George Nkencho

George Nkencho

Irish resident from Nigeria

In December 2020, police in Dublin, Ireland, shot and killed George Nkencho, a man suffering from mental disorders, outside his home after his alleged attack on a store employee. According to his brother, Nkencho had not had any problems with the law before.

On December 30, 2020, Dublin Police Department received a report of a skirmish at a local grocery store. It was reported that George Nkencho, a 27-year-old Nigerian, allegedly attacked the manager, breaking his nose, then pulled a kitchen knife from his pocket, and left the store while threatening the staff. Police officers who arrived at the scene followed Nkencho to his home. After unsuccessful negotiations, during which the officers ordered him to drop the knife, they used pepper spray and stun guns in an attempt to disarm him.

After an unsuccessful attempt to disarm Nkencho, an officer of the Specialized Armed Response Unit of the Irish Police fired several shots from his service weapon. A few hours later, the death of Nkencho was pronounced in a local hospital.

The actions of the police officers outraged the public. Hundreds of people across Ireland took to the streets calling for the punishment of police officers. Demonstrators believe that if a white Irishman had been in Nkencho’s place, the police could have dealt with him without using firearms.