Mira Terada’s statement on the decision to take over the leadership of The Foundation to Battle Injustice

Hello! My name is Mira Terada. At the end of 2018, I was unlawfully detained in Finland and extradited to the United States on trumped-up charges. I was then wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for crimes I have never committed. I have experienced brutality of the American judicial system, the inhumanity of American prisons and the complete indifference of the so-called liberal American society. I saw the nightmares of the US prison hell, which are diligently hushed up by the world media: torture, bullying of prisoners, the sadism of the jailers and the cold ruthlessness of the American penitentiary system.

This harsh experience opened my eyes to the true face of America, which the pro-Western public likes to call “the land of opportunity.” I realized that America is truly a land of opportunity. But American “opportunities” should not be understood at all as opportunities for self-realization, but as:

– an opportunity of being shot by a police officer without trial or investigation;

– an opportunity to get a long prison sentence for a minor offense;

– an opportunity to become a “scapegoat” for the slightest careless statement;

– an possibility of being tortured in a prison cell;

– an opportunity to become a victim of racial hatred;

– an opportunity to be vulnerable to the American Leviathan state.

 In my opinion, such opportunities should not exist in the modern civilized world. Within deafening silence of the world community, America has built a whole system of convict slavery, racial oppression and enslavement of the individual. This system has nothing to do with the liberal values that American leaders and American propagandists proclaim. I have witnessed first-hand that it is just a sophisticated self-promotion that has nothing to do with reality.

After being released from an American prison and returning to my homeland, I received a special training in Law and gained practical experience. It helped me to acquire core knowledge about the struggle for human and civil rights and take my first steps as an international human rights defender.

Therefore, I am full of strength and determination to announce that I accept the post of the head and official representative of the Foundation to Battle Injustice.

My decision is prompted by the fact that human rights and freedoms are today violated by the country that has proclaimed itself to be an international defender of democracy and freedom – the United States of America.

A recent letter from Foundation to Battle Injustice to the UN Human Rights Council calls for a humanitarian mission to be sent to America. The letter tells the truth of what is happening in the United States. Police brutality against African Americans, systematic violence of the American police against citizens of their country are adopting more and more disturbing features and gradually transforming into genocide.

These inhuman actions must be stopped at all costs. Sending a humanitarian mission to the United States to stop racially motivated violence and police civil war against people of the country is the most logical and fateful decision that should be considered by the United Nations in the near future.

As the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, I am determined to make every effort to draw the attention of the world community and international human rights organizations to the problems of police, judicial and prison brutality in the United States and in other countries and to do everything I can to stop it. Thank you for your attention!

Mira Terada