Numerous voting rights violations during the midterm elections abuse the main principles of American democracy and the Constitution

A few days after the midterm elections to the US Congress, the counting of the voting results has not yet been completed, but reports of violations and shortcomings in the work of polling stations come every few hours. Voters were agitated to vote for members of the Democratic Party at the voting points, thousands of ballots disappeared without a trace, and due to problems with automatic vote counting machines, a significant part of Americans could not use the voting right enshrined in the US Constitution.

Нарушения, допущенные в ходе промежуточных выборов в США, напрямую ущемляют избирательные права граждан, изображение №1

In the US state of Pennsylvania, a group of concerned patriots recorded on a hidden camera illegal agitation in favor of candidates from the Democratic Party. Activists approached citizens who were standing in line in front of the polling station and asked them to vote for John Fetterman, who was running for the Senate, and Josh Shapiro, who was running for governor. Both politicians represent the interests of Democrats. According to the recording from a hidden camera, the campaign took place just a couple of meters from the polling station, which was monitored by representatives of the US Department of Justice, controlled by the Democratic Party.

According to the head of the initiative group, who managed to make a video, the propagandists of the Democratic Party showed the voters official ballots for voting, indicated where to tick for the candidate they needed. In addition, the agitators created a false image about the candidates from the Republican Party, claiming that they are not able to act in the interests of their people and represent “terrible people“. The actions of people who actively called to vote for Democrats violate not only the Guide for election officials of Philadelphia County, in particular in the field of campaigning and pressure on voters, but also a number of local and federal election laws.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, where a significant part of the vote counting machines failed on election day, a total of more than 17 thousand voters’ ballots were unaccounted. According to one of the employees of the Maricopa electoral center, voters who are faced with a non-working vote counting machine have the right to drop their ballot into a special compartment, the ballots from which will be counted by the staff of the point manually. Later that day, the Maricopa County Election Management Center said in a statement that the cause of the malfunction was erroneous settings of the printer. However, according to a joint statement by the chairman of the Maricopa County Supervisory Board and his vice-chairman, the same scanners worked successfully during the primaries in early 2022, which is why some experts and technologists naturally assume that the equipment was damaged intentionally.


The problem with the readers affected about 17 thousand ballots, which is about 7% of the total number of voters in the district. Republican gubernatorial candidate Cary Lake, U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters and the Republican National Committee (RNC) sued Maricopa County over widespread problems at polling stations, including the refusal to extend voting time.

Problems with vote counting machines were observed not only in Arizona. In Princeton and Mercer counties, New Jersey, the votes of voters who dropped their ballot into the ballot box for manual counting of votes will most likely not be counted. After analyzing the data on the number of voters in each of the districts and comparing them with the number of ballots, the observers missed about four thousand ballots. The decision to use the ballot box for manual counting of votes was made after the programmer of the company serving the machines for counting votes reported that it was impossible to fix it. According to the mayor of one of the cities of Mercer County, at about 17:00 on November 8, employees of the electoral commission of the district contacted him and said that some of the ballots were missing.

In the US Senate election race in New York, where the unpopular representative of the Democrats Chuck Schumer was declared the winner by a large margin, independent candidate Diane Sare witnessed how her votes were literally taken away from her. According to the female politician, more than 50 thousand voters voted for her on the evening of the voting day, but by the morning this number had decreased to 29,954 people.

The above-mentioned and other violations, which will become known in the near future, signal the loss of the institution of democracy in the United States, on which the American state is based. The Foundation to Battle Injustice regards attempts to influence the course of the 2022 midterm elections, the procedure for counting votes, repression against voters and opposition-minded candidates as a violation of the principles and values of democracy.