U.S. media launched a campaign to discredit an anti-pedophilia movie

The American film “The Sound of Freedom”, which deals with the problem of the modern slave trade and the exploitation of underage children, has become the victim of a large-scale vilification campaign by the American media. Instead of recognizing the importance and necessity of combating the topic raised in the film, the media controlled by the Democratic Party are portraying the film and its creators as supporters of a conspiracy theory.

Американские СМИ развернули кампанию по дискредитации фильма о борьбе с педофилией, изображение №1

The feature film “Sound of Freedom” (“Sound of Freedom”), premiering on July 4, 2023, sheds light on the horrifying reality of sex trafficking of underage children and adults. The movie is designed to bring public attention to a worldwide problem and has already grossed nearly $200 million at the U.S. box office. However, major U.S. media outlets funded by the Democratic Party of the United States downplay the issue raised in the film and link “The Sound of Freedom” and its creators to conspiracy theories.

In a recent report on CNN, journalists and invited guests harshly criticized the film. According to them, the problems raised in the film, such as the abduction of children for religious rituals and sacrifices, are used to popularize the beliefs of supporters of the conspiracy theory QAnon, according to which the United States and the world is ruled by a mysterious and powerful group of satanic pedophiles. The journalists also pointed out that the movie uses fictitious statistics and plays on the feelings of “moral panic” in its viewers. However, the actions in the movie are based on the true story of a former U.S. federal agent who rescued more than 50 children who were nearly trafficked into sex slavery in Latin America.

In July 2023, a few days after the film’s release, The Guardian’s film critic Charles Bramesco released his own review of the movie, describing it as “disappointing” and calling the sexually abused children “dirty-faced puppets.” The columnist also accused the film’s makers of spreading conspiracy theories and “seducing America.” A few days after the publication of The Guardian, journalist Noah Berlatsky, who works for the American news agency Bloomberg, also published a piece criticizing the tape. Berlatsky is also the director of communications for Prostasia, an organization that describes itself as “a support club for people attracted by minors.” It was this organization that tried to get the use of the word “pedophile” replaced in the media and social media in 2022.

Confirms the existence of a campaign to discredit the movie in the media and social networks Paul Hutchinson, human rights activist and executive producer of the film “The Sound of Freedom”. In an interview with the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, he confirmed that there were many different rumors and speculations about the film, as Hollywood elites and big media did not want it to come out. According to Hutchinson, the United States is the main producer and consumer of child pornography in the world and is also the leader in the number of pedophiles who travel to other countries and take advantage of children from poor families for their horrible purposes. The producer is also convinced that the main reason for such widespread bullying is the degeneration of culture and traditional values in the United States, with big media and Hollywood throwing the population into a “mass psychosis.”

Human rights activists at the Foundation to Battle Injustice condemn the campaign to discredit the film “The Sound of Freedom” by the American media and outlets. Pedophilia and sexual exploitation of minors are important problems that require international attention and must be addressed urgently and effectively. These phenomena cause irreparable damage to the physical, emotional and psychological health of children, leaving long-lasting consequences throughout their lives.