing homework or watching television. And so maybe they get 5, 10, 20 minutes out of the day that they’re talking with their mom and their dad. And after 12 years of this we’re shocked when our children reject our values, reject our religion, and go off and live the way the globalists want them to do. And so it’s hard work. It’s difficult. It’s not something that you just do easily, but you take responsibility for your own children. And you say, “I am going to raise my children with godly, good, pure, clean worldviews and understandings.” So I think it’s a very difficult thing, but it’s really the best thing we can do is to take responsibility for the next generation ourselves.

M.T.: A few days ago, a bill was submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation on a complete ban on LGBT propaganda, including in the media, cinema, the Internet and books. How do you feel about this law and will it help stop the spread of the sodomist agenda of the West?

J.G.: Absolutely. Absolutely will help. In fact, in virtually all societies, throughout history have banned very firmly and strongly any kind of propaganda like that. Just look at America. A hundred years ago in America, only a tiny percent of people would represent themselves as even leaning in the direction of homosexuality. I don’t know the exact numbers, but they’re very high today. It’s 20-30%. This huge percentage of people now say, “I’m gay or I’m trans, bi” or whatever. Either those 20-30% a 100 years ago were secretly flaming and trying to go hide in the closet, or the propaganda has worked, filling people’s ears with this filth for tens of thousands of hours of television, music, news, etc, has taken its toll and has caused a huge number of people to embrace perversions and to embrace things that the vast majority of people have condemned for thousands and thousands of years. And so how do we turn the tide? How do we fight against that? Well, you take the evil thing and you make it illegal, and you bring about great penalties for those who do disobey. I’m well aware that all throughout history there have always been a very small minority of people who were attracted to this kind of perversion. I know that those people have always existed, but it has never been the norm. It has never been widely publicly accepted. And frankly, the handful of times that it did become widely accepted in a particular region, when the judgment of God would fall and destroy that place. Sodom and Gomorrah, of course, is the most famous example. But a lot of people are not aware, in the Old Testament, when Israel came and wiped out the Canaanites the Gods command. Why did God commanded them to do that? If you go to Leviticus 18, you find out that one of the reasons God sent them there is because the Canaanites had embraced homosexual practices and this was such an abomination, it was so filthy, it was so degraded that according to Scripture, the land itself was vomiting the people out. It didn’t want them there anymore. That’s the terminology used in Scripture. You also look within Israel centuries later in the town of Gibeah the tribe of Benjamin, they became just as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah. And Scripture even uses similar language to Sodom and Gomorrah when describing the wicked, unspeakable practices in Gibeah. And as a result, directly related to that, God brings about a huge civil war in Israel, and the vast majority of the tribe of Benjamin is slaughtered and wiped out. So that’s three times just in Scripture alone for God with great vigor and great violence wipes out entire societies whenever they descend to this low of the point. And these are not the only examples. You can find other examples in history where a particular location has embraced these evils. And in a very short period of time great disaster comes to that society. I’m not just talking about morality. I’m not just talking about heaven and hell. I’m saying, if we want our society to exist, if we want to have a future, if we do not want our nation to fall, then we must make homosexual practices and transgenderism against the law, because it’s only by driving out this kind of thing that we can even preserve the existence of our society.

M.T.: Recently, especially over the past year, censorship in the press and in social networks has reached incredible proportions. Moreover, the most severe restrictions affected conservative-minded citizens, people of traditional beliefs. Tell me, have you ever encountered an artificial restriction of freedom of speech?

J.G.: I’ve kept up in the news. It’s affected many, many people in America. Much more so since that landmark Supreme Court decision in 2015. Part of the reason I have not experienced that so much is because I saw what was coming. Six years ago my family and I left America and came to Russia. So thankfully, we have been spared a lot of that. But it’s so pervasive and it’s happened so quickly. I have a friend in Washington State and she’s a good mom. She’s an Orthodox Christian, traditional family values. She’s married she has some beautiful children. And to help support the family, she is a bus driver. She’s not some big high-powered politician, not some CEO of a corporation, just a regular mom driving a bus to support her family. And if there’s any job that you could have, that you would think, the person’s religion or their morals are just not an issue to worry about, it would be bus driving, right? You’re not there giving speeches. You’re not inviting other people to become bus drivers. You’re just driving the bus. Once every couple of years, the company has started giving these tests to all other bus drivers. And part of the questions on this test has to do with your acceptance of LGBT, homosexuality, transgenderism. And it’s pretty much well known if you say that you disagree with it, that you oppose it, you’re going to lose your job. But on the flip side, what is the mom supposed to do? Say “oh, yes, I agree with this. I support the homosexuals. I support the sodomites?” What has she done? Has she denied her faith? Has she not spoken up? Or she should have spoken out? Am I going to support sodomy or am I going to feed my children? That is not a decision that any mother should ever have to face. That’s not right. And unfortunately, it’s not an isolated case. There’s people all over the country. There are many cases of this in America happening just here within the past few years. Is there a law in America that says, you can’t say that? Well, no, there’s not, but it’s well known that if you dare to say it, you are going to face such repercussions, that you’re going to risk losing your job, losing your ability to support your family. And if you lose the ability to support your family, then they can come take your kids away. And it’s even worse. Just north of the border in Canada, a few years ago in Ontario, they passed a law. And the law basically says, if you oppose LGBT, then the government can just come take your kids away. I don’t know, how far they’ve gone in enforcing that law yet, but it’s on the books. It’s a new law. How far are we from there that it’s not even a question of free speech anymore? It’s just if you don’t applaud the sodomite rainbow flag and the things that they’re doing, you lose the right to raise your children. That’s way worse. That’s even worse than losing free speech by the way. And just mind blowing, I know that they have a new law where child, for example, the child suffers from the depression, they allow now to make a decision to take a shot that would kill them. And the parents’ permission is not needed. And this is basically legal suicide, legalized suicide. And it’s just really, really a line bothering still for me. I’m afraid the rest of the world may pick it up as a new fashion as though it was homosexuality and so on.

M.T.: Please comment on the situation with police brutality and legal abuse in the United States. Why is a country that considers itself the center of democracy, at the same time, a world record holder in the number of prisoners?

J.G.: George Soros, among others, have not only spent millions of dollars on the big ticket, who can we get in as president or vice president, or senator, or congressman? Historically, they really focused on the big offices. But in recent years, they have been very conscious about also going after a lot of the little offices that nobody pays attention to: district attorneys, basically just low level people, city council mayor, these types of things. They’ve poured millions of dollars over the past decade into getting liberal woke degenerates into even these types of spots. I have a friend of mine who spent six years as a police officer and an investigator. He just moved down the street from me here. He and his six kids and his wife, they just left America, and they came here to Russia. They live about a mile from me. Wonderful family. Six years as a police officer, an investigator, and he can tell you stories about police corruption that would make your toes curl. I’ve learned through him, but also through other sources, it’s not just the occasional police officer going bad, there are those also, but it’s systemic. There are a lot of very corrupt police chiefs and even higher than that, at much higher levels, that actually work to weed out the good police. There are good cops. I think my friend was a good cop. But if you’re a good cop, if you’re actually trying to catch the bad guy, if that’s actually your goal, they want to get rid of you. They don’t want you there. They don’t want you to get into any real power. They may keep you on the force, but then they’ll shuffle you off to the side with the paperwork job or you don’t have any real influence over what’s happening. And a lot of people say, “ why don’t you turn them into internal affairs?” That only works up to a point. If there’s a real low level police officer doing something, they may do something about it. But if it’s the police chief himself, he’s the one who makes a lot of the decisions about who works in internal affairs. So they’re not to do anything against the police chief or of course, anybody that’s higher up, that makes decisions about the police forces. It’s just a very difficult situation, because there’s always been evil people in society. There have always been people that break the law. There’s always been people that do wrong things. But as long as you have enough good people running the show, then what do you do? You go after the bad guy, you catch him, you put him in prison. But what happens when the criminals are running the police? What happens when the criminals are running the government, that’s an entirely different type of problem to solve. And honestly, it’s a good reminder of how we need to take our faith seriously, because who is above the president? Who is above all the police forces? Who’s above the Senate and the Congress? Well, God. And God’s not going to listen to us, if we’re not repenting of our own personal sense, if we’re not coming before him saying “Look, before I point fingers at this bad cop or this bad president, I’m going to point fingers at me.” But if we do that, if we repent, if we say, “look, I’m at least going to not be a hypocrite, I’m at least going to try to live according to God’s law”, then we can appeal above the president’s head. We can appeal above the Supreme Court, we can appeal to God directly and say, “help me Jesus, help me God. You’re the only one that’s going to be able to fix this.” And the fixes that God gives are many, as we can see, over the thousands of years of history. Sometimes it’s a glorious, amazing knight in white shining armor shows up and kills the bad guy, and all things are restored. Other times in God’s wisdom, God chooses to delay judgment and to let a particular nation or a particular society and a right to such a horrific point that it just crumbles from within but when that happens, what about the innocent people? What about the good people? Well, God knows how to get them out of dodge. God knows, how to get them out of that situation. And that’s why I feel like that God and his mercy did for me and my family. At least so far, he hasn’t fixed America. But thank God, he got me out of there.

M.T.: What do you think about the increased political repression in the United States? What do the arrests, searches and trials of supporters of former American President Donald Trump mean?

J.G.: It’s something that’s happening on a on a world level. The nonsense we see going on in Brazil right now, it’s the same sort of thing. Bolsonaro gets the majority of the votes in every section of Brazil except that one particular section of Brazil. They have documented cases of people buying votes, millions of dollars being spent. Cartel members, gang members, killing Bolsonaro supporters, they just want him out of there. And the same thing is what we saw a few years ago in America. They don’t care what the majority of the American people want. That’s never been of interest to those people. What they care about is they wanted to get Trump out of there. They want to get their stooge, their puppet in power, so that they can drive us towards the one world government, which is ultimately their goal. And the political repression, I have a friend of mine, who actually was among the people that were in the Capitol on January 6 and actually went inside. And when it happened at that particular time, he even sent me a video because we had phone call and he said “look at this, this is what’s going on”. It was literally live what was happening on January 6. I’m looking at my phone and I’m seeing what’s going on inside. And it was nothing. It’s a bunch of people. The doors were basically open to them. They walked in, they were not attacking. They were not being violent as a bunch of people walking around. There were tons of police inside guarding certain areas, telling them where they could walk and where they couldn’t walk and then eventually directing them back outside. I saw this. If you murder somebody in Illinois, in the Chicago area or in California, you’re going to spend less time incarcerated after you’re convicted of murder, then a lot of these people who were just basically walking and doing nothing more than that on January 6th. And now if the same thing had happened, let’s say Trump had officially won, and a bunch of woke liberal homosexual democrats had stormed the Capitol and had walked in, and make a big deal out of things, they would have been heroes. They wouldn’t have convictions. You wouldn’t have them locked up. You wouldn’t have all this accusation of riot and subverting the government. They’d say, “now this is democracy. This is just the people rising up and saying that they don’t like their leadership.” So, it’s absolutely hypocritical. It’s absolutely a double standard. And the only reason they’re doing it, is because they have no desire for justice. They have no desire for seeking the will of the people or the will of God. They simply oppose and crush all who oppose them.

M.T.: In your opinion, is it possible to impeach the current American president after the November elections, because Biden’s rating is now at an all-time low?

J.G.: I think it would be wonderful to do it. But do I think it’s possible. I mean, you could conceivably really try it, but there’s only been two presidents impeached. Well, three presidents impeached in history. And in no case did it ever actually end up with him leaving office, because to have a successful impeachment, you not only have to impeach him and have the trial, but after the impeachment, the trial, you have to have 67 of the 100 senators say, “yes, we need to throw him out of office.” And that’s never happened. It might be possible to get a few senators to get to say, “yes, we want him out of office”, but are we going to get 67. I don’t think that’s likely at all. And it also raises the other question of what good will that do? You chop off one head of the Hydra, and another head pops up again. That’s that’s the way this works. Let’s say, we successfully get rid of Biden. Do you really think Kamala is going to be any better? Honestly, things have deteriorated to the point. I’m not sureб that there is a political solution. I think, there is a solution. I think it starts with personal repentance. It starts with individual mothers and fathers and children turning their hearts towards God and praying for a better society. And working hard to live out their faith. But I don’t think we’re at a point, where we can simply go to the ballot box and successfully take America for Christ. I would love to see it. I think that would be fantastic, if it happened, but I think things have gotten to a point that individual families really need to think more about the collapse that has already happened. Society has already collapsed. If we have naked sodomites marching through the street in front of four-year-olds, society has already collapsed. It’s not a future thing. It’s we’re already in the collapse now. And so at this point, we have to say, “how do we rebuild civilization?” Maybe God will raise up Constantine the Great to come with his army and to conquer the evil nation to rule well. It’s just going to take millions of Christian mothers and fathers being very intentional and serious about raising their children, protecting them from the government, protecting them from the woke culture and saying no matter how hard it is, no matter how difficult it is, no matter what I have to do, I’m going to raise my children from birth until adulthood with Christian principles and only by millions of mothers and fathers doing that, millions of times are in a few generations, we’re going to get to a point, where there will be some hope of having a Christian society. If it becomes illegal to do that, if they’re persecuted to the point of death for that, then that means they may need to leave America and pursue that society elsewhere. And I think Russia is the best place, maybe not the only place, but I think it’s the best place to pursue Christian society and not to worry about being persecuted for it.