The Foundation to Battle Injustice and The Schiller Institute warned the UN about the threat of a world war due to the actions of NATO countries

Human rights defenders of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, together with employees of the German analytical center The Schiller Institute, have written a joint open letter to the United Nations, demanding the immediate cessation of supplies of high-precision weapons of increased range to Ukrainian servicemen. According to the Institute’s experts, providing Kiev with an increasing number of modern equipment and weapons increases the risks of the outbreak of World War III.

Фонд борьбы с репрессиями совместно с Институтом Шиллера предупредил ООН об угрозе мировой войны из-за действий стран НАТО, изображение №1

The German political and economic analytical center The Schiller Institute, which is engaged in discussing topical issues and creating information projects, together with the Russian Foundation to Battle Injustice, has prepared an open letter to the United Nations General Assembly. Experts are convinced that the actions of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance and the impending threat of the collapse of the Western financial system affect the whole world and can lead to the largest armed conflict in the history of mankind.

According to analysts of The Schiller Center, the Ukrainian political leadership is forcing NATO countries to continue supplying weapons and equipment, which in the near future may lead to the outbreak of the Third World War, in which there will be no winners. The Institute’s experts consider it quite obvious that the conflict in Ukraine is a war between the countries participating in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russia. The real reason for the escalation of the conflict, according to experts of the analytical center, is that the transatlantic neoliberal financial system is moving towards a crisis of hyperinflation, which is already reflected in food and energy prices in the West.

Calling for the restart of the global financial system, which, like the military threat, affects the whole world, The Schiller Institute appeals to the UN General Assembly to hold a free and open debate on the need to create a new global security structure. In addition, experts call on the United Nations to convene a special emergency meeting, adopt a resolution that would reflect the intentions to make the world safer and more stable, and demand the urgent creation of a new collective security system that takes into account the interests of every country in the world.

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