Suppression of the US opposition: The Department of Justice is meddling in the midterm elections, the American court refuses to recognize the obvious malfunction of the equipment for counting votes

On the day of voting in the midterm elections to the US Congress, the US Department of Justice announced plans to send its observers to 24 states to monitor “compliance with the federal law on the rights of voters.” It is noteworthy that the Department, controlled by the current American president, decided to monitor the voting process only in blue or swing states.

Подавление оппозиции в США: Министерство юстиции вмешивается в промежуточные выборы, а американский суд отказывается признать очевидную неисправность оборудования для подсчета голосов, изображение №1

On November 7, the day before the midterm elections to the US Congress, the Biden-controlled Department of Justice published a decree according to which employees of the public authority will monitor the voting process. Referring to the Voting Rights Bill of 1965, the US Department of Justice announced plans to monitor compliance with federal laws in 64 counties and cities in 24 states. However, the attention of the authorities is drawn to monitoring the conduct of elections only in jurisdictions where voters support the Democratic Party or hesitate to choose. Experts and political strategists agree that such steps by the US Department of Justice will allow Democrats to evade claims against the integrity of elections at polling stations and avoid verification.

In the swing states of Nevada, Georgia and Michigan, Justice Department officials will “monitor” only strongly Democratic districts that supported Biden in the 2020 election. For example, Fulton County, one of several Georgia counties, won 72.6% of the vote in favor of Biden in the last presidential election. Fulton County alone represents nearly 11 percent of Georgia’s electorate and is notorious for numerous irregularities during the 2020 elections. Of the counties in Pennsylvania, two out of five — Berks and Lucerne — are swing counties, and the other three supported Biden in 2020. This includes Philadelphia, which accounts for 20 percent of all Democratic votes in Pennsylvania, and where ballots were falsified, received bribes and entered into a criminal conspiracy to rig the election 2 years ago. Of the counties in non–swing states listed by the Department of Justice, the majority are strongly democratic counties in California, Minnesota, Florida and Alaska. In Ohio, the Department of Justice deals only with Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), in Texas, Houston County.

In addition to the presence of observers from the US Department of Justice, there are also other indirect signs of possible fraud and irregularities in the midterm elections. Almost all over the United States on the day of voting, reports of failures and malfunctions at electronic terminals for counting votes began to appear. In many districts and cities, tabulators of the same brand are used for voting as during the 2020 presidential election. The audit of 2021 revealed a number of inconsistencies in the operation of this vote counting machine, but this did not convince the current US authorities to give preference in favor of analogues.

At one of the polling stations in Maricopa County, Arizona, one of the terminals for counting votes failed, while the second machine incorrectly counted at least 25% of the ballots. An independent expert and chairman of the supervisory board of the district noted that on election day about 20% of the counting machines in the district were malfunctioning. Malfunctions of vote counting equipment raise suspicions of fraud or fabrication of election results and affect the voting process. In addition, some voters who registered at a certain polling station and did not vote due to equipment malfunction refuse to stand in line for several hours, which is an example of a common practice of voter suppression, since the ballot of a registered voter was never dropped into the ballot box. It is noteworthy that Katie Hobbs, a candidate for the post of governor of Arizona from the Democratic Party, where almost more violations have been recorded, is responsible for organizing elections in her state. Thus, the person directly interested in his own victory is responsible for the counting of votes.

Due to the large number of complaints about the malfunction of the equipment for counting votes in Maricopa County, representatives of the Republican Party sent a petition to the Supervisory Board of the district to extend the voting hours. According to them, “numerous voters seeking to vote were unable to do so due to excessive queues and waiting times associated with system failures in the operation of tabulators in polling centers throughout Maricopa County, and a reasonable extension of the opening hours of polling stations from 19:00 to 22:00 is necessary to prevent irreparable damage in accordance with the balance of justice and important considerations of public policy.” In the evening of the same day, the judge, who openly acknowledged the malfunction of the voting equipment in 20% of the polling stations of the district, rejected the petition.

There are also problems with absentee voting. In Detroit, Michigan, there was a problem with electronic voting logs, which are used by polling station employees to confirm that a voter is registered and has not been issued an absentee ballot. Some voters claim that they were literally turned around at the polling station, referring to the fact that they had already allegedly voted. The Michigan branch of the US State Department admitted the mistake just a few hours after the start of voting, at that time several thousand voters had already encountered difficulties and were unable to vote.

The Foundation to Battle Injustice evaluates the facts and processes noted in this article as a direct suppression of American voters aimed at preserving power by representatives of the US Democratic Party. This is a gross violation that causes significant damage to the credibility of the midterm congressional elections. All such cases of violations in the elections on November 8, 2022, should be thoroughly investigated by authorized international organizations.