“Ukrainian nationalists are enlisting in the armies of other countries, including the United States, to gain experience and fight against Russia”: interview of the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice with American journalist George Eliason

Mira Terada, the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed George Eliason, an investigative journalist who has been living in the territory of Donbass for several years and exposes fakes and information and psychological provocations of the West. The head of the Foundation found out from Eliason when Western countries launched an information campaign against Russia, why millions of Ukrainians are doomed to starvation because of the actions of the political leadership of their country and who is behind the spread of far-right ideas in Ukraine.

«Украинские националисты поступают на службу в армии других стран, в том числе США, чтобы набрать опыт и воевать против России»: интервью главы Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с американским журналистом Джорджом Элайсоном, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Good afternoon, dear George! Thank you for taking for the interview to the Foundation to Battle Injustice. Please tell our viewers and readers a few words about who you are and what you do.

George Eliason: Well, I’m an investigative journalist. I broke a lot of the stories from the beginning, from my doing forward and how the war started, and a lot of investigations into the info war, discovered who was behind it and people running it, the type of psychological program they use, the software they use, who’s involved with it.

M.T.: This is impressive.

G.E.: Well, it’s been nine years. I’ve made a lot of headway with it. I’m cited in about 400 academic papers on the history based on information war and psychological warfare and U.S. politics etc.

M.T.: For a long time now you have been investigating the crimes of Ukrainian servicemen in the Donbas. Please tell us what brought you here?

G.E.: Well, I didn’t come here for the war. I was actually here a long time before that. I moved to Ukraine in 2010 with my wife. She’s from here. And originally, well, she has family in West Ukraine and in Donbas. Generally we lived on the Moldovan border for two years. So I got to know people there. In 2012 we moved to Dunbar, which is where most of her family is. She hadn’t been home in over 20 years, so it was time for her to come home. And that’s why we came here.

M.T.: How do you assess the progress of Russia’s special military operation on the territory of Ukraine? Do you think it was possible to resolve this conflict peacefully?

G.E.: No. The push for the war started really hard in March 2021. And at that point I knew that it was going to start, that Russia would have to answer. So the military operation had to begin because every piece overture that Russia made to resolve what was then it was the issue of Minsk. Joe Biden and Ukraine, Zelensky tried to cut Russia out of the European gas markets, which they did. So Nord Stream 2 was the big deal back then. And the reason for that is they wanted Europe to feel Ukraine’s pain, though, if Europe suffering, well, yes, they’re going to support a war in Ukraine to, I guess, get revenge, even though they did it themselves by refusing gas contracts that were offered to them. You know, India and the West were saying that Russia wasn’t supplying the gas that was promised when Russia actually fulfilled all the contracts. And Europe didn’t buy enough because of the COVID epidemic. If the gas demand was a lot lower and when COVID started easing up, the gas demand went way beyond supply. Instead of signing a new contract, Europe decided to buy spike pricing, which is very, very expensive. And the whole thing was exasperated from there. Last year they knew what Ukraine’s economy was going to fail. They knew that without the gas, the manufacture from plants would fail, cities would have to ration energy, Ukraine was failing. And they’re starting a war which is from Zelenskiy’s point of view, what they did because they started this, bBecause the only way to cover up the country failing Now we have a food shortage which is caused by, again, Ukraine and Joe Biden. It didn’t have to be this way. It just none of this that the world is going through right now had to happen.

M.T.: How do you assess the role of the United States in the conflict in Ukraine? In your opinion, for what purpose did the American political leadership allocate billions of dollars to create a “Ukrainian democracy”?

G.E.: Well, it’s actually a little bit more complex because it has a lot more to do with the Ukrainian diaspora lobbies that they put into the government and in Congress. And Joe Biden, the relationships they built, the lobby, it’s called the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America is actually larger than the lobby of Saudi Arabia. Now, they’re supposed to be for the good of Ukraine, but what they’re doing is what they’ve set up is on the war against Russia and afterwards right up the spoils of Ukraine and whatever is left of Russia. Okay. As the country breaks apart. That’s what this is about. So it’s about graft money, like Biden and Burisma. Hunter Biden. And this goes a lot further beyond that. Now, when they started, when Russians started taking areas, they had the bio labs in them and they started uncovering paperwork. Hunter Biden’s name came up right away as an investor in an accident Just the tip of the iceberg. What about nuclear? What about other sectors of business? And then you have the big agriculture business, which is Ukraine, if they don’t have the grain, they sold it to Turkey last year, oversold it, and they have to buy flour from Turkey. Why are they shipping the grain out now? There they set themselves up to cause a famine. So millions of people are going to suffer. The U.S. knows about this. The EU knows about this. And it’s because it was preplanned. They could have stopped this last year. Instead, here we are.

M.T.: Are you aware of the extent of the spread of neo-Nazi ideas on the territory of Ukraine? The Ukrainian government regularly provided financial assistance to nationalist battalions to spread their ideology. Does this mean that the Kiev regime consciously supports an ultra-right ideology?

G.E.: Well, first of all, we need to put the talk about neo-Nazis to the side and we need to talk about real Nazis. Real Nazis don’t like these violent children with tattoos. Real Nazis wear business suits and sun dresses and have barbecues that normal people like you and me got you. You’d never be able to tell them from a normal person in terms of what they think unless they feel comfortable enough around you to start discussing it openly. Now, in 1991 broke away from the Soviet Union and they established their independence. They took their flags, symbols and the power of government from the diaspora government in exile and then it was on a contractual basis. They signed on a piece of paper. They were going to set up the government in the same way. Signed in law as government was set up in 1917, 1918, 1919. So this is the form of government that Ukraine has had since 1991. And these are the political views. Well what was so bad about Symon Petliura. Well Petliura didn’t have any support in what we call Ukraine todayб all right. He murdered a few hundred thousand people to try to get that power. That is the government. That’s the basis of what’s going on today. So from the beginning they’ve been this way. But from 1991 to 2014 it was action that had control and they wanted to do try to do things through diplomacy and corrupt the people into being Ukrainian nationalists slowly. It didn’t work. So first you had the Orange Revolution, the diaspora wasn’t happy with the results. They said the people are too Russian, too Sovietised. And if you don’t get this right, we are going to do we are going to have another revolution and we guarantee that the leadership of Ukraine will not survive it. They actually said this and this was the man who was the president last president in exile. His name is Mykola Plaviuk. Now, as they rolled around to my Maidan, Mykola Plaviuk and that woman name Slava Stetsko, have you ever heard of her?

M.T.: Yes, I have.

G.E.: Yes. Slava Stetsko was running the program in World War Two with her husband and with Stepan Bandera. She became the worldwide leader of Bandera. Both Plaviuk and Stetsko after the Orange Revolution, took children’s groups in Ukraine, created a generation ready for Maidan. That’s what happened. So you had that generation of leaders, the people that created the violence were brought up by World War to Nazis. And we talk about neo-Nazis, but you really can’t with Dmytro Yarosh, when Slava Stetsko first came to Ukraine again in 1990, I think it was 1992, she started a group calledб ыhe started a political organization called the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists. He started a militant wing called Tryzub of Bandera in 2006. Guess who became the leader of Tryzub of Bandera? That was Dmytro Yarosh. He was her bodyguard and he learned his politics directly from a World War two Nazi. Not a neo-Nazi. Politicians that came out of Maidan Shango Yuschenko, Tymoshenko, they all learned that politics from Slava Stetsko. Are they Nazi or neo-Nazi? You’re not going to find many Heil Hitlers there. It’s Slava Ukraina and Slava Bandera! They’re the real thing. So if we shift the conversation from these little tattooed neo-Nazis, did you know Adolf Hitler hated neo-Nazis?

M.T.: No.

G.E.: Did you know that? He had a whole bunch of them. They started out as Antifa. They became the Brownshirts and they became so obnoxious. They acted like Pravy Sector. They became so obnoxious. Yeah. The night of the long knives to get rid of them. The ones that survived, the ones that didn’t have the tattoos and didn’t get drunk or do drugs became the SS. That’s the way it works.

M.T.: How would you comment on the recent decision of the current US President Joe Biden to allocate $40 billion in aid to Ukraine? Why, in your opinion, is the American president not interested in problems inside his country?

G.E.: Well, it’s truth. Biden really doesn’t care about America. The America he wants, which is based on a country if no one can argue with what he wants. That’s the America he wants. At least 40 billion. Now, I tracked where the funds are going. A lot of pay for the weapons that Ukraine already got or so the weapons that were delivered. Now they’re paid for and part of it’s going to aid that Ukraine already got, the weapons, the aid, the everything. All right. And that 40 billion is atrocious. And then on top of that, Zelensky gets one another 8 billion a month. What is this, a COVID stimulus? I mean, give me give me a break. Now we have a larger problem across Ukraine, and it’s going to take some time especially for Russians to get out, get a handle on this. Most of the Ukraine are Russian. People in Ukraine are being treated like they’re Russian. They’re being tortured, they’re being abused by the police. Azov controls all the regional and local police. Pravy Sector controls the national security apparatus, SVU, etc.. So you have a neo-Nazi abusing somebody. They go to the police and it’s the boss and the guy that’s abusing them. What do you think is going to happen?

M.T.: You’re going to get arrested.

G.E.: Yeah.

M.T.: And keep tortured.

G.E.: They’re going to get tortured or disappeared. It doesn’t make the news. Now, let’s look at Andriy Biletsky. Is he neo-Nazi? Or a real Nazi? That’s a point that needs to be settled.

M.T.: You tell me.

G.E.: When Slava Stetsko started that political party, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists and Dmitro Yarosh was her bodyguard and the head of Tryzub of Bandera, the regional leader for the Dnepr Andriy Biletsky, he learned his politics from a 1930s, 1940s Nazi.

M.T.: So he is the Nazi.

G.E.: The head of a group that murdered 11 million people. 11 million. Now, I’m actually in the middle of rewriting the history of Ukraine. Yeah, I am actually close to this. According to now the history is there, but it’s in 100 different pieces. So you can’t put it together unless you know what you’re looking at and what information to look for. But in real terms and what current scholarship says is that without Ukrainian involvement, they could not have been a Holocaust. It couldn’t have happened because they did it all, the Ukrainian nationals. And then the Ukrainian holocaust, which no one talks about. You had 5.6 million people murdered and no one took for this. No one answer for this. This is the politic that’s in Kiev today. So, Slava Stetsko she started the military action. The nationalists have a free hand that over and cleansed the whole country. And that is a scary thing.

M.T.: In your opinion, for what reason does the American political leadership ignore the connection of the Ukrainian military and the battalions controlled by them with neo-Nazism? Or are they just turning a blind eye to it?

G.E.: Neither. They’re using it. The Ukrainian diaspora has poisoned the entire, I won’t say the entire U.S. government, it’s all Democrats, almost all, and some Republicans, but the way they poisoned them is by graft. It’s how much money they’re giving them. And that’s a shame on the American system that this kind of thing is allowed. They’re not representing American interests. If these congressmen and the current president were representing American interests, they would have made Vladimir Zelensky clean up the mess last year when he had a chance to save his own country. And honestly, Donald Trump would have made him do that. Interfered in the 2016 election and politics from that point on in America in a very, very big way. I actually found you know about the January 6 insurrection?

M.T.: Of course.

G.E.: Washington D.C. Yeah, I found Ukrainian is at the forefront of all the violence. Azov, at the time they were also, they had a couple other operations going on in Chile and Venezuela. A person that they call Botsman, I think he was in Washington, D.C. The other commander and he’s actually in charge of inciting violence in grounds. His name is Maxim Yarosh, and he goes over them, pop up with people getting tied to posts and beaten up that kind of thing. That’s the hobby of his. He was in Washington, D.C. When the conversation turns around to what the Ukrainians are doing, and you have about my last best estimate is about 17,000 of the Ukrainian nationalists from the battlefield here moved to the United States. They moved to Seattle and they’re backing up Antifa there where all the violence is. A couple different couple different large cities where the violence spiked. The U.S. is bringing this on themselves. It’s going back all the money they’re giving Ukraine, Ukraine is sending violence back. And they’re going to do this to the UK, to Germany, to Canada, the same thing. So it’s you can you’re going to pay for it now and pay for it later, too, with violence.

M.T.: What do you know about American biochemical laboratories in Ukraine? How would you comment on the fact that the employees of these laboratories tested their pathogens on underage children?

G.E.: That is just disgusting that that’s done. You have the children. You have soldiers. You have what, normal people, people in mental hospitals, anybody that really sort of what I meant about they’re treating Ukrainians like they’re Russian because they’re Russian. They’re not Ukrainian nationalists. So they are killing the children. It’s fine because the children are subhuman according to their standards.You know, as a normal person, you look at this, you think about this. How could somebody do that? How could you look into the eyes of the child? You can’t. A normal person can’t, but a nationalist can. And that’s the virus that needs to be stamped out ultimately, that violence.

M.T.: As an investigative journalist who is engaged in exposing fakes, how do you assess Kiev’s provocations broadcast by practically all major Western media? Why don’t they tell people the truth?

G.E.: Well, the information operation that’s been going on since 2014. In 2015 I exposed its strategic communication laboratories. It was run by a man named Nigel Oakes and Alexander Nix. They were hired to do the information operation here. But what people didn’t realize is the information operation against Russia. See, they don’t care what Russia says. Russian can talk among themselves all they want. They really don’t care. They just needed to shut Russia down in the West. So go and talk to itself. But we got to the West. They designed everything to take over Western media. And one of the ways they did this is they set up an office in what was known then as the Broadcasting Board of Governors. It’s a board now, the publications that they have, the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, right. Well, they also after 2012 when they made all propaganda and information operations legal in the U.S., the group was literally running U.S. policy, and afterward they’re doing the same. They actually had someone inside the board. The person that changed the law. And that was the only permanent seat on the board of Broadcasting Governance. And they set the narrative for the United States media. So whether it’s Fox News, CNN, the media says Russia’s evil. No care what the story is about, Russia’s evil. Someone named Russia saved an old lady that was drowning. No, someone named Russia tried to drown an old lady, and she got away. That’s the story. It’s no matter what happens, Russia’s evil. So Russia’s evil, Ukraine’s good. And that’s when they turn to all the intelligence coming out of Ukraine was coming out of the information operations. Pravy Sector was writing all the intel and news that was coming out of Ukraine from 2014 all the way through 2017. And they’ve started back up again. Now they’ve added more groups. But that’s why the media won’t they haven’t given a fair hearing to anything. The other part of it is if they go against it, they’ll be cut out of access. Now, imagine being a national media outfit like CNN or Fox News and then you don’t have access to the White House, to Congress, to any national thing. What would that do to you? It’ll make you a regional news agency real fast. Will they do the same thing? Do you even have a media company left at that point? You have no advertising left. That’s the deal. They either comply or they fall by the wayside. It’s over

M.T.: In your opinion, what is the real number of American and British mercenaries taking part in the conflict in Ukraine?

G.E.: I’ve actually avoided looking into that because I get very, very disgusted. I know that, you know, as far as Americans, there might be a thousand of them here. Brits maybe 2000 or better, just they’re just everywhere. But these are the worst of the worst in societies. Now, the Ukrainian nationalists in all these countries, America included, they actually join the military to get experience, stay years so they can come here and fight. Now, with a population like they have in America, it’s a little over a million. And that’s just the Ukrainians. They’re also ahead of a group that has 38 diasporas. So those people are coming, too. So that’s why I figure maybe a thousand, maybe 500 of them here.

M.T.: The statements of the British political leadership regarding the events in Ukraine clearly define their anti-Russian position. How do you assess the influence of the British elites on what is happening now on the territory of Ukraine?

G.E.: They’re running that. The Brits have been running Ukraine British companies. And you’ve got to understand that the best of information company, information operations came out of Britain, the company that was running it and may still be today, I know the same managers there, called Iona Global. Again in Britain or actually in the world, they have the only information operations company it’s a private company that has to get military licensing. It means they themselves no boots on the ground anywhere. Now, they also designed NATO’s information operations program. Okay. They designed a NATO course, NATO strategic, communication labs for NATO. The same thing Ukraine does, the Ukrainian diaspora does. So they’re all on the same page. So look at it as at that end of it is British run. And if they’re controlling the information, what aren’t they controlling? They’re controlling everything.

M.T.: How would you comment on the agreements between Warsaw and Kiev, according to which Poland will gain control over the western territories of Ukraine? Does this mean that Kiev has handed over control of its country to Poland?

G.E.: Well, this has been going back and forth for 100 years. You had the intermediary where they were going to get together, before that, let’s see what other group? A group for all of the Eastern and Central European countries decided where that border should be, and west Ukraine has wanted to break free. They’ve made overtures of breaking free and going back to Poland for, I believe since 2017 they started doing that. Now, will there be a problem with that between Ukraine and Poland? Well, as soon as Ukraine is done with the situation, they’ll be going to war with Poland. You can count on it. That’s going to happen. But in general, the situations over there, they both united against Russia and they actually in the U.S., the diaspora of Poland naturally runs the show. Okay. What’s going on? The Polish diaspora and the Ukrainian diaspora, which is running what’s going on in the government to Ukraine made a deal. We won’t fight each other until we destroy Russia. They have an agreement. So what do you do with that? They hate each other. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It’s how they look at each other. And that’s about it. There’s no good blood there. So as soon as Poland can, Poland stake in that area.

M.T.: Why, in your opinion, does the Zelensky administration refuse to sign peace agreements with the Russian Federation?

G.E.: Well, the first thing is I honestly believe that once Zelensky was running, that he actually believed that: “Okay, I can do this. All right, I’ll make the peace. We’ll redo the country.” When he actually won the election, he got on a plane and gone to the United States, to New York, because the guy that’s actually running this, the whole thing, is in New York. Mr. Paslawsky. Now, you may not know his name, but his brother was fighting for Donbass battalion here in 2014 and was shot and killed. Paslawsky revenged and turned every penny that the diaspora has on Russia at that point. All right, that’s what really kick this into high gear. But he told Zelensky what’s what, who’s what and who you, little dancer, think you are. You going to do what we say. Now they want a war with Russia. So what Zelenskyy does. Zelensky supports the war with Russia. And he embraced it. He’s an actor. He’s embracing a role. Does he want peace? No. Why? Because the second he announces, you know, any real steps to peace they’re going to assassinate him. He keeps the war going. You can always leave. He really doesn’t care about people. He can leave. It’s made him so much money. It’s crazy. He was a millionaire when he got here. He’s a billionaire now. So what’s not to like from his position, his perspective? Because he really doesn’t like the Ukrainian people. He doesn’t care for them. It’s a job. So he’s. I can’t even express the kind of contempt I have for that kind of person, that kind of government.

M.T.: In your opinion, how and how will Russia’s special military operation on the territory of Ukraine end?

G.E.: You’re going to have to ask somebody that has a higher pay grade than me. I have no idea. Whenever they finish, whatever… Actually, Vladimir Putin spelled it out. He’s going to denazify Ukraine. So, when President Putin is happy that he’s accomplished that that mission, then he end it. I don’t make those kind of predictions, because you’ve got so many different variables involved, and nobody invites me to that strategy meeting. So, you know, I don’t know what they’re going you know, what it is that they have planned. Did you or I or anybody else realize when they first started, you know, this mission to protect human lives. Well, and then you see situations like Bucha, where trying to save human life and the Azov of murdered all these people. And in the media, you see the big humanitarian aid, you see them that the victims have the white armbands and they have the humanitarian aid kits given by Russian soldiers. Well, nobody gives humanitarian aid, and that turns around and kills people. And then you have it just doesn’t happen that way. So in terms of what Russia’s doing or going to do, you have a lot to answer for. And that might be adding on to Russia’s strategy. So I really couldn’t say beyond that.