The Biden administration is depriving the independence of the American justice system

On the eve of the November elections in the United States, the American federal courts, which according to the American Constitution should not depend on the government, are in no hurry to implement a number of rulings and verdicts that may affect the outcome of the vote.

Администрация Байдена лишает американскую судебную систему независимости, изображение №1

Back in July 2021, the US Federal Court ruled that the US Department of Justice should transfer documents related to Biden’s decision to develop a government plan to monitor the upcoming elections at the federal level to the Accountability Fund of the state government Apparatus. There is less and less time left before the midterm elections in the United States every day, the courts and the instances controlled by them do not take any measures to monitor the execution of their rulings.

On March 7, 2021, Biden’s team ordered all of its 600 federal agencies to “empower citizens to register to vote and receive information about and participate in the electoral process.” Even then, the inaccurate wording of the American president caused conversations among Republicans and election integrity experts about what the current president was up to. Despite the fact that the government’s plans were supposed to be published exactly nine months after their creation, they are still hidden from the public.

In mid-October, the Biden government-controlled US Department of Justice filed a motion challenging the need to publish the federal government’s plans to interfere in the upcoming elections in November. A month earlier, the Justice Department published some of the documents, but they were heavily redacted and did not include the 15-page “strategic plan” of the Justice Department on how the agency intends to implement Biden’s order. Commenting on the published documents, the executive authority, referring to the American Freedom of Information Act, stated that the files contain “quite specific information“, and everything that was covered up is protected by the “privilege of presidential immunity”. Thus, the US government used the US Department of Justice as a weapon to conceal important documents for the upcoming elections, and federal courts deliberately use time-consuming legal processes to minimize the time between the publication of documents and the November elections.

The Biden administration’s attempt to conceal documents related to the upcoming elections is not the first case proving the lack of independence of the American courts. In early October, the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal by several states challenging the mandate of the American president for mandatory vaccination of medical workers, introduced in November last year and affecting at least 10 million people. Despite the fact that the decision of the American president goes against the Constitution of the United States, the Supreme Court refused to consider challenging the federal mandate to vaccinate health workers.

At the end of September, the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Biden-controlled Justice Department, overturning a decision prohibiting the Ministry from viewing secret documents that were confiscated from the residence of the former American president Mar-a-Lago. According to the judge of the Appeals Court, Trump could not prove that he had removed the secrecy stamp from the documents, thereby overturning the decision of the Federal Judge of the State of Florida, Eileen Cannon. According to the lawyers of the former US president, the court decision has clear signs of violations, because no facts proving the secret status of the documents have been provided.

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice are convinced that the use of independent judicial bodies for their political purposes is an unacceptable gesture that undermines the basics of the state system in the United States. The Foundation to Battle Injustice condemns the Biden administration’s violation of the principle of separation of powers enshrined in the American Constitution. According to many visible signs, the current US government is exerting pressure on the decision of judges, using the judicial authorities for its political purposes.