“Ukraine has no right to exist as an independent state”: interview of the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice with Teddy Boy Greg, an American activist

Mira Terada, head of Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed Teddy Boy Greg, an American who, tired of the lies of the American media and politicians, moved to Russia in 2017. The head of the Russian FBI discussed with Greg the difference in civil rights between Russia and the United States, found out why American laws adopted by the Liberal Democrats allow criminals to avoid responsibility, and found out why Western countries that imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation failed to break the Russian spirit.

«Украина не имеет права на существование как независимая единица»: интервью главы Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с Тедди Бой Грегом,, изображение №1

Good afternoon, dear Teddy! Thank you for doing the interview with the Foundation to Battle Injustice. Please tell our viewers and readers a few words about yourself and how you moved to Russia?

I go by the name Teddy Boy Greg. I’m a barber from America. I grew up in New Jersey, but I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. I’ve been living in Russia now, going on almost five years. I left, you know, very sick of America for probably 20 years there. You know, I was looking for a way out and traveled all over the world teaching barbers and stuff. I’ve been a barber for 20 years, so used to travel all over the world, teaching in Europe and everywhere and getting tattooed all over the world and stuff. And I came to Russia in 2014, February 2014 to teach a master class to barbers and just hang out. And I’d always had a good impression about Russia. I arrived at the airport in February 2014, took a cab to the center in Moscow. I arrived and I was a little here for one hour and I said, “I’m going to move to this country forever.” It’s paradise on earth. It’s like 1950s America. I see really a lot of white people here. I don’t see gays kissing on the streets here. I see men and women couples. I don’t see a lot of homeless people. I said this place reminds me of how America used to be. I said, I’m moving here forever. And I said, “I’m going back to America. I’m going to save all my money for the next three years working there, and I’m going to bring it all to Russia and I’m going to move here forever.” So that’s what I did. And I I’ve been here since December 2017.

That’s the amazing story. What impressed you the most after moving to Russia? How did you resist the propaganda of the American media, which has been denigrating Russia for several decades?

Well, I never, as I told you before, even, you know, 20 some years in America and I never liked the U.S. government or the media there. I’ve always had my own views about them. So I never had a bad thinking about Russia. I always kind of seen Russia as the country, even before I ever considered coming here and moving here, I was considered a kind of like a traditional country. I was like, this is probably the last white country on Earth that’s actually headed in the right direction, even though I can’t say it’s a total white country. It is a white country, but it’s a multicultural country, you get what I’m saying? But for the most part, Russia is a white country, like a white European country. And I always liked what Putin was doing here. I always saw him as kind of like a hardass, like a strongman, a dude that doesn’t take shit, you know, like a leader that I’d want in America, you know what I mean? So for me, I’d always kind of liked him for that aspect. I liked that he stood up to the West. I liked that he kind of did his own thing. And so I always liked Russia for those reasons, too, you know what I mean? It wasn’t, you know, that I never really bought the propaganda. There’s always been propaganda since I was a young child there, you know what I mean? It’s been gone forever. But for me, it never influenced any of my thinking about Russia.

We spoke a little today about this, but according to statistics, the number of prisoners in American prisons is increasing every year, the militarization of the police and a number of absurd laws indicate a clear violation of the rights of American citizens. How can you comment on the situation with respect to civil rights in the United States? What is the difference between Russia and the United States in this regard?

Actually, recently in America, they haven’t been locking. They’ve been releasing a lot of people in America because a lot of the liberal Democrat, their stupid laws. They’re releasing a lot of people. There’s actually been a lot of crimes committed by people that should be in prison that they’ve released, like especially in California and states like this where the liberals that are in power, they had a one guy, he’s an illegal immigrant that shouldn’t even have been in the country. They released him. He ended up killing some woman. So in those cases, there’s people that shouldn’t be out there, but there’s some people that get locked up for stupid stuff. I can understand if you’re just a minor dude and you get caught with some small amount of drugs, you probably shouldn’t be going to prison for 25-30 years.

Right, right, right.

That’s what I’m saying. But the guys that are sexual predators, the rapist, people like this, they shouldn’t be out. That’s the people that be locked up. Civil rights in Russia, what do you mean? Like, how is it different, you mean.

Yeah, compared to the United States.

Well, what I like about here, you know, and I don’t know if this carries on the question, like people just walk up to the police in America, you can say whatever you want to American cops. Like, I can be like, “fuck you”. You can’t do that with Russian cops. You’re ass kicked. You know what I’m saying? You’re lucky. You know what I mean? All this stuff. And then protests and the police, like they’ve been doing in America, isn’t going to go down here. And the rioting and the looting and all that.

Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing?

I think it’s good because it keeps people in line here because they’re not going to jump out of line here. You’re not going to see people attacking the Russian police here like they have in America. So that’s a difference, definite difference that I see.

But what we see, for example, about the United States, how people get shot by the police and how many stories do you hear in Russia, according to this way, when we talk about civil rights, how is it different?

I never heard about anyone getting shot by the Russian cops. The only time I do is, you know, usually if they’re I watch just one thing in Russia, you know, it’s usually like FSB or something when they’re doing a raid on like a terrorist or somebody like this or drug smugglers, but not like your average citizen on the street.


That’s really crazy. And they’re out there trying to kill people. You have a probably get shot by the police but you don’t hear about it. That’s the thing, too, is that Russian cops carry the big ass AK 47.

I see a tattoo on your chin, and I believe you do follow the progress of the special military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. What do you think are the true causes of this conflict and was it possible to resolve it peacefully?

I mean, the true causes of the conflict is that I believe it’s a kind of a proxy war going on between the United States and Russia. If you want to really look at it, because that’s the only thing that’s keeping Ukraine on their feet right now is all these weapons the United States and European Union is giving them. But, you know, they seem to not take Russia seriously. Russia gave them warnings for how many years about this, talking about this, giving them a way out, everything saying do not become part of NATO, give us the guarantees that you’re not going to become part of NATO. And they never did. They would never do it. You know, so kind of, you know, why it went down as also, you know, the protection of the people from Donbas. Look what’s been going on since 2014. The American media, you don’t hear nothing about that now what’s been going on since 2014, but ever since what went down since February everybody in the west seems to know what’s going on but if you ask that these people anything, average citizens, they probably couldn’t even tell you where Ukraine was on the map.

Have you seen this video lately? When American people get asked on the street where the Ukraine is and where is the Russia is. Most of them they pointed that Ukraine was actually Australia. And then they said that Russia is like where the China is. It was like only one young lady who said that exactly where the country is. But the majority of people they don’t even know.

Yes. So they just jump on whatever the media tells them. You know, that according to them, you know, Russia, Putin is the new Hitler or the new Nazis.

You mentioned the media. Do you know how the American and European media cover the events in Ukraine?

How do they cover up?

Do you read American or European media?

I read all into it. I read all of them. You know, they don’t come to a pro-Russian perspective. It’s always against Russia. It’s Ukraine is the right one and Ukraine is the victim.

Why do you think this has happened and why do they cover it that way?

To demonize Russia. You know, they’re not going to show the truth. Especially this fact, you saw recently the thing with the P.O.W., the prison that supposedly got bombed recently. And they’re trying to say that Russia did this when the facts are that it was done by Ukraine, you know, but nobody even knows that. They just know what they’re told in the media. All these massacres that are supposedly gone down, I believe the Ukrainians are behind it, but they can say whatever they want. The American people on that are going to buy it.

Why, in your opinion, for eight years now the world community has refused to recognize the fact that the Ukrainian side clearly violated the Minsk Agreements by shelling peaceful areas of Donbass and destroying civilian infrastructure?

Because they don’t want to recognize it and they don’t care. It’s all goes back to demonizing Russia, because if you do anything to make Russia look in a positive light, it’s wrong in the West. So I think it really boils down to that. And I don’t even think the Minsk agreements would have ever worked anyway. They were never willing to come to the table and follow through on things. You know, they never gave their guarantees on anything. Yeah, they say stuff. It’s just like with the, you remember that airliner that went down? That was shot down. It was a civilian airliner. But, you know, supposedly Ukraine was behind that, that were Ukrainian jets up in the sky, that we’re seeing supposedly shot this thing down. But who do they blame it on? They blame it on the military in the Donetsk. What I mean, it’s just a demonization of Russia all the time. They don’t speak nothing. They don’t speak nothing of what went down since 2014.

Share your opinion about the reasons for the spread of ultra-right ideology in Ukraine. Why, in your opinion, does a country that lost millions of its citizens during the World War II support radical ideology now?

I don’t think it’s everybody in Ukraine is far right but there’s a lot of, there’s always been kind of far-right people there. A lot of people don’t talk about this either. Ukraine has always kind of been that way anyway. You got to realize you know the Russian history books, they’ll say certain things, when the Nazis went into Ukraine, they make it sound like a lot of people were oppressed. A lot of the Ukrainians were celebrating when the Nazis went into Ukraine originally because they didn’t like the communists. The Jews and stuff in Ukraine were rounded up were by the Nazis. But they won’t talk about how a lot of the Ukrainian citizens were the ones handed them over. What I’m saying. So it’s a lot to do with that. And been there and all that in Western Ukraine and all that kind of stuff, you know, so I think it’s always been there. There’s a far right in Russia, too. But it’s a lot of that’s died down that was there, was a major far right here in Russia in the 90s, early 80s and early 2000. But a lot of that’s been stamped out. But I think it’s just always been there in Ukraine. A lot of these guys, Azov and stuff, they’re even not from Ukraine, they’re coming from other countries to come fight there.

Crimes committed by NATO and the United States over the past few decades in most cases still remain unpunished. Tell us, how does American propaganda justify the actions of the American military contingent abroad?

Well, you know, a lot of NATO’s done many war crimes that they don’t speak about. Belgrade in 1999 when they bombed Belgrade, all that stuff in Serbia nobody in America even really knows about it. That’s a problem. If you told them anything even about what happened in Serbia and all that, if you talk to the average American citizen, they probably wouldn’t even know anything that went on.

Media doesn’t talk about it because they’re not allowed to talk or what’s going on? Like why they don’t cover those events?

They just don’t care. You know, I mean, as I told you before, a lot of what you’re told in America is a lot of bullshit. My whole life in America, I was told that America won World War Two. Yeah. So there’s nothing mentioned really of what the Soviets did. So it’s kind of a perspective from the American perspective. But if you asked most of Americans that would know nothing about Serbia or any of that on the kind of America has that can do what it wants, you know, it’s kind of what they push out.

How do you assess the foreign policy of the current American president? Why, in your opinion, is he ready to allocate billions of dollars for the supply of equipment and weapons to Ukraine, but almost completely ignores the problems inside his country?

Well, the thing is, I’ve never supported American foreign policy in my whole life. For him, I don’t think he cares about Ukraine. It’s the fact that Ukraine borders Russia. They want to be next to Russia and they want to try to conquer all former Soviet nations. That’s what they want to do. They could give two shits about the Ukrainian people or what goes on there. They want to keep arming them and they want to turn every former Soviet country against Russia. That’s the whole thing, you know what I mean? I’ve never been a supporter of American foreign policy. Really. Anything we’ve ever done. And so they’re allocating all these weapons. But it’s not just him. It’s people behind the scenes there. It’s all these anti-Russian people in the US fucking government that are behind. It goes back if you really want to research, it was a guy named Chuck Schumer. He’s one of the biggest piece of shit in the US government. He’s Majority Leader, and he’s anti-Russian. But you can take back all of, of first too, because if you look at it, all these he’s actually from, originally from western Ukraine, his ancestors. But under the time of the czars for instance under Alexander the third, his family was deported out. They left and they came to America that time. So they’ve always had an anti-Russian view since then. So it all boils down to that. All the money they’re spending on Ukraine, because that’s the only thing they think if Russia wins that this is going to be the end of the world for them and everything else.

There is an opinion that America regularly adds fuel to international conflicts with one sole purpose: to earn as much money as possible by selling weapons and equipment. Do you think the Western establishment consider the Ukrainian conflict just as another investment project?

I don’t know about that. My main thing is, is I think they just want to destroy that country. And they wanted to become a democratic, liberal nation like America, pretty much. They want to take it over and they want to turn into another American gas station. That’s pretty much what are they turn into. They want a border with Russia, you know. This is Russia’s sphere of influence, this side of the world. And I try to tell people in America they have to understand this. NATO and the US have been building military bases all in Eastern Europe, taking these countries over, turning them into NATO nations. It’s pretty much like if Russia went to Canada and Mexico and started building military bases on the US border. That’s basically what NATO and everyone else has been trying to do to Russia. So obviously if Russia was going to build military bases on the border of Mexico and Canada, the US would have a major problem with that. So it’s the same thing what’s happening here. Russia just wants them out of this area. You know, stay on your side of the fucking world. You know, this Russia’s sphere of influence over here. For me, Ukraine has no right to exist as an independent issue. For me, Ukraine is Russia. I don’t see any difference in days, just like Belarus. Yeah, it might have a different thing, but they’re Russian people. It’s the same thing. So for me, they have no right to exist.

Please explain why for so many years Ukrainians have not realized that they are just puppets in the hands of the West, which is trying to fight Russia with their hands?

I don’t know. I think they want the Western way of life, but they don’t realize everything that’s going to come with it. I mean, you look at it right now, what’s happening there, the liberal agendas are starting to come there. That’s the thing. When you let the West influence in all this liberal stuff comes in. You just saw recently they want to legalize gay marriage now in Ukraine. And that’s all because of the West. That’s what I just saw recently. They want to do that in Kiev or whatever. That was all over the news saying if they want to be like the West, all that stuff is going to come. But they’ve had their freedom, I guess so-called freedom since the collapse of Soviet Union. And what have they done with it? Nothing. There’s nothing there. It looks like a third world wasteland. They waste their opportunity anyway. Even Putin has said that they’ve done nothing.

Please comment on the cognitive abilities of the current US President Joe Biden? Do you agree with the statement that a number of his actions and statements clearly indicate that it is time for him to resign?

I think he’s just kind of a puppet there anyway. I think what they want to do, is to get rid of him because. They want Camilla Harris, the vice president. So I think that’s what you’re eventually going to see. It’s all a plan just to get her into office anyway, So I think he’s kind of too old. I don’t even know how old he is right now. He’s in his eighties or late seventies, but he’s not a leader. He’s not somebody that people respect in America. The liberal left does. But the majority of conservative Americans, like my mother hates him. My mother like Trump and people like that. I think he’s kind of you look at him and he’s like, he’s not respectable.

How do you assess the recent searches in the house of former US President Donald Trump? Is the search related to the reluctance of the ruling Democratic Party to allow Trump to participate in the presidential elections of 2024?

I saw the FBI raided this place, but I think it’s just one more thing that because they want to try to stop him from running. But I don’t think it’s going to stop him. The fact is he’s got a lot of support base.

That’s what I thought, too. I think it’s going to help him.

I think it is because it’s going to bring fuel, more fuel he’s going to be able to use. He has the all the Republican people support him majorly, the conservative side people. So I think it’s going to help him more than anything. You know, it’s just more stuff. I don’t know what they were searching for trying to always bring up the insurrection on January 6, which was a joke. So they’re always trying to come up with something like that. So I don’t know what they were looking for, but I think it’s going to help him more than anything.

Why does the current Ukrainian president refuse to sign peace agreements with the Russian Federation? What is he waiting for and what is he counting on?

Well, I personally think, you know, I don’t even think he’s the real decision maker. I wouldn’t even doubt that he’s not even he’s not even in Kiev. They’ve said that for the longest time, that he’s not even there. I think he’s just kind of a puppet for them, you know. I don’t think he’s going to sign anything. He’d be smart, as I told you before in our previous conversation, they would be most smart to let Eastern Ukraine go with Russia because those people do not want to be part of Russia. I’d say 99.9%, just like probably 100% of the people in western Ukraine do not want to be part of Russia. So theoretically, if Ukraine was ever to get it, they’re not they’re going to constantly having people fighting against them, guerrilla fighters, people like this. Nobody in the east wants to be part of Ukraine, just like nobody in western Ukraine wants to be part of Russia. Russia doesn’t want the western part. So it’s kind of the same thing. You think you would just see this over, but we just need to get it done. I think we need to finish in the east. We need to go down the land corridor, as I said before. We need to go to Odessa. We need to take that whole city so they have no seaport access, nothing. And then I think after that, they’re going to have to come to the terms because Ukraine isn’t going to exist as a nation anyway. After this, how can they move other industry? They’re going to lose all their ways to import and export things. They’re kind of have to be infiltrated into probably Poland or something like that.

And they are going have a lot of debts.

This is the whole thing. You say about Trump. They don’t want him to run because I’ll tell you this, if Trump was in office, none of this will be going on. I’m not going to sit Trump buddies with Russia, but he’s not trying to bring problems. And he didn’t want to get involved in these affairs over there. And there’s no way this money would be being handed over like this. And I’ll tell you, the American people, a lot of them are questioning why this has happened. And people got to realize they’ve thrown these sanctions on Russia. They thought this was going to implode our economy and put our country in like two. That’s what the Western media made it sound like. Oh, we have these sanctions right now and Russia is going to collapse and like a week and we’re going to be back to like the 90s here. And people aren’t going to have fun stuff. Right now in America, gas prices are higher and they’ve ever been. Food prices are higher than they’ve ever been. The average American person that’s not political, that doesn’t have an opinion on any of this, they’re suffering because of this, just like in Europe. And they’re eventually going to get tired. Why are we giving this money for something that we shouldn’t be involved in? I’m not even telling you this because I’m political, because I’m 100% in support of Russia. I own a business here. The only thing that’s absolutely changed for me here in Russia, since all these sanction bullshit started, is I maybe have to pay higher prices for certain foods from the West. Maybe there’s certain brands that decided to leave that I can’t get here. But really, quality of life has not changed here with all these sanctions that they’ve thrown on us. This is how stupid the West is. They seem to think by throwing these sanctions and trying to anger and hurt regular Russian people, that’s suddenly going to like change the Russian perspective. They also had the attitude here in the West that they think like regime change here is going to do something. They seem to think like “oh, if the Russian people are going to lose so much here, then they suddenly going to have some revolution and overthrow Putin or something.” But I try to tell them this isn’t about Putin. This is the Russian spirit. It’s about this for me. This is not even about what Putin did. The Russian people are in full support of what’s going on. I’d say 85%. So whether it’s Putin or not, that’s what they don’t understand. They’re thinking they think like, oh, you remove Putin, like suddenly all Russian people, oh, my God, we shouldn’t have went to Ukraine or that you go, I’m saying that’s what.

Thank you for bringing this up. It’s important because all this just unite the people even more than we were before.

There’s a lot of us. We have a lot of scum in opposition in this country. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of younger people that aren’t supporting all that, but I’d say the majority of good Russian people are in support. I’d say probably 75%-80%. The other 24% of the opposition and are these idiots that have been blinded by Western liberalism and propaganda that they’re never going to anyway. But they can all leave Russia, most of them are leaving anyway.

What do you think, when and how will the special military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine end? Will there be anything left of Ukraine, or will it completely come under the control of the Russian Federation?

I’ve actually been very frustrated over because I thought this was going to be completed and should have been completed in two or three weeks. I thought it totally done. I’m hoping in the next couple of months it’s going to end. I’m hoping. The thing is, it’s kind of like a thing right now. It’s like a standstill like the West keeps giving them weapons. Russia advances more. Then Russia figures out how to take out their weapons and they get more weapons. So it’s kind of like they’re not really moving either side. But I don’t know when it’s going to end. It should end. I want Russia to complete as I told you before, I want them to take Kiev. I don’t know if it’s going to be possible or not. Many people don’t agree with me. I said this before. I’m kind of controversial, but I’m dead serious. I want them to take fully, take the east, go down, take Odessa. If we can’t take Kiev, then I thought and I posted this out a couple of weeks ago, I said dropping tactical nuclear bomb on Kiev, just like we did in Nagasaki or Hiroshima and just obliterate the city to the ground. If we can’t take it, then just drop it to the ground. Carpet bomb the cities all in western Ukraine and leave them nothing if we’re not going to be able to take it. A lot of people say, “oh, what about the innocent people?” But I tell you this. I don’t think there’s. I think most of the people there, they’re against Russia anyway.