“The Finnish police have been waging war against their citizens for 30 years”: interview of the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice with Esa Korhonen, a victim of the arbitrariness of the Finnish police

Mira Terada, the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed Esa Korhonen, a resident of Finland, who became a victim persecution by the Finnish police. The head of the Foundation found out from Korhonen why the Finnish authorities decided to join NATO, despite the fact that 70% of Suomi residents oppose such a decision, found out why the Finnish media should be held accountable for treason, and clarified what events would put an end to the Western unipolar world.

«Финская полиция ведет войну против своих граждан вот уже 30 лет»: интервью главы Фонда борьбы с репрессиями с Эсой Корхоненом, жертвой произвола финской полиции, изображение №1

Mira Terada: Good afternoon! Thank you for taking the time to interview the Foundation to Battle Injustice. Please tell our viewers and readers your story about how you faced police brutality?

Esa Korhonen: There was disclosure. It looks like made by neo nazis, but it can be police, military or other government organisation because of new intelligence law. There was harasshment since autumn 2021 and in march 2022 police raid my home. They took my guns, ammo, mags, some equipment and they left no receipt about property. Meanwhile I have all license documents, so technically it was armed robbery. Now they are pushing hospital to blame me crazy. They give me new passport, so they do not investigate or prosecute any serious.

M.T.: Please assess the human rights situation in Finland. How has it changed in recent years?

E.K.: Finnish police have done hybrid warfare against citizens last 30 years. It is all documented by freelancer justice reporters and National Rifle Association of Finland. First real escalation was 2007 and looks like second is now. Last year they prosecuted president of NRA about ”hate speech”. Do not confuse about name, it was pure watchdog of all basic rights in constitution. President and association have dissapiered, so they can not offer legal help to anyone. I was member too, so it can be reason for ”punishment”. Police have done whistleblowing system that was created far left and far right terrorist gangs in internet. They are whistleblowing mainly centre conservative citizens in all platforms. And they will be prosecuted. There is § in constitution:
”22 §
Safeguarding fundamental rights

Public authorities must safeguard fundamental rights and Human Rights.”

In fact police have been biggest single threat to basic rights in Finland last 30 years. They are acting like Special Services of Ukraine.

M.T.: How do you feel about the Finnish government’s decision to join NATO? Is it true that the majority of Finnish residents are actually against this initiative of their political leadership?

E.K.: 70 % of people are still against NATO. There was no referendum and they have no mandate. Whole process is illegal, but they need protect from their own crimes, so they have nothing to loose. Basically it is military coup.

M.T.: In your opinion, what influence do the United States and Great Britain have on Finland’s foreign policy? In your opinion, was Finland and Sweden’s desire to join NATO sincere, or were they forced to take such a step under pressure from the Americans and the British?

E.K.: GB and USA have been about 10 years in Finland. Hybrid warfare escalated 4 days before Maidan. British influence was seen before that in news from Syria. Whole process is like in Ukraine. GB have agents in whole media and troops to protect treasonous politicians in Finland. Actually centres of hybrid warfare against Finland and Russia are in Helsinki. I can not say anything about foreign policy, because we do not have own foreign policy.

M.T.: How likely is it that sooner or later NATO will provoke Finland into a conflict with Russia, using some kind of pretext for this?

E.K.: They have done it already. Putin does not care about barking lap dogs, but if ”iron demon” Medvedev is president after Putin, Finland is doomed. I highlight that NATO is in hybrid war against Finland and Russia.

M.T.: Finland and Sweden can become full-fledged members of the North Atlantic Alliance no later than June 2023, which will give them the right to deploy NATO military bases and their weapons, including nuclear, on their territory. Do you think Helsinki can take such a step?

E.K.: Current politicians can not see june 2023. There are elections and if they cheat, there will be civil war. There are lot of signs about civil war. I hope it can be resolved with general strike. Erdogan will never give full membership to Finland and then there also Hungary and Croatia. I do not consern about bases that will never come, but there are enemy troops already.

M.T.: Do you follow the progress of the special military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine? How is this conflict covered by the Finnish media?

E.K.: I have OSINT backround. My motto is ”see everything and hear everything”. I have followed situation since Maidan. Situation is now ”peaceful”, because Ukraine have no resources left and Russia is regrouping. Only thing that Ukraine can do, is trying to make nuclear disaster. Finnish media can not say even one word of truth, but they will be procuted of treason crimes some day.

”2 § (21.4.1995/578)
Incitement to war

If any person in Finland or a Finnish citizen outside Finland during a military or international political crisis concerning Finland or at the imminent threat of such a crisis, with the intention of bringing Finland to war or an act of war,

1) publicly calls on a foreign state to act of aggression against Finland or Finland to act of aggression against a foreign state,

2) publicly disseminate statements or other expressions intended to influence the development of public opinion in favour of the use of acts of aggression,

3) systematically disseminate manifestly untrue or misleading information about Finland’s defence or military or defence policy intentions; or

4) unlawfully commit a violent act against a foreign state, its agent, territory or property

in such a way that the Act clearly increases the risk of Finland becoming involved in war or an act of war, he must be sentenced to prison for inciting war for at least one and at most ten years.”

M.T.: The role of the United States in the events that preceded the special military operation is obvious. What do you think the Americans pursued investing in “Ukrainian democracy”?

E.K.: Main purpose of Syrian war was make road to Teheran. Russia was ally of Syria, so Sevastopol was on that road too. They tried to capture Sevastopol and start fracturing of shale gas in Ukraine. There was drills after tanks. I think farmlands are already captured to transnational corporations. That is trend in whole world now.

M.T.: Why, in your opinion, has no one from the political and military leadership of the United States and NATO so far been brought to justice for numerous war crimes committed in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and so on?

E.K.: Military weapon industry have too much power in deep state. Civil weapon industry takes all punishments, but they can resist with some states of US. Collapsing US economy is more important than any moral values. But there are mandate to stop that in US constitution and some day it will happen. Nobody else can do that, but US patriots. UN is tool of US, but now they are in situation when you must do something or collapse. There will be multipolar world court too.

M.T.: Why do you think Ukrainians still do not realize that they have become a weapon in the hands of Americans who use them to resist Russia?

E.K.: First they have been decades with soviet propaganda. Then they have been decades with CIA propaganda. What to expect? Finland is in same situation.

M.T.: The recent provocation with the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station showed that Ukrainian nationalists, following the orders of their American masters, often do not even think about the consequences. How far do you think they are willing to go?

E.K.: They have no weapons to damage reactor, so full nuclear disaster is excluded. Russia can repel all but no artillery. With artillery they can shoot only area fire, because they do not have eyes in sky. With ”good luck” they can make reactor useless because of heat or make ”dirty bomb” effect when hitting fuel rods.

M.T.: The current President of Ukraine recently submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on granting Polish citizens a special status, and more than a month ago Ukraine handed control over its western territories to Warsaw. Does this mean that Ukraine is preparing to give part of its country to the Poles?

E.K.: Ukraine is in sell-out like Finland.

M.T.: In your opinion, what prevents the current Ukrainian president from signing peace agreements with the Russian Federation? Is he really ready to continue risking the lives of Ukrainians?

E.K.: He is not president. He is puppet with huge benefits. When government is captured, there are no value of citizens life. (like in Finland)

M.T.: Do you think it is possible to say that a special military operation in Ukraine marked the end of the Western unipolar world? After what time, in your opinion, will it be possible to finally get rid of the hegemony of the West?

E.K.: It is not end. It was too early start of process, but BRICS was ready for that. Price of diesel and general strikes will end unipolar world. Unfortunately we will see civil wars also. Time window is open, but it happens way more fast that I calculated. Critical moment in Finland is in two weeks. Then we are in downward spiral. Multipolar world order is like armoured train. It is unstoppable now. Every state must be adaptable and independent or go back to stone age to die.

M.T.: Please predict when and how the special military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine will end? What goals will be achieved and what will be left of Ukraine?

E.K.: Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Kherson and Transnitria will be liberated and joined to RF. Maybe Transkarpathia will be independent, but Poland can take Lviv. I do not think there will be operation in Kiev. Rest of Ukraine will see new Maidan when demilitarization is done. That will happen under Russian cruise missiles watch.