«Joe Biden raped me and ruined my career»: interview of the Foundation to Battle Injutice with Tara Reade, a victim of sexual abuse by the current US president

Mira Terada, the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed American journalist Tara Reade, who was raped by the incumbent American President Joe Biden. The rape victim told how the politician managed to evade responsibility for the crime he committed, why there are so many rapists among the American political elite and how unpunished rape unleashed Biden’s attacks against foreign countries and peoples.

«Джо Байден изнасиловал меня, а затем разрушил мою карьеру»: интервью главы Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с Тарой Рид, жертвой изнасилования Байдена, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Hello, dear Tara! Thank you for agreeing to an interview for the Foundation to Battle Injustice. In the early 1990s, you were abused by Joe Biden, who was then a senator from Delaware. Please tell us the circumstances and details of what happened?

Tara Reade: I had worked for as an intern for Leon Panetta and for a congressional race. And then I applied for a job in U.S. senator. He was then the U.S. Senator, Joe Biden. I got the job and was very excited, thinking it would be the beginning of my political career. I wanted to have a career in public service. And then shortly into my tenure there in the office, he became, there was just odd behavior. He would put his hands on my shoulder and rub underneath my hair. And it was just odd because I didn’t know him, and we didn’t really interact. He knew my name and that was about it. But this continued and then he wanted me to serve drinks and because of how I looked and things like that. Things that happened in the 90s, unfortunately, with the powerful men where you weren’t really seen as a serious worker, but more as a decoration. I was very serious about my work, so it was disappointing. But then what happened is one day I was asked to bring him his gym bag. He forgotten it, and I went to go meet him in the Capitol to bring it to him. And then that’s where in the hallway it was like a alcove type thing.

Joe Biden sexually assaulted me, and it meant the legal definitions of rape. He forced me. I wasn’t interested and it was very frightening.

And afterwards, when I pulled away and everything, he became angry visibly. And he does a disconcerting thing where he smiles when he’s angry. And it’s very disconcerting and scary, we know he’s a very powerful man.

Biden just said: “You are nothing, you’re nothing to me.”

It haunted me. I must have looked a certain way because he took me by the shoulders and kind of shook me and said: “you’re okay. You’re fine.” And he turned around and walked away and left me there after he had assaulted me. The next thing I remember, I was sitting on the stairs because I was trying to get my legs to work. I think I was a bit in shock. I was shaking and trying to get my clothes right. I went to the restroom and things like that. I realized my career was over in that moment like my life was. I knew. It wasn’t just the assault. It was the fact that I had said “no” to someone very powerful who had the means to make it so my life would be miserable from then on it. And he did. I told my mother. She wanted me to go to the police, and I did not want to do that. I was too scared to do that. I did file a report with the Senate, and I went through protocol. I did not go to the press. I went through the protocol steps that you go through. I filed a paper about what happened and then regarding not all the details, but the intake paper. And then I didn’t hear from anyone again except that the press secretary staff had heard I had filed the paperwork, and he said: “we will fucking destroy you.” And that was very frightening. I was in my twenties, and I took it very seriously. And then from there, the paperwork apparently is sealed in the University of Delaware. I believe an organization called Judicial Watch or something sued to try to get those files open. Joe Biden refuses.

The university says it won’t release those files until long after he’s not in office any longer because they said it’s not in the public interest.

I have tried to get the papers. I’ve tried to FOIA. It’s called Freedom of Information Act, but it doesn’t apply to the University of Delaware where it has been sealed so we can’t get the paperwork that would show that I filed this. I was immediately forced to resign. I was told, I wasn’t a good fit.

Obviously, they didn’t want me there. My duties were strip, things like that.

And then I was unable to get another job on the hill, so I ended up working for a state senator in California and then went on with my career doing other things. But it a very trying time. And when I came forward in 2019, I came forward because seven other women came forward. One of them was a young politician named Lucy Flores. You don’t hear of her now because her life when she came forward after that, her political career was ruined by him, by his machine. But she described his inappropriate behavior. And when I saw her getting torn up in the press, my daughter at this time was grown, and I decided I needed to step forward. He wasn’t the candidate yet in 2019. It wasn’t until 2020 that he was for sure the candidate. But I was coming forward anyway. And from there it was a mess. I went to an organization called Time’s Up, which is an organization that helps when someone comes forward about sexual misconduct from a powerful person. And they’re supposed to help with legal, and PR and things like that. And what they didn’t tell me, when I went to them for help, is that they were already working for Joe Biden. Over a period of time while I was talking to them, their organization received over a million some dollars.

Biden spent 2.2 million, according to FEC records, to silence my story and others like the Hunter Biden laptop, he spent money on that as well.

So, it was like coming forward against the machine. And luckily, there were some people that stood with me and stood by me like Rose McGowan, who was very outspoken.

The MeToo movement wasn’t there, because that was mostly co-opted by Democrats, the Democratic Party and our country.

They really had the sway of the media, which I think that Russia is familiar with, because of Russophobia in the way they’ve been propagating this negative campaign towards Russia for a long time, that particularly since 2016. When they see you as a threat, whether you’re a country or an individual citizen, that machine goes into operation. I lost my housing, I lost my work, I lost my reputation, I had death threats and two attempts on my life. It was it was pretty awful. I had the Department of Justice take all of my social media and my personal information under sealed warrants. I don’t know, why to this day they simply invade my privacy. So, it’s been difficult.

Tara Reade during her time in the Senate

M.T.: Please tell us what is the reaction of the American public and the media after your allegations of sexual abuse by Biden in 1993 at the Capitol Hill?

T.R.: The media didn’t find out until 2019. As I said I didn’t go forward. However, my mother made an anonymous call to the Larry King show in 1993 without me knowing. And that actually came up during 2019 and 2020, when they were looking at my allegations about Joe Biden and my history with him. They played the call several times, where she was talking about it in vague terms, but she talked about it and it was considered like a piece of corroborating evidence. Also I had a restraining order against my ex-husband. He talked about the sexual harassment or something that I was traumatized in Joe Biden’s office. So that was on the record from 1993 and it was a legal document. There were my friends, who I had told at the time, who were willing to verify that. I had a lot of corroborating evidence. The media in the West and I think any person in Russia would know how they are. It’s very controlled. Only 22 companies own all of the Western media, which is a very small amount. There’s a narrative and they go with that narrative. It’s gotten really bad I think in the last, I’d say, two decades. I mean, last decade and a half, I think it’s gotten more and more siphoned as far as what information is allowed and I mean, the censorship of RT is an example of that. We’re supposed to be freedom of speech and it’s a democracy. We’re supposed to have all these conflicting ideas and hash it out and whatever. It’s not like that. It’s very controlled. We are very controlled. People that try to speak out end up imprisoned or deplatformed or disappeared or like me, they damage your reputation. Scott Ritter is an example of what they did to him, when he whistle blew about that there was no weapons of mass destruction. What they did was they tried to drag my reputation. They tried to slut shame; class shame me. They called me a Russian asset because I’ve always been very outspoken in support of Russia. I’ve always been very outspoken about Vladimir Putin saying that he’s a good president. I just basically wrote an essay about the fact that he’s doing what a good president would do. He’s not bending a need to the West and or Western hegemony. And I think that his speech in 2007 was very remarkable. And it touched many U.S. citizens that watched it and really understood the American imperialism had gone so far that it was good to hear another voice say, we need a multipolar world, we need a different world. So anyway, I’ve always had that view to that extent that I think that there’s too much American imperialism. They pulled on my writings and said that I was a Russian agent just to change the subject. And then, as I mentioned, he had a public relations firm, that he paid $2.2 million to minimum. There was more money paid out to suppress the history between us and also to do hit pieces, opinion pieces. They did everything from say I was a bad person because I filed bankruptcy. A lot of people file bankruptcy in the United States. It’s really hard to live here if you’re working class. This is a very tough place. It isn’t the American dream, isn’t like the 1950s. It’s very hard unless you want money here. I just think that it was remarkable, that the Democratic Party is supposed to be known for women’s rights and for all of this, but they’re not. What I really saw, was the media here for the first time. And in a way I never had before in my life. And they came after me with just outright lies about me to try to discredit me, so that even if people thought, oh, maybe Joe Biden did this, they wouldn’t care. That was the goal. It was hard. And like I said, I lost everything coming forward, but I kept my dignity, and I kept my integrity. And that’s important. I think that’s what survivors want to do; is they want to be able to tell the truth.

M.T.: I hate what they did to you. It’s terrible. What do you think is the reason for the total silence of the American media and human rights organizations that refused to help you fight for your rights? Does this mean that there are no free and independent media and human rights defenders in the United States?

T.R.: I think that there is a lot of fear right now in the United States.

If you make the Clintons or the Bidens, it’s almost like a mafia. If you make that power elite, let’s call them what they are, a predator class elite.

Vanessa Beeley, an investigative reporter, that coined that term. And I really think it’s accurate. They are the Predator class. Time’s Up, that that organization does kind of similar work to what you’re trying to do. Only they have a lot of money, right? They were just to catch and kill for powerful men. They would. And so, they got caught. They’ve now been dismantled. But there’s really not very many organizations for survivors to go to. And I look at what the U.S. has been doing in other countries. I don’t even know how they can moralize or talk about human rights when Iraq, Iran funding of bombing in Yemen, Afghanistan. We could go on the list as long, right? Yeah. So, my personal horrible experience is very small compared to what other people have gone through. And unfortunately, there has been a co-opting of the of the media by a political party and by the intelligence services. I really think that the intelligence services in the military industrial complex have kind of taken the wheel, so to speak.

M.T.: Your experience, even though you say it’s small, is actually a perfect example of what happens, when this crime doesn’t get punished and the criminal moves on and commits bigger and bigger crimes. Now it’s crimes against countries, millions of people, because one crime back then was not punished. He was not stopped. After the Democratic Party came to power, politicians launched a campaign against you, accusing you of slander and perjury, and law enforcement officers refused to accept your complaints, which is a gross violation of your rights. Please tell us what you have managed to achieve in the struggle for justice, given the circumstances mentioned?

T.R.: Well, there’s never really been an investigation, but what I have been able to do is, and I would say this to any survivor in any circumstances, to not let yourself be intimidated. The death threats, I started getting used to them, I guess. I mean, I still get them, whatever, but I just kind of you learn to live with it. For instance, with law enforcement, I was outside the criminal statute of limitations. However, the Congress can still investigate him. And they’re gearing up to do that now. I have said that I would go under oath, if I’m called to testify against him and talk about the corruption and what I observed and what happened to me. So hopefully those congressional hearings will go forward. And as far as you know, I’ve been able to do writing. RT kind of picked me up off the ground. I was really going through it. And I reached out to them to do op-ed. I tried to different publications. Nobody would take my op-eds and RT published my op-eds. And they were really wonderful to me. And again, I have that heart connection to Russia, and I think I always will, because they were very helpful to me and kind at a time when nobody was, and really saw me as a whole person, not just Joe Biden’s accuser, they saw that I had a law degree that I could write, that I could function and be useful in the world. And that meant so much to me. It really did. So I wrote the book “Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In.” I wrote the op-ed for RT and then I started a podcast called “The Politics of Survival.” And I do that now.

M.T.: That’s beautiful. For what reason do the American media justify sexual harassment and direct sexual violence by members of the Democratic Party of the United States against women, while in every possible way they bring to the fore abuse by representatives of the conservative camp? Why does American justice put party affiliation above the letter of the law?

T.R.: I really think it’s a distraction, because there’s a deeper issue here, right? They make it like a football team, red team, blue team. Red teams – the conservatives, blue team – the Democrats.

The Democrats aren’t interested in women’s rights. They’ve made that clear. They have members of Congress that are very misogynistic. They are criminals right out now.

The Republicans, we have their own corruption. I’m not involved with their party. I have worked for Democrats, so I can only speak to my experience with that. I did get trained by homeland security. I worked with domestic violence victims. I was the trainer. I trained military police and trained police about domestic violence. I was round up people with a lot of different thoughts. But there is really almost a brainwashing and propaganda that goes on. And it’s been called like Rose McGowan coined the phrase she just said, they’re cults. They’re almost like political cults, cult of personality or whatever. I would say that’s true. They just weaponize the PR and all of this. Not to sound conspiratorial, but I really think this is true, goes to the intelligence services. I think they’re in control. And I say that because if you look at, NBC, you look at CNN, they’re mostly CIA agents. In fact, I think there was one I saw, and I know she’s an intelligence agent that was up on a stage interviewing Vladimir Putin. She was for NBC. And I was like, wow, that’s an intelligence officer. That’s not a reporter. That’s how infiltrated they are. And it’s very scary because they profit from war. They profit with Raytheon, companies, weapons manufacturers like that. Getting back to women’s rights, and in my particular case, the Democrats will make sure there’s article after article and opinion piece after opinion piece just doubting Donald Trump for everything he’s ever done or said or whatever. But if you say anything about Joe Biden, there’s silence. He got caught on a hot mic recently. Joe Biden did. And he said “no one fs with Biden.” He’s the president of the United States saying that that crude statement, no one fs with Biden, really? That’s like mafia. That’s not the state. That’s not a Democratic state. So that’s my opinion on that.

M.T.: How is it possible that in the United States there is a whole caste of politicians who allow themselves to harass their employees, for example Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and many others?

T.R.: It’s a great number of resources, right? It’s a great number of monetary resources. And I think in a way, too, they’re puppets for the work behind the scenes. Right now, we have the largest wealth gap, right? Very rich and the very poor and not very much of a middle class. Whenever a country comes to that point, there comes the breaking point where it collapses. And we are this close to that. I think that what you’re seeing is the end of an empire sort of. There are signs of that, I believe and so do many people that are observers of political science and history, that really the future is the East and multipolar world. What’s really sad, is if our leaders would simply cooperate with other countries, like with BRICS or like in other words, develop economic inroads where there’s partnerships and innovation, we would have so much more wealth distributed, more evenly. I believe, because there would be a balance. And right now, we’re just experiencing this imbalance of wealth, an imbalance of power. And now you’re seeing war that’s almost bringing us to a global conflict, because there’s no end roads for peace or diplomacy. I do not blame Russia because Russia has tried diplomacy and the U.S. doesn’t. The people that are in power right now, the Anthony Blinken’s, the Victoria Nuland the Biden administration, they’re not listening and they’re not trying. They’re simply enriching themselves with money and power. And that’s it.

M.T.: Why has the “country of lawyers” still not found justice for high-ranking rapists, as happened in Israel, when the former president of the country was given a real criminal sentence for sexual crimes?

T.R.: I think because there’s a thing here, where it’s like you can buy yourself out it, you can buy yourself justice. Like if you have enough money, you can get out of it. I think you’re seeing it right now at play with Cuomo. He sent out a criminal charges, he was found guilty of these things, and he’s not going to do a minute in jail. He lost his position as governor, but he didn’t go to jail. Biden, they didn’t even investigate. And with Clinton, he raped Broderick. There was a police report, there was photos, there was nothing done to him.

Rape culture is kind of almost, it’s institutionalized, unfortunately, in American culture.

And what’s really confusing and frustrating, I think, for people looking on the outside in is they’re like, but you talk about women’s rights and you talk about all of this. It’s for show. It’s an image. It’s not real.

M.T.: Is there any hope that the current American President Joe Biden will answer for subjecting you to sexual harassment and condemning you not only to a long-term psychological trauma, but also actually provoked a massive false campaign by the largest media?

T.R.: I’m a very strong person. I believe that healing is not necessarily linear. It’s a path. I believe, there’s a spiritual part of me that will never be broken. I’m a child of God. We are all children of God. I just really believe in my heart that this happened for a reason and my speaking out will help protect others, maybe, and bring light to his corruption, some of it’s economic, some of it’s what happened to me. I really believe that it was an imperative that I spoke out and tried to tell people. And in 2019 there’s interviews of me where I said, if Joe Biden becomes president, he would take us to war with Russia. Someone said “don’t say that, it makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist.’ And I said, I heard his attitudes when I worked there. It was actually right after the fall of the Soviet Union. I know the people around him, and they’re hawks. And just by my analysis, my education and my background, I can tell you that’s where he’s heading. And look where we are. We’re on the break. Coming back to the hope part, I’ve let go of justice like that might not happen for me, but it’ll happen for other people by me speaking out. And what I’m trying to show is that media, that massive glob of media that trying to come after me, that playbook that they used to try to discredit people and destroy them, doesn’t work anymore, they can’t use it anymore. I’m making a success of my life. I think that the best revenge is just to be you, to have your integrity, to have your soul and to do good work and to move forward.

M.T.: You’re such a beautiful person. Is it acceptable for a person with such low moral qualities as Biden to hold such a high public office? How to avoid people like him coming to the presidency in the future?

T.R.: There needs to be a standard when you hold that much power, you need to have a standard where you’re not going to abuse that power. The person needs to be carefully looked at, and there should be a no tolerance for that kind of behavior. Because like you said earlier, when we were speaking the crime, he did and got away with me, he’s gone on and now he’s doing it to whole countries. He lies and it’s causing problems. For instance, what’s going on right now, this proxy war, the US is fighting with NATO, against Ukraine, against Russia via Ukraine. Who is getting harmed? Of course, the Ukrainian citizens and Russian citizens are being harmed but also European economies tanking, the U.S. economy’s tanking and he and his cronies, Biden and his cronies, are getting wealthy. I think since January, February, when it started, the money started going for Raytheon and some of those weapons manufacturing, some of them have earned almost $1,000,000,000,000 since that war started.

M.T.: Biden’s entourage not only rejects all claims against the current president, but also manages to put forward retaliatory ones, in particular, you were accused of sympathies and ties with the Kremlin. Why do you think Americans see a Russian trace in everything?

T.R.: I love Russia and its 1000-year cultural history. I have a cousin that’s Russian and I feel in my soul very close to the culture. I understand it just almost intuitively. I think, I would be comfortable living there. I’m a Catholic background, so I think Orthodox is kind of not too far away Catholic. I love the beauty of it. I think most Americans are like me. They’re more curious and more compassionate, but the people in power want an enemy because they want to spend all this money on weapons and military, so they pick a convenient enemy. And it’s very sad to me. That’s why I’ve been fighting so hard, because I have this small kind of medium platform because of what happened. When they started calling me a Russian agent and started criticizing me for saying good things about Putin, I turned around. I said “that’s right. I was right. I stand by what I said about President Putin. I stand by what I said about Russia. So if you have questions, ask me. But I’m not a Russian agent. I simply am an American citizen that sees their point of view.” I talk about the proxy war, I try to do my part to try to break through the propaganda because the average person, let’s face it, they’re working all day. They don’t have time to try to figure out is this propaganda or is this not, when they’re watching CNN or something, right. I really try to educate people. I try to get them to watch the Oliver Stone interview interviews with Putin or “Ukraine on Fire” documentary. I try to talk to them about Noam Chomsky who did a lot of work, and get them to look through a different lens. A lot of Americans actually really do are sympathetic with Russia. You’d be surprised. And they’re really getting aware that there are Nazis in Ukraine, even though the Western media tried to say there wasn’t. There’s a real discontent with NBC and CNN and all of those, seeing the lies and slander on the part of Biden and the Democratic Party in general.

M.T.: Given the lies and slander on the part of Biden and the Democratic Party in general regarding the sexual crime against you, do you think that the midterm elections in the United States can be considered legitimate? Can we expect any truthful words and actions from a person who allows himself to harass employees?

T.R.: I have to be careful how I answer this. We get in a lot of trouble, if we say that the elections aren’t legitimate, we get called election deniers and all of that, and it causes trouble. But I will say this: Arizona and two of the counties are not accepting the results of the election and won’t certify it. There are many counties that are admitting, and then in Pennsylvania, there was just someone who was jailed for fraud regarding doing work for the Democrat. So that speaks for itself. I mean, it’s obvious, there’s something going on with rigging votes and rigging elections, and it’s not Russian interference, it’s American. It’s within. And if I could say anything to American citizens about this in particular is that we all have to look within and not look at other countries, because no other countries are interfering with our elections. We have a power structure that’s interfering with its own and trying to hold on to power. That’s what’s happening.