Jack Kokaua

Jack Kokaua

died of a heart attack

In February 2018, police officers from Sydney, Australia, used excessive force in the arrest of 30-year-old Jack Kokaua, experiencing mental health problems, as a result of which the man died of a heart attack.

During another mental health crisis, Kokaua’s family went to the police as his condition deteriorated. Officers who responded to the call took him to a hospital, from where the man escaped a few hours later. The medical staff reported it to the police, and they went in search of him. According to the department, as soon as the police found Kokaua, he attacked them with his fists, what forced the police to use tear gas and tasers against him. The man fell to the ground face down. The police handcuffed him, after which one of the officers shot the motionless man twice with a stun gun. An hour after the arrest, the man died from a heart attack.

Kokaua’s family and friends are shocked by his death. They sued the city and the officers who used excessive force. In May 2021, a hearing was held, at which the court ruled that the cause of Kokaua’s death was complex and included not only a heart attack, but also asphyxia.