Jamee Johnson

Jamee Johnson

22-year-old african-american

In December 2019, officers of the Jacksonville, Florida police department shot 22-year-old black Jamee Johnson. Officers stopped the man’s car while on patrol.

During the conversation, the police officers realized that the driver had a gun in the car, and then ordered him to get out of the car. Johnson obeyed, but while the officer was escorting him to the patrol car, a struggle ensued between them, during which, according to the police, Johnson pushed the officer and got into his car. The man started to move, but after a few seconds he slowed down sharply. As soon as Johnson’s car stopped, the officer shot him about four times. Police officers searched the vehicle, and the man was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Two Jacksonville police officers have been placed on administrative leave. In March 2021, Johnson’s family filed a federal lawsuit against the officer, the police department and the city, accusing them of using excessive force.