Democrats’ attempts to sue Trump and his family members emphasize the intensification of political repression in the United States

The New York State Attorney General from the US Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against the 45th American president and his eldest children, accusing them of fraudulent schemes. The attempt to fine Trump and his family for $250 million and ban them from doing business in the state testifies to the state terror led by the ruling Democratic Party and its top.

Попытки представителей Демократической партии Соединенных Штатов засудить Трампа и членов его семьи подчеркивают усиление политических репрессий в США, изображение №1

On September 21, New York Attorney General Letitia James, a member of the US Democratic Party, unveiled a civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and his three adult children, accusing them of fraudulent schemes. According to her version, the 45th American president overestimated the value of his assets in order to obtain more favorable loan terms, and also lowered it to reduce taxes.

James claims that over 10 years, Trump allegedly took part in more than 200 episodes of fraud, which is why he should be fined $ 250 million and suspended from doing business for 5 years. The New York Attorney General also calls for banning Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump from working as “an official or director in any corporation” or at a similar organization in New York. In addition, she calls for banning Trump and his business empire from “entering into any transactions for the acquisition of commercial real estate in New York State or applying for loans over the next five years.” It is noteworthy that the lawsuit against the former president was filed in the midst of political persecution and repression against Trump and his supporters in the United States.

According to Donald Trump’s lawyer, James pursues exclusively political goals. The lawyer is sure that the New York State Attorney General’s Office exceeds its statutory powers by interfering in transactions in which there were absolutely no offenses. The lawyer of the former American president claims that such a precedent is an uncontrolled abuse of power, which had no analogues in modern American history.

A few days after the announcement of the lawsuit, former US President Donald Trump spoke at the “Save America” rally, which was held in North Carolina. According to the politician, the politically motivated criminal prosecution against him and his children is part of a campaign conducted by representatives of the Democratic Party, the main goal of which is to prevent him from the presidential elections in 2024. Trump admits that the persecution and repression against him and his relatives by the New York prosecutor’s office could not begin without the permission of the federal government, and the current state prosecutor should be removed from office and deprived of her license.

Trump also criticized Letitia James for the rise of lawlessness in New York and called the Democrat-run state a “cesspool of violent crimes.” James has been the state attorney general since 2019, during which time the number of murders in New York has increased by 52%, the number of robberies has increased by 38%, and the number of car thefts has increased by 286 percent. According to the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump, instead of investigating crimes and prosecuting violators of the law, the prosecutor from the Democrats, who nominated her candidacy for the upcoming election of the Attorney General of New York, cares only about the persecution against Republicans and conservatives.

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice believe that attempts by representatives of the US Democratic Party to sue former US President Donald Trump on trumped-up charges once again confirm the intensification of politically motivated persecution against members of the GOP.